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How To Earn Money Online With Old Twitter Account

Make Money Online By Twitter Followers.  

Number of Micro-blogging sites is available today to provide you opportunity to earn money online. One of them is Twitter. Today I share ‘how to earn money online with old twitter account’. Here you can earn money from your twitter followers. Twitter is famous Micro-blogging site of world and number of internet users is its member. A user can earn money online by his twitter account and tweets. Number of websites provides facility of tweets. Ad Dynamo is one of the platforms, which provide facility of tweets to those users, whose twitter account holds 100 followers. Basically this website pays you on the efficiency and effeteness of Tweets.

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Twitter Earning
How to make money on twitter sponsored tweets and what is the process to Sign-Up on Ad Dynamo for account?

If you did not have account on Ad Dynamo, you will have to visit on site to open the account. You will have to submit your e-mail address, twitter handle or account information after Sign-Up. You will receive information, when sign-in your account on twitter. Company will provide information of endorsed tweets. Which brands product you have to promote? Users will write tweets about endorsed product promotion as he want, and will submit it. Now website decide – is tweets write or wrong for promotion.

How to get amount on my tweets?

If you have earned money by website, you can get amount directly in your account. But the minimum threshold is $20 (approx- Rs. 1350/-). User can get the facility to add its account with website, when reach the minimum threshold.

What is the basic Introduction of Ad Dynamo?

It’s a twitter exclusive ad sales partner in Africa. This site supports brands in leveraging twitter to the fullest. Provide assistance to African market to promote products on line with best technology to compete with worldwide market. Company knows the power of twitter handle and provoke advertiser to advertise product with active twitter account.   

Before Sing-Up the account please read "Terms And Condition" of site carefully. Enjoy earnings from twitter sponsored tweets by your Twitter acccount - Sign-Up Here.

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