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Varun Dhawan Biography, Movie Review, Age, News And More !

Varun Dhawan Biography, Movie Review, Age, News And More !
New Facts About Judwaa 2, David Dhawan, Varun Dhawan In Bollywoods

Varun Dhawan is renowned actor. His every film has done tremendous business in last 2 to 3 years. He is a versatile actor of Indian Film Industry. His mimicry was very unique and simple with good texture in last two year released film.

He is son of renowned director David Dhawan. Mother name is Karuna Dhawan. Varun has started his career in film industry as an Assistant Director.

The film he worked as assistant director was My Name Is Khan. The main director was Karan Johar.   

Varun Dhawan, Bollywood, Star, Movie, Affairs, Age, Image, Wedding, Box office, Review, David Dhawan, Film
Varun Celebrate Judwaa 2 Success 
Do You Know About The Age, Biography, Weight And More About Varun !

Varun real name is Pappu. This is his nick name and call him by his family member. His hight, weight is 175cm and 78kg respectively. He born in Mumbai on 24 April 1987. Varun has completed his schooling from Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai & Graduation in Business Management.

His first Debut film was “Student Of The Year”, which was released in 2012. His hobby is dancing and playing football. His favorite destination point is Maldives.

He is handsome and good looking person. Naturally, he is very cool and simple person.

What Is Guaranteed With Varun Dhawan Films? 

It is very famous quote of film industry “ Only those actor is star, whose film done good business”. Presently this quote is only applicable with three Khans of bollywood, that is Salman, Sharukh and Aamir. They are the guarantee of
profit and hit.

Now Varun Dhawan is rising star of industry. Producer is giving money to make the films on the name of Varun Dhawan. They are spending 50 to 60 crore on film making. Because they know the film will earn 120 to 150 Crore after release.

Varun Dhawan Film Review 

Recently release film Judwaa 2 has earned 122 crore in domestic level and 35 crore in overseas. His film Badrinath Ki Dulhania earned 116 crore on box office. He is the only person, who are the most beneficial bollywood star of the film industry. Varun’s comedy is very realistic in his film. Viewers enjoy his film.

Varun Dhawan father is very good director and his making style of the film is very unique and has had power to attract people to see the movie in theater. Overall a viewers only want to spend the money to get the enjoyment from film, if David and Varun provide the good content in his film, why viewers will move to other place.

What Is Unique In Varun Dhawan   

Varun father said that he want to make number of films with his son in coming future. This statement came after release of Varun film “Main Tera Hero” in 2014. This film has done good business, the collection was near about 60 crore. David Dhawan also cleared that they are facing problem to get the dates of shooting from Varun.

You can realize of his statement, because they signed Varun Dhawan after three years of release of “Main Tera Hero”. Varun and David always appreciate the work of each other in press. Varun told that his father is perfect person and they do not compromise on film shoot timing and quality.

What Next About Superstar Varun Dhawan?

In last four to five year, Varun Dhawan has done number of films except “Dilwalay” and every film was great hit. They play lead role in these films.

Every one said that varun is a versatile actor and did not fold himself to play only comedy, serious and in don role. Each and every role are unique and entertaining.

They play comic role in “Hampati Sharma Ki Dulhania” but also played serious role in “Badalapur” too.

The next upcoming movie with Sujeet Sarkar’s “Sui Dhaaga” with Anuska Sharma  is also very light film. Varun is inspired with actor Govinda and he is follow up of his trend.

Along with his acting career, he also performed in stage show and co-hosted in award ceremony. He participate in Filmfare and Stardust award ceremony function.  

Recently Varun Tweets on Twitter that As artist, we are just working towards entertaining people and making good films and hopefully, we will get to make a career. I feel amazing about being able to do that and provide for my family and my love ones. But I am not working so I can be better than someone.

His followers on twitter is crossed 6.03M.

Some unique tweet received on Varun Twitter account. Best tweets are given below. Enjoy !

1. Ravi Kishan Tweet on release of Judwaa 2 - Bihar, UP bam bam ho gaya hai film ko dekh kar, repeat per repeat audience…Jai ho full paysa vasool, Varun Dhawan ki acting Lalan Top

2. Neha Kakkar Tweet on release of Judwaa 2 - Both the top song on ITunes are mine, how nice, judwaa 2 yeahh!! david sir and @varun_dvn

Film critics and fans of Bollywood start varun dhawan said that Varun has had a 100 percent success rate in Bollywood. That is proofed by them on the release and success of Judwaa 2 and Dilwale. Judwaa 2 is the remake of Salman Khan Judwaa. Name was same but story and content has given high rating on box office.

Varun Dhawan was in double role in Judwaa 2. The name was Raja and Prem. Varun fans and followers were exited to see the performance and activity of “Papu” in Judwaa 2. The basic concept was that how he played role and given fight to Salman original Judwaa.

Competition was tough but he proofed that he can play role as played by Salman. The collection of second week was 6 crore of Judwaa 2 and that stop the mouth of critic.

After all Varun Dhawan is facing very tough competition from three khans and other actors of film industry. He want to make his career in his own style and try to do something different from others. They want to set his goal for long sustainable career in Bollywood. So, they are preparing according to that.

Best of Luck ‘Varun Dhawan’ !

How To Clean Photography Digital Camera (Small Tips)

How To Clean Photography Digital Camera (Small Tips)
Clean DSLR Camera Sensor, Body, Lens BY Simple Process

Photography is passion for some people and they know everything about the camera. You are thinking that what is unique to take a picture and what is the special technique to click on camera. But it is true that Photography is not the easiest process to learn quickly. Its an art and number of courses are available to learn the techniques, which use during photography. Time technique and angle are important in photography.

Photographer always care about camera. Professional photographer use camera to take the photograph and sale photo to earn money. They totally depends on his skills of photography and high quality camera.

There are number of sources to earn money by photographer. Corporate hire photographer to shoot photo for yearly calender, diary and for other occasion.

A clean photography is always in demand. So, they always safe his camera, lens and other equipment. Camera lens is very sensitive.

There are major differences in lens of still, video, telescope photograph.

Clean Camera, Lens Cleaner, Digital Camera, Photography, Photo, Auto Clean
Cleaning Process Of Lens

How To Clean Camera?

It is very difficult to clean camera. You will be technically know about the adjustment of lens after cleaning. When you change the camera lens then dust automatically gather on lens. It is very important to clean the internal part of camera. Dust will hamper the photo quality and picture may be dim.

To safe the lens, you have to check some points.

Auto Clean - DSLR camera automatically clean the lens. Only you have to run the auto function. This camera activate censor and that censor activate micro vibration to clean the dust of lens.

If your camera did not have this automatic system then you can clean the lens manually too. Before starting the manual cleaning process, confirm to have the swabe, cleaning solution and air blower.

How To Clean Camera Sensor?

Sensor is very sensitive instrument. So, first of all search the right way to clean the sensor manually. If direction booklet is available then first read carefully and do accordingly.

When you opt to clean the lens, a click voice will listen to lock the mirror. Now you have to clutch the camera and clean the screen by air blower. Be careful during cleaning the screen from air blower. Now you close the camera and change the lens.

After some time take picture and analyze the difference of previous and current photograph quality.

How To Clean Camera Sensor From Solutions?    

First opt the manual cleaning process to clean the lens of camera and then lock the screen. Now start your air blower and move on it with distance. Maximum dust will clean in first phase.

Now take 2 to 3 drops of solutions on swabe. Start to move swabe on camera censer. Similarly clean other side of camera.

Your camera is ready to take the photograph. Take some photo to test the quality and analyze the difference from previous and after cleaning. If picture is not clear then again repeat the cleaning process.

If your camera is a “Shoot Camera” then use clean smooth clothe for cleaning. You have to only careful to safe screen from scratch.

Don’t Do This To Clean The Camera Lens? 

Don’t use the high pressure blower to clean the lens. That can be hamper the lens. Rough paper towel, cloth, excess liquid should be avoided to use to clean the camera equipment. Don’t touch the screen and LCD of camera by finger, if oil or dust will be with your finger, that can hamper the lens.

These tips will safe your camera for long time. The best tips to safe the lens is to follow the guidelines given in booklet, that is given by company at the time of purchasing.

Don’t force to open the lens manually. Contact to service station if difficult to open the lens.

Social Media Advantage To Make Your Appearance Worldwide

Social Media Advantage To Make Your Appearance Worldwide
Know About Different Types Of Social Media : Apps And Its Use

Social Media importance is increasing day by day. That is the best platform to add people to share knowledge and other activity with others. In past, most of the people connect with each other through letter, phone. These tools takes time and give result very late.

Social Media and other tools connected people and provide easiest key to share details in second. This is another things that some users misuse the facility.

If you use it for noble cause then that will be strengthen our society and will give relief to others.
Now come on main points - Your all activity restrict, when teach in 10th or 12th class. After that you start to search new ways to do something for you and your career. The basic concept
behind is for student career start after passing the Twelve Exam or completing graduation.

social media, facebook, twitter, linkdin, youtube
Advantage Of Social Media
How Social Media Help To Provide Platform To Define Right Way?s 

After completion of education you start to collect information for higher education or job. The radius of connection has limit, if touch only those person, who knows to you. The second most important thing is that you can’t know about the vacancy in different part of the country. Your searching will be limited.

Social Media help to provide a platform to talk and share content with those people, who are out of reach. You can interact with the people directly with Skype, Twitter, Facebook. These tools help for interaction.

Company will hire if your presence, experience, education will be up-to the mark or fulfill the job criteria.

Which Platform Suitable To Make Presence Online  

Below are the details of online platform, which can be use to search and connect to influential people to uplift your career. You can socially connect with important people.

Online Certificate Course - These type of course is very useful to those student, who reside in remote area and is totally disconnect with town. They can register online and can get the certificate of available online course. Government is giving full support to this education process.  

You can get the advance certificate course on . This organization is attache with renowned colleges like - Illinois Tech , Stanford, John Hopkins and are connected with digital marketing, creative writing, SAP, data science, business, skill, personalty development and provide certificate courses online.    

News And Current Affairs - You can download some important Apps in your Smart-phone as per your need. These Apps help to update about the current activity. Inshort Apps help you to provide update in summarized way to save time. You can learn the content, which are important to you.

Number of other Apps are available to update about your interest area. For example - BBC, Firstpost, live comment etc.

Internship Apps - To get the internship from any company, you have to upload your CV on social site like linked-in,,, They will send notification to offer the work in your specified field. These help to get opportunity to work in your esteem.

LinkedIn Apps - This apps help you to add with some big profile persons. They give opinion and serve valuable content. If you follow them, then you can read some good article and research work online. To continue the attraction, you can give your opinion on post. You will get active users, who can like your post and can vote to you. These activity will spread your appearance world wide. It may be possible that company offer work according to profile.

A company Glassdoor offer the opportunity to job seekers to talk the Company HR professional via social media. This is only possible, if add your self with Social Media.

University Website - Every institution information is available on site. Details can directly get, when open the web page. To get more information or other details, You have to register your self online. Institution will directly send notification mark on update. They also provide toll free and customer care number for you to ask any question.

Twitter And Facebook - These platform provide information of your daily activity. Employer can also search your page to know more about you and your activity. So, update your profile online with good and positive post.

Both platform also give opportunity to communicate your thoughts to those people, who are working in your specified area. They can help to spread your skill with other people.

Twitter will restrict you to write content in words. This will learn you to express view in minimum words in right way. Similarly your facbook page should contain valuable post with good stuff to attract visitors.

Quora - This is basically question answer site. You can ask about any institution, organization, interview preparation process, examination pattern etc. The registered person will share the update and other details on your question. Basically you will get right answer of your question. The person who answer your question, whose profile given on portal. So, you can know about the person educational details and profile.

If any body copy the answer, can be banned on Quora.

Social Media Presence Expand Knowledge And Contact Area

Social Media is the best tool for you to add yourself with new people worldwide. Help to create network and connect with same stream people online.

These platform branding your name and profile. Continue updation of post improve online presence and searching crawling.

Your presence on social media help to know about the present trends, marketing strategy and current affairs of your subject. It is very helpful to you to express your self among people. Your hesitation will be gone and will expand your thinking area.

Today people hesitate to take decision. That will reduce if interact with big profile people, it will also improve thinking power to take right decision on right time for right work.

Precaution - Today people attract with social media platform but some misuse this. They use only for enjoyment. Recently founder of facebook said that he established this platform to connect people, but today people are using it to disconnect.

This should not be done. A platform should not be use to spread those things, which are not beneficial for human and animals. Every people connect with others to know something new and unique. If they receive wrong information and negative thoughts to other, then that will be spread wrong information on first move. Massage should be spread to give pleasure to other person.

Overall, today these platform played vital role to connect people worldwide.

Google Photos Storage, Benefits, Backup Review

Google Photos Storage, Benefits, Backup Review
Make Soft And High-cover Album From Google Photos Login.

Google is providing several tools worldwide to tech people. Who want support to resolve the issues online. Google team provides platform to those, who want to express his views online by Blogger Blog. Google search engine is top search engine and billion of visitors visit on that. Every people know about the wide range capacity and capability of Google search engine.

They provide tools for language conversion, to help people of other country to read the article in local language and could collect information. Google has penetrated in all fields of technology and shared beneficial tips among people through updates.

What Is The Google Photo Album And Benefits?

Number of companies are available to make online photo album and they are providing good results, now Google entered in this field to given something better from present. The name of site is Google Photos. This tool helps you to save your photo in cloud free storage space and facilitate you to see your up-loaded photograph from anywhere in world. The best service they are providing are free back up, video loading upto 16MP with 1080p HD Quality. These are access from computer, phone and tablet. Google photo download system is so easy.

Google Photos Review 2017, Photo Wallet By Google, Make Your Album Free Online, Save Photo Online Free.
Google Photo Picture
The another basic properties are to safe your photo, and Google assured about that. Your photo will be searched without any tag. You can share photo with your friends and colleagues on any device. No doubt on the clarity of picture.

Still these option is available in America only, but it will be spread worldwide in very short of time. Here I would like to clear one think that you have to pay a little amount of $ against your booked photo.

What Is The Process To Book Photo Online On Google?.

Process will be different as per using of device like Desktop & Mobile.

1. Desktop Use For Photo - You have to first make your E-mail Id to register online. Try to make in G-mail Account. Now go on the site and open by “Go To Google Photos”. You will have to required an Email account to Sign In. Now see your left side, click on the give photos book option as well as click on start button. Four option will be given with name ‘Album’ Shared Button’ ‘College’ and ‘Animation’ under “Assistance” option. Second is photo and third property will arrange your photo category wise. Forth is the key to share photo with nearest and dearest.

You have to chosen a book size from given option and select photo from 20 to 100. Now your selected photo will automatically save.

When photo will be save then ready to book photo. Now you have to pay the money by simple click on cart.

Make Soft And High-cover Album, Free Album Online, Book Space For Album, Free Photo Saving Device, Online Picture Saving,
Process Demo Of Google Photo

2. Mobile Use For Photo - It is very simple to book the photo online by your mobile set. You have not to sign-in the account. Directly go with “Go To Google Photos” option.

When you enter, a photo books option will see in your left side. Click on it and press on start button. Now you can opt Books as per your likes. Select 20 to 100 photo and it will be automatically save.

Lets enjoy with your chosen picture from Google Online Photo Book Center.    

Google also provided Apps for easiest asses the photographs online.

Apple New iPhone Features, Price, Comparison, Shop Address

Apple New iPhone Features, Price, Comparison, Shop Address
iPhone X Specification And 6 Unique Tools Details

Apple iPhone is a very renowned and strong Smartphone worldwide. This is the largest selling phone. People always eager to know about the latest version of Apple Smartphone. They ready to get the new version of Smartphone at any cost, that means they can stay long in queue to purchase new launched phone. This show big faith and credibility of market for Apple product.

I read somewhere that a person was in queue whole night to book new product of Apple iPhone. This is called craziness for product. iPhone is basically a status symbol for people. The quality and features are unique, which pressurize people to stay and wait for new product launching.

At the time of launching of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus, people were very eager to pre-order the product and same reflected during Apple iPhone X too.

iPhone Release Date, iPhone Price, iPhone Release Date, iPhone Specification
iPhone X Look
The craziness to book the first set was started in 2007 at the time of launch of first iPhone. CEO of company was Steve Jobs. Several ups and down faced by the company in the leadership of Steve Jobs. Number of changes has been done in last 10 years of company. Steve Jobs given valuable direction and right path for the development of company. The complete name of Steve was ‘Steven Paul Jobs. He was the great entrepreneur, business man and inventor of his field.

The famous quotes of Steve Jobs are -

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

I want to put a ding in the universe.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

When This iPhone will be Available in India?     

Apple iPhone launched but still Indian people will be wait till October.

Unique Design iPhone, Service Center, Launch Date
iPhone 8 & X
What Unique Feature Added In New Apple iPhone X -

This phone system is equipped with very advance technology and price will be approximately 66 thousand INR. If you want to purchase phone with 256 GB internal memory, then you will have to pay near about 1 Lakh 2 Thousand INR. It's 2 Tone display changes colors according to the person. Company has used Super Retina Screen technology to fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

Number of Smartphones are available in market but it’s display screen provide unique fill to purchaser. This is the first phone with 5.8 inch display, which launched without brazzale. The another feature can compare with iPhone 8, this set run with LCD Display but iPhone X is the first Smartphone, which will be launched with OLED Display system. This system is very strong and unique.

Company given smooth curve in corner of phone with innovative technology. That enhance the attraction in looks.

Vertical Dual Lens And Camera - Lens and camera is most attractive parts of the Smartphone. People want to know about the front and rear camera quality of product. They know that best camera quality given quality results in photography. Pixels strength of camera always judge by the customer during purchase on new Mobile Phone. Duel lens of iPhone X is very powerful in comparison of iPhone 7. You can use portrate features to select number of unique style and can set according to you. They used 12 megapixel sensor with OIS for large and faster photo.  

Face ID - A unique features added by company is Face ID that means your phone will be unlock, when recognize your face. This is completely unique as features given in Samsung Smartphone Set. Now you think that if you are having beard on your face, then how they recognize. No issue this is using very smart and unique technology to recognize face of users. That means your face is your password to unlock the iPhone X.

Gestures Features - Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Now this phone does not have any home button. A single swipe takes you home from anywhere. Company has added a bar in beneath part of phone, that will use to go at home screen. You have to swipe the control panel in downward position and swipe from lower to upper section to get the home screen.

Wireless Charging - They added unique features to charge the phone without support of wire. They already provided similar technology with iPhone 8 in past.

RAM - This phone contain 3 GB RAM. Other product provide more than that, like Note 8 etc. Picture quality is amazing due to high quality (12 Mega Pixel) camera. Professional can use the in-build camera for photography and other uses.

Some Unique And Decent Features - You can use Neno SIM card. The scratch resistance glass protect the looks of iPhone. Your iPhone will be charged 50% in near about 30 minutes. This iPhone is not very heavy, the weight is only 174 gm. So, this is light and very comfortable for you to keep in pocket.

Final Conclusion -

Apple always served quality. That is the main reason the market is generating customers for this. Every customer, who pay the hard earn money, want to purchase good quality product online or offline. Apple assure and customer
faith and belief on the product quality, unique features, So they pay money for this. This is the truth.  

The best marketing tips to sell the product is that to make product with latest technology and features and add people with that. The satisfaction of purchaser increase the number of sell. You will be not given any additional effort for sell.

Where you can purchase iPhone product -

A link has given below, go with that and search your nearest location to Purchase the Apple Product, Service & Support, Training & Certification. 

6 Best Website Hosting Service Plan, Review, Advice

6 Best Website Hosting Service Plan, Review, Advice
Which is the best Hosting And Free Tools Provider 2017

Hosting is a space, which you purchase and pay rent to host your site. Without hosting your site will not be seen by any one. When your site park on server, the server provider company assign a unique DNS. This will be the address of your site to see worldwide. Specific address required to see the website or blog by the people and hosting provider company given to your site.

The basic concept of hosting is just like your computer hardware. If you want to save your file in computer, that means file save in hard disc and asses-able only, if open the same computer. Here hosting service provider given space in worldwide searchable hard disk as per your demand and save data online, but this will be asses-able from anywhere.  

Number of companies provide space in package. The space increase according to receive traffic on site.  

It is very important to choose the best hosting company. If opt any one and service is not upto the mark, then your time and effort will be gone in vain.

Web Hosting For Small Business, Lowest Hosting Package, Hosting Taken Precaution
Best Hosting Providing Company Worldwide
What happen If Choose Wrong Hosting Company?

I would like to share my personal experiences about the wrong choosing hosting company. I started my site earlier and select domain name too. Now I purchased hosting from a reputed company. I was not aware about the negative and positive points of hosting services. The person, who analysis my website traffic and suggested a hosting package. I agreed on his statement and paid the money.

Now my site was working fine. I started to write the post and share on social media, obviously my traffic increased day by day. After 10 ten days suddenly I checked my site, the message was reflecting that “ Cross the limit, Contact Service Provider”, I am not be able to remembering exact message, but that was just like this. I contacted my service provider and said that I have opted unlimited space offer and my site is closed due to insufficient space. Why? 

They said that don’t worry, we resolve this issue. After 2 to 3 hr. Again my site has been up. But this issue comes again and again and effected by site traffic and time.

This type of problems hamper your creativity and spend maximum time to resolve these technical issue. So, be careful before opting hosting company for your site.

Points To Be Remember Before Choosing The Hosting Company Are -

1.  No hidden cost (clearly mention, what they will given)
2.  Provide free domain
3.  Clarify unlimited space package
4.  Money back guarantee
5.  24 hr. Online support.
6.  Assure about site protection, if use multiple server
7.  Assure about 99% up-time
8.  Inform about the latest features and knowledge support.
9.  Provide cPanel or Plesk with password.
10. Scalability - for customization of site
11. Malware and Spam protect with site certification.

These are the points, which help to choose the best hosting company.

Best hosting company for site -   

1. Godaddy - This is good and supportive hosting company. Reputation is very good worldwide. They provide 24X7 support system entertain your issue instantly. They assure to provide 99.9% uptime with superior performance in load time.

Plan start with 99 Rs./month and given 30 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth. It is upto you to judge, is it sufficient for your site traffic.

2. Hostgator -  This is another well known hosting service provider company. Starting to given unmetered bandwidth in approximately $3.95/month. Good support and install in one click. Amazing!

3. Bluehost - This is a renowned hosting company. Founder of company is Matt Heaton. Started in 2003. Its sister companies are iPage, HostMonster, FastDomain. You can get hosting in only Rs. 209/month. They will provide unlimited space, bandwidth, domain and email accounts.   

4. SiteGround - Company started in 2004 and more than 5 lakh domain is hosting till date. They are providing shared and cloud hosting. Great support provided to wordpress and joomla based site. Basic plan start with $3.95/month with providing 10 GB space, suitable for 10000 visit monthly.

5. - You can started to host your site in very low cost. They providing 20 GB storage capacity with 50000 monthly visitors and 5 email account in Rs. 59/month. Support system is best. I use service of BigRock for my other site. I am happy with support system. They help you with proper description and details.

6. FatCow - They are good service provider. The rate list is very clear and added more features for customers. They are providing unlimited disc space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited mailboxes. Perfect hosting and domain provider for small business website. Plan price is $38/year, setup free, domain free, money back guarantee for 30 days.

Service provider given unlimited disc space, bandwidth, domain and e-mail account for site. 24X7 support on phone and chat. This unique and appreciable hosting company.

What is Final Conclusion -

Several hosting provider companies are available online. It is very difficult to choose on of them. I use Godaddy & BigRock for my site and both are the best supportive.

Here i would like to quote that i have given price and other details of hosting provider product as given in site. The plan price and other details may be changed. Please visit on site for latest update

The basic points of discussion is that how to choose best. First you have to decide the need of your site and what is the maximum traffic strength as well as data transfer capacity. What data is consuming during image uploading. The analysis will be helpful to take the decision, which company is providing best offer to you.

Search some knowledge blog, which define the function and working process of hosting tools like SQL database, CGI directory, Multi GB connection, FTP access, cPanel details etc. These are the tools, which work. If site owner know about the basic concept and function. That will help to understand the benefit provided by service provider. They can counter, if something wrong will be going on.

These are the best details of hosting provided service is given to you. Share your ideas and view, if like it.

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