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Apple New iPhone Features, Price, Comparison, Shop Address

iPhone X Specification And 6 Unique Tools Details

Apple iPhone is a very renowned and strong Smartphone worldwide. This is the largest selling phone. People always eager to know about the latest version of Apple Smartphone. They ready to get the new version of Smartphone at any cost, that means they can stay long in queue to purchase new launched phone. This show big faith and credibility of market for Apple product.

I read somewhere that a person was in queue whole night to book new product of Apple iPhone. This is called craziness for product. iPhone is basically a status symbol for people. The quality and features are unique, which pressurize people to stay and wait for new product launching.

At the time of launching of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus, people were very eager to pre-order the product and same reflected during Apple iPhone X too.

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iPhone X Look
The craziness to book the first set was started in 2007 at the time of launch of first iPhone. CEO of company was Steve Jobs. Several ups and down faced by the company in the leadership of Steve Jobs. Number of changes has been done in last 10 years of company. Steve Jobs given valuable direction and right path for the development of company. The complete name of Steve was ‘Steven Paul Jobs. He was the great entrepreneur, business man and inventor of his field.

The famous quotes of Steve Jobs are -

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

I want to put a ding in the universe.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

When This iPhone will be Available in India?     

Apple iPhone launched but still Indian people will be wait till October.

Unique Design iPhone, Service Center, Launch Date
iPhone 8 & X
What Unique Feature Added In New Apple iPhone X -

This phone system is equipped with very advance technology and price will be approximately 66 thousand INR. If you want to purchase phone with 256 GB internal memory, then you will have to pay near about 1 Lakh 2 Thousand INR. It's 2 Tone display changes colors according to the person. Company has used Super Retina Screen technology to fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

Number of Smartphones are available in market but it’s display screen provide unique fill to purchaser. This is the first phone with 5.8 inch display, which launched without brazzale. The another feature can compare with iPhone 8, this set run with LCD Display but iPhone X is the first Smartphone, which will be launched with OLED Display system. This system is very strong and unique.

Company given smooth curve in corner of phone with innovative technology. That enhance the attraction in looks.

Vertical Dual Lens And Camera - Lens and camera is most attractive parts of the Smartphone. People want to know about the front and rear camera quality of product. They know that best camera quality given quality results in photography. Pixels strength of camera always judge by the customer during purchase on new Mobile Phone. Duel lens of iPhone X is very powerful in comparison of iPhone 7. You can use portrate features to select number of unique style and can set according to you. They used 12 megapixel sensor with OIS for large and faster photo.  

Face ID - A unique features added by company is Face ID that means your phone will be unlock, when recognize your face. This is completely unique as features given in Samsung Smartphone Set. Now you think that if you are having beard on your face, then how they recognize. No issue this is using very smart and unique technology to recognize face of users. That means your face is your password to unlock the iPhone X.

Gestures Features - Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Now this phone does not have any home button. A single swipe takes you home from anywhere. Company has added a bar in beneath part of phone, that will use to go at home screen. You have to swipe the control panel in downward position and swipe from lower to upper section to get the home screen.

Wireless Charging - They added unique features to charge the phone without support of wire. They already provided similar technology with iPhone 8 in past.

RAM - This phone contain 3 GB RAM. Other product provide more than that, like Note 8 etc. Picture quality is amazing due to high quality (12 Mega Pixel) camera. Professional can use the in-build camera for photography and other uses.

Some Unique And Decent Features - You can use Neno SIM card. The scratch resistance glass protect the looks of iPhone. Your iPhone will be charged 50% in near about 30 minutes. This iPhone is not very heavy, the weight is only 174 gm. So, this is light and very comfortable for you to keep in pocket.

Final Conclusion -

Apple always served quality. That is the main reason the market is generating customers for this. Every customer, who pay the hard earn money, want to purchase good quality product online or offline. Apple assure and customer
faith and belief on the product quality, unique features, So they pay money for this. This is the truth.  

The best marketing tips to sell the product is that to make product with latest technology and features and add people with that. The satisfaction of purchaser increase the number of sell. You will be not given any additional effort for sell.

Where you can purchase iPhone product -

A link has given below, go with that and search your nearest location to Purchase the Apple Product, Service & Support, Training & Certification. 


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