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Create And Add GIF With Facebook Post, Comments

How To Post, Create Animated GIF In Facebook Comment Section

Facebook is updating features and recently added GIF creation by users. Social media has instantly flashed this feature. GIF is important for Social Media. Twitter has already add GIF features with your tweet. You can opt. It is as per your content relevancy. This is very effective to attract people on your content and get more comments and likes by GIF images.

Facebook GIF button, Giphy Facebook, Upload GIF, GIF Picture Profile
GIF Button In Facebook Comment Section.
GIF images creates humor, emotions, increase value of content. Facebook was not added this features. Now they know that GIF is also important as imogy. Both are very important language to express the views of users and senders.

Previously users express his views to write the content and create statement only, now they add clip of GIF to approach more effectively. Presently this features are available on iOS only as well as provided some people. Extended for all in coming future.

When users swipe to open camera in right side then they can see this new GIF features. You can also use frame and effects. When you make GIF images, you can save in your device, post on profile and facebook story.

GIF creation is the best way of expression. You will make your own GIF and improve creativity. This is the good start of facebook for users.

One thing is missing that, if you want to make your GIF then which platform will be suitable. Go with 

This is the creation of and you can start to make your own GIF easily.


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