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India Second Big Smartphone Seller, RBI Extended Wallet Limit

Smartphone and Mobile Wallet is the new tools use by the India people in present trend. Everyday both the tools set new height and record of use in Indian market. Government concept is very clear on that. They promote to improve the transaction by wallet and also want to improve phone connectivity in ground level.

Chines Smartphone Sale Touched New High, Use Wallet For Big Transaction

They launched BHIM wallet scheme or apps to make the transaction smooth and online. They also done the work for Smartphone industry and start a scheme ‘Make In India’. That means make the product in India to increases the jobs and value of Indian market.

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Mobile Wallet Limit Extended, Report Of Smartphone Sales

India Is Now Second Largest Market Of Smartphone.

India has become the second largest market of Smartphone. This report comes from the big analysis company ‘Canalys’. The report say that Indian market sales 40 million units for first time.

4 crore Smartphone has been sale in India between third quarter of 2017. This data is approximately 23% high from previous year third quarter. With 30 % worldwide sales, china is the biggest market of Smartphone.

Chines phone Xiaomi likely to overtake Samsung very soon. The report reflect the high growth and big market percentage of sales. Near about 48% market has been captured by chines companies. Percentage may be vary country wise.

China Smartphone Vivo market percentage is near about 45% and Xiaomi has captured 60% of market. Selfie based Smartphone Oppo is also booked big high 33% to sold the product.

More than 9 Lakh iPhone sold in India. The iPhone attraction is very high in young generation. They updated his phone with new or upcoming advance tech based phone. A big market is available to replace the old phone with new one.

That is the main reason for people to take the new iPhone by sale the old in exchange offer price. Iphone sale in India has been double in this year from 2016.

The 75% market has captured by Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Lenevo. All these product manufacture in Chinese market.

New Guideline For Transaction From Mobile Wallet           

The dream can be true in coming future. It may be possible that you can do the big transaction (unlimited amount) from your wallet to bank and vice versa.

That will be the best way to enhance the transaction from mobile wallet. The rule and regulation given by RBI. According to the guidelines you can send the amount 1 lakh in once time from your wallet.

This facility will make easiest the banking procedure. You will be benefited to save time to go the bank for transaction. You can also gain the interest on your transaction, if transfer the amount from your mobile wallet to account. This is the second benefit.

Number of wallets are available online. Just download the apps and use it. Example - Paytm, Tej, Bhim.

Overall both the news raise the hope, something is going better for India by Smarphone uses and Mobile Wallet system.

It is very interesting to see how much time it will take to completely capture the market. Today china is leading to make Smartphone mobile, but in coming future, they will be also come with making India concept and will be manufactured the product in India.

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