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7 Things To Know About Your Health, Fact, Survey

Do you know about your health status?. Basically you will be not thing over it. You continue with the quote that “My health is fine and do not require any investigation”. This confidence is the main problem. Your negligence on health is the big issue. 

You can reduce the bad effect on health by answer the question given below. This help to analysis your health.

You know that we are always warring about our work. But avoid to maintain our health. You don’t care that what should be eaten and what should be avoided. 

Exercise is the second and third priority. You also avoid to take the nutritious food. These are the fact and survey report.

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7 Points To Know About Your Health

What Points Should Be Raised For Good Health? -

1. Which type of vegetable you consume on daily basis - You think that what a rubbish question asked from you?. No, this is not a rubbish question. This is related your health. 

Expert says that you can eat Soup, Vegetable, Roti, but except these you should also take five fruits and vegetable for healthy body. 

Every food has the mineral and vitamin, which are important and support to strengthen your body. 

Fruits and vegetables are the best resources of vitamin, mineral, fiber and antioxidant. These are very helpful to improve the immunity system of your body. 

A fit body is the wealth for you and also help to strengthen your thinking and analysis power.

2. How much consume Junk & Fast food in a week - Junk food and fast food is the main resource of obesity related problem. If you are consuming these food in outside of your home, you can not assure your self to consume a good and healthy food. 

They may be used low quality ingredients. It is upon you to control the consumption of fast & junk food. The best way to choose the good and reputed restaurant or food corner.

It is not bad to consume these food rarely, but continuity is bad. The excess consumption will call the obesity, heart ailment, diabetic ailment. Junk and fast food consume excess amount of salt, sugar, refined oil and fats. 

The excess amount put the bad effect on your memory as well as impact on your digestion system. A continue consumption is also the cause of depression.

3. How many times take the meal in Hotel in a week - The hotel is the best place of enjoyment. You are free from all type of kitchen problem. Just go there and take the meal as per your wish, and move to your house in comfortable way. 

But it is not good for your health if go to hotel three to four times in a week. You may not analyse the bad impact on your health in starting phase, but it will be impacted after some time. 

Avoid to eat Maida Flour instead of cereal and vegetable in food. 

Your eating schedule should be predefined, if you have taken a oily food in lunch then prefer to take simple in dinner. 

The most important knowledge want to share with you that hotel prepare the food with the help of excess salt, fats, sodium and sugar and that is  not very good for your health.

4. What time you spend on exercise in a week - You know that exercise is the best way to fit the body. You should be aware about the benefits of exercise. 

Some people say that they are going for gardening, going for kitchen, and all these are the exercise. The movement of body is not the proper exercise. 

Exercise is a thought and a process to make your body part fit for every work. You should be very clear about the proper exercise. 

Some restriction are also applicable according to the ailment. Follow the guidelines of physical trainer, know about the diet chart etc. 

150 minutes exercise in a week is must and 10 minutes walk should be mentioned in your daily work. A slow walking is the best remedy to improve the body stamina.

5. How much your control on smoking & alcohol - Alcohol and smoking are injurious to your health. It has already written on the bottle and pack, but you avoid the message and consume on daily basis. 

You should be controlled the  consumption. 

It is upon you to take the alcohol or smoking on daily or weekly basis. Your decision is superior, no body can restrict you to taking all these hazardous things. 

Excessive smoking and alcohol will start the health related issue in early stage. Artery working will be effected, heart and liver problem may be created in long consumption. 

The best remedy to reduce the consumption impact on your body is to take water to detoxify body.  

6. How much spend time to sleep on daily basis - A good sleep always keep your health good, fresh your mind, improve appetite. It is very important to fresh your mind and reduce the tension. 

Fresh mind improve the thought of creativity and make you perfect to handle the critical situation and serve the solution. It is wrong, if you are spending 3 to 4 hours for sleeping and spend your rest time to see the Television, movie, mobile, internet surfing. 

7 to 8 hours complete rest is important for your body to rejuvenate. This rest improve your metabolism, repair tissues. 

So, prepare your schedule and mention diet, exercise, time of sleeping, different type of food eating on weekly basis, change fruit item on weekly basis.

Changing of fruit help to provide different type of mineral, vitamins and juice to fit our body.

7. What physical activity you are doing - If you are doing exercise, that is good, to make it more effective, try to change the physical activity on daily basis. 

So, every parts of your body move freely. Cycling, jogging, Jim, skating, walking, playing, gardening, dancing is the good way of exercise. 2 to 3 exercise definitely add with your daily routine.

So, go a head ! Choose the best way to keep your health good. Explained the title 7 Things To Know About Your Health, Fact, Survey. 

Now Think all the points and try to answer this. Best of luck Healthy Life.

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