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6 Best Free Emails Account For Users Log In

Best Free Email Service Provider Company 2017 Onward.

Every person know about the mail and its function. Simply you can say that e-mail is the product and medium to communicate and provide messages to other people by simply and smartly. This is the very cheapest method and time saving tools. Distance between places does not matter. Only capacity of attached file sending is important. Every mail company provide a certain capacity of mail access and add more features in free for users.

When you select a mail and sign up to access the features of account, confirm that e-mail company provide features according to your need or not. Otherwise your account will be open but your purpose will not be solved. You should always aware about that, the mail company will safe your data and protect from theft of your personal information. This is very important for user because today cyber crime and hacking of data, personal information theft is in pick. E-mail spoofing is another way of cyber crime. Spoofing is the way to send mail to another person in such way that appears that someone was sent to you. This activity use to know about the system password and other information. The concerned person continuously sent mail to you to convince that he know you very well and from long time. They use subject line very unique and attract you. This all activity do to know your confidential information.
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Free E-mail Account
What Is E-Mail Fraud -

Next point is for you that E-mail fraud. Today e-mail fraud is very common and every body know that this fraud is a pre-planned play and try to trap your all relevant information from you to misuse against e-mail users. The hacker give lucrative offer to share money with you on small demand of money. This type of fraud may be happened in financial, banking or social sector. This type of commitment on email is called Email fraud. So, you should not respond this type mail as well as should not share any personal or banking information to unknown person. In every advertisement Banking official request to customer to do not share PIN Code of ATM and other information on mail. To save the information and hacking of mail, you should change your password time to time and should use difficult password for your email account.

In face large percentage of adults do not know that malware can operate in discreet fashion, making it hard to know if a computer has been compromised and one third are not very clear that their computer is clean from all viruses. They do not know ‘how a virus can hamper computer and can share data with third person’. According to law it is crime to hack any computer to stole data without taking consent of owner and this is punishable offense and may be go for imprisonment for a term, depends upon country law. So, you should always update the software if demand by your computer and make sure about the genuine mail, before opening mail.

How to Safe Mail From Cyber Crime -

You should keep your computer and electronic device (like - mobile etc) safe and protect from fake software by reputed virus protection software. Update your computer that means upgrade software for protection of unwanted intervention of third person. Safe from security software - like firewalls etc to control and communicate information online instantly. Password should be strong and combination of @, #, *, ? with number and alphabet.

If any unknown person ask about your personal information, should not be respond or click on given suspicious URL. Several times mail serve with lucrative advertisement and offer with free download software. You should confirm from your side about the genunity of mail. Otherwise these tools hamper your computer and can sent all important information to third person.

If you use mail from mobile phone, should be also careful from viruses and phone should be updated as per requirement and on company instruction. These tips will be helpful to protect mail from outsider. 

Best Free Mail Account Availability -   

G-Mail - This is the best free mail for you. Great features and facility provided by Google for users. Maximum user likes this mailing platform. The best part is that this mail run from Google and this name is already famous worldwide. One G-mail account provide number of access in single user id & password. If you sign-up your account, that will give you authority to start your blog with free blogging platform of Google, access Adsense account, Google drive storage and manage all your Google activity by single user id.

Google assure to safe your data and information.They divide coming mail in section, first - primary, second - social and third - promotions. Your incoming mail automatically get separation categorically. Chatting facility is also available in mail and reflect presence of your friends, colleagues online. Its display density is cosy, comfortable and compact. You can change mail theme according to your choice. The very unique feature in this mail platform is its ‘undo send’, you can send cancellation request in next 10 second. The free storage capacity is 15 GB for you. You will be paid for extra storage capacity. The next capacity is available in 100 GB and 1 TB to 30 TB.

Outlook Mail - Actually outlook is use in office and business in large scale. Because it is very easier to handle for users. You can create folder and save mail separately with name of other tag line. Four category are available like home, folder, view and account in official outlook mail. This mail is belongs to Microsoft’s free E-mail service for users. Outlook mail provide several option to arrange your mail on desktop. According to my knowledge you can arrange mail in 4 category. First will be folder (inbox) column, second for message or conversion, third use to reflect the content of your mail and fourth option can use to show calendar and other details. Modification in mail and addition of previous mail is very easy to add with new one. That helps the user to explain the details with past exercise.

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Free Outlook Details.
Rediffmail - This is the oldest and reliable resource to send mail. Number of users are registered with this mail platform. This is also very simple and unique e-mail platform. You will get option to mention your Signature with mail content, Auto Save Id, Themes as well as up-gradation option. User can manage mail with auto response option and block, unblock senders mail according to his choice. They are providing apps for mobile to access mail, activate it easily in 3 easy steps.

Finally, relevant reliable for users.

Yahoo Mail - This is one of the best Free Email for users. You can avail 1 TB storage capacity. Every features are as like as G-mail. The unique features added by them for users to attach file directly from Dropbox. Several unique and decent themes are available for users. You can avail facility of its interface to manage all your mail.   
Yandex Mail - This is Russia based Email platform. I used this mail and its features are similar like other. The capacity of storage is 10GB with cloud service. It is very easy to use and create account. They create whether theme for user with uniqueness.    

iCloud Mail - This mail platform is from support of Apple and this company is providing storage capacity to users. This mail will be accessible through IMAP. Cloud storage facility of this platform, provide 5GB free storage and user can easily upgrade plan till 2TB. Actually cloud storage facility is easily accessible from any where and your content, information will be always safe.

All e-mail message in your cloud mail account are kept in iCloud and no body can get, share your information without your support. Apple give full security to safe privacy of users photo, messages, information, contact details etc. New account can be created using iOS (iPhone, iPad) and OS X. The another features is that your Mail Inbox will be cleaned and will archive in folder by simple button.

This platform is tricky with multiple tags. It is not easily assailable but you will have to learn about the benefit and advantage of cloud storage based device and process to get some better results and will improve mailing capacity. The main point is that Apple protect the cloud platform and that is the guarantee of safety.

According to the cyber law expert, the prevention will always be your best line of defense against cyber criminals, because like any other criminal activity, those most vulnerable tend to be the first targeted (line taken from book). Apple security provide expert prevention.

If your file is very large, you can use rich formatting and send big file attached by Mail Drop option. iCloud is faster e-mail platform but not very easiest to access for you. Know more about Cloud Computing.

Here I am discussing with you about the security and safety of your information but if you go sometime back, a Hollywood actress photo was leaked from Apple Mobile set and that was the big loophole came in-front of us. So, everyone confirm the security but loopholes give big lose. After this incident Apple took action and resolve the issue, then launched new iPhone. This new iPhone sell did not see any downfall in phone selling. That was the faith of customer and assured himself that loopholes has been ended and company will not repeat again in future.

Final Review Of Free Email Account -      

All these free mail platform keep safe your data and information. They protect your mail from hacking and other suspicious activity. I have used all these mail since long and did not receive any problem of hacking and data lick-age. So, I preferred to use one of the above. Share your views and idea in below given box.


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