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5 Indoor Air Pollutants And Their Sources, Remedy

5 Indoor Air Pollutants And Their Sources, Remedy
Cleanness is the tough task for you. Everyday you clean your house and everyday dust will be there. Air pollution is increasing day by day. Indoor Air pollution is hampering our health and basically children are more effected by this. You should know the exact reason and sources of air pollutant, even should know the remedy.

Type Of Indoor Air Pollution

In older days most of the households use basic cleaning device to clean the house on daily basis. A garden, verandah, balcony, courtyard space also available in every house to have better interface with the fresh environment. 

Most house had high ceiling, ventilators, window, door, the cleanness is very important for all these tools. In older days, people spent most of their time outdoors for his work and other activities.

Now, you spend more time indoors. That may be your home or office. On an average, you see that you are spending 90% of time indoors. 

You breath the unpolluted stagnant air for long period of time and effect of pollution like eye irritation, runny nose, throat irritation, headaches, dizziness etc.

Do you know indoor air pollution is more harmful then outdoor air pollution.

It is very difficult to eradicate all pollution from your home. But you can try to reduce it in large scale. Now you will be know about the exact sources of these pollutants. 

How they effect on your health and what is the remedy?.  

Pollution, Area, Fact, Sources, Remedy, Indoor, Air
Indoor Air Pollutants
What Is Main Sources Of Indoor Pollution? -

The exact sources of indoor pollution. The main sources of pollution are bio-aerosols, building material, combustion etc. The incomplete combustion of bio-mass fuels releases particulates, carbon, monoxide etc. 

This will effect drastically on your health. Coal combustion release Sulfur Oxides, Arsenic fluorine. These are the main source -

1. Building Materials - This is the great source of pollution. If you have demolished any part of your house, the dust will be very harmful to you. 

House hold product like Air Fresheners release pollution continuously.

2. Walls - Paint fumes in freshly painted walls also release the indoor pollution. The chemical use in that is the mixture of some harmful essence. That inhale by nose during breathing. 

The inhale content hamper the breathing system of your body. Paints and building product release formal dehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compound. That is injurious to your health.

3. Carpets And Rugs- Generally you spread carpet to hide the dust of the floor. The carpet and rugs make the look decent. But the other problem create there. Carpet and Rugs trap dust mites, pet dander's, cockroach allergens, mold, particulates. 

Slight disturbance like walking makes the pollutants airborne.

4. Kitchen - This is also a big source of bacteria, insects and pollution. The cockroaches, dangerous gases release during cooking. The pact area of kitchen is also born new insects and small kit. 

These mix up with food during cooking and hamper your health.

5. Furnishings - Furnishings of furniture trap bacteria, virus, fungi dust mites, pet dander's etc. The paint polishes and varnishes of the furniture prepare from chemical and these are very much harmful for you. 

The smell of chemical inhale through your nose and affect lugs. The accumulation and continuous inhaling will be affected your digestion system and create dizziness.   

Beside these, unclean and UN-ventilated toilets, household chemicals like aerosol spray product, air fresheners, detergents also content dangerous chemical, these are help to start the headaches, vomiting, eyes irritation etc. 

Some paints contain methyl chloride and that is the cause of cancer too.

What Is The Remedy To Protect From Indoor Air Pollutant And There Sources-

The best remedy of air pollutant is to clean your house on daily basis. Always keep clean the closest and hidden part of your house. Follow the safety points, when you are using the paint for house renovation. 

Keep wrap up your mouth and nose from soft cloth to reduce the impact on breathing. Use vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and rugs. Use the precautionary measures during wall painting.

The Indoor Air Pollutant and Sources will be unaffected your health, if follow the instruction as given above.

Air India: Why Government Will Start Bidding Of Airlines

Air India: Why Government Will Start Bidding Of Airlines
You know that Indian Airlines is the one of the biggest air lines. Air India is currently facing the problem of revenue lose. Government is not be able to come out from this situation. They provide the package to support the Airlines but that is not helpful for the renovation of this organization. 

The government may change the selling strategy.

The government may advise to add the foreign companies with Indian to purchase the airlines as joint venture. 

The government want to add more and more foreign companies during the bidding of Indian Airlines. The main reason to collect more money from this bidding.

The government agreed on joint venture of local and foreign companies to participate in tender under the terms condition of Indian rules. 

Foreign companies will be authorized 49% of market stake. Airlines ministry has sent this offer to Air India ministry.

Which Companies Are Interested On Airlines Bidding -

Tata and Indigo airlines are interested to participate in this bidding. The changing in rules may increase the competition among the companies. 

Both are very big companies of India. The interest of investment is higher.

What Is The Reason Of Airlines Bidding -

Government of India know that the package provision is not the good way to renovate the Indian Airlines. 

A professional working environment is needed for Airlines. The best way to privatize this and involve the participation of foreign investor on the term condition of “Make In India” concept. 

That will be helpful to increase the strength of economy of India as well as generate employment for young generation too.

The another main reason of bidding is that Indian Airlines is continuing with heavy loan. Company run with 48877 Crore loan amount. 17360 Crore loan on Airlines purchasing. 31517 Crore loan of working capital.

Airlines, India, Bidding, Earnest & Young, Foreign, Stake, Companies
Indian Airlines Renovation Required

What Is The Best Renovation Process For Airlines -

The best process has been adopted by the government to provide the 49% stake to the foreign companies. This will be helpful to stop the complete authorization of foreign companies on renovation project.

Government has requested from Earnest & Young to fast the selling process. 

The form has demonstrated a presentation in Airlines Ministry. They appreciated the presentation.

What Two Changes Are Required In Airlines -

It is very important to change the rules of bidding, when they will add the foreign companies. 

Industrialization process should be modified, because present rules stop the participation of foreign companies.

Actually the foreign Airlines companies always give the preference to local airways. If Air India tie-up with foreign airlines then rules will be changed.

What Is The Final Conclusion -

This decision will be finalize on the basis of committee report. 

So, let’s see what happen in coming future. But renovation is the requirement of Airlines.

When Is 5G Network Coming, Services, Speed, Companies

When Is 5G Network Coming, Services, Speed, Companies
Internet is the best resource to add people to people. Every country is upgrading the internet connectivity and speed day by day. Some countries are very slow in up-gradation. They are also working on the latest network, Services, speed through the support of local companies.

Now world is totally connected. Country are waiting for 5G internet speed from long time. 

The work has been started and government targeted to provide the 5G services to users till 2020. 

They are working on execution of strategy on priority basis.  

Government has organized a group of companies, they will submit report in coming days. 

This group will start the 5G services in India as an pilot project. The best they will do and serve. 

This group will consist with expert of the telcome field as well as business houses.

Those who are involve in this venture are - CEC of Bharti Air Tel, Reliance Jio MD and other representative of Internet companies. 

The Chairperson of the group is Telcom Secretary Aruna Sunder Rajan.

This group has started to prepare the road map of 5G from September and are working continuously. 

Morgan Stanley statement is “they are working on the 5G base level”

This step will given the opportunity to the government to bid 3300-3400, 3400-3600 megahertz spectrum band. 

This spectrum is very important to start the 5G network.

Network, 5G, Services, Speed, Companies, Internet, Spectrum, Roadmap
When 5G Internet Service Will Start In India 

What Will Be The Speed Of 5G Network -

The network speed is the sole of Internet. Every user want to get the maximum speed of internet to save the money and time. 

The best speed attract customer instantly. This 5G network is the wireless technique for the next generation. 

This has the big capacity to transfer the data with the help of 10GB per second high speed. 

This has the capacity to add million apparatus in single click.

Save Data From 5G Network -

5G Network will reduce the cost of transfer the data. 90% reduction will be there. 

The big impact and revolution is coming with 5G network. 

You can use the service to save money and time both.

Companies Are Eager To Get -

Number of companies are waiting for 5G network services. They want to provide the latest technology and fastest speed to the internet users for business purpose. 

The companies are Avi Ericsson, Orange SA, Verizon Communication, Google and Samsung electronics. 

These are the best five internet provider companies.

7 Most Important Points For You -

Below are some important points shared for you.

* This services will be started in 2 and half year. (2020)

* 50% market will be covered through 5G network services

* They spend 7 Years in market to achieve 10% of current market

* Try has started to talk on 5G network service

* Research will start withing 6 month in IIT Madras  
* Centre government has released 500 crore fund for research

* Group of 22 people will submit report on 5G

The best information is that government body is very much eager to start this project

But they are also working on infrastructure too. 

New generation will use this facility to improve the connectivity in lowest cost. 

They will use internet to connect himself form world.

Share your opinion on this post. Drop your query and comment in below given box to improve the site content. 

Winter Season: Food, Diet, Health Care, Body Protection

Winter Season: Food, Diet, Health Care, Body Protection
Winter season is big opportunity to enjoy the life without sweltering. You can do number of works without fatigue. The hours of work continuation will be longer. It is not possible in summer. You want to take rest after doing one to two work continuously. Winter season double your happiness. The main point is how to safe yourself.

Actually, you wear the woolen cloth to warm up your body and save from cold in winter season. But these cloths provide warmness on the upper part of the body. 

Food To It During Winter To Keep Body Warm Up

It is also important to warm up the internal part of your body too. This can be only done to change your diet and take according to the present season. 

It is very important to take some nutritious food, which maintain the warm-up percentage of your body.

If your body did not receive the extra nutrition on change of season, your body will effected from fever, fells sickness, runny nose, sore throat etc. 

Body wants extra energy in winter season. So, you have to add the nutrition, which maintain the warm and improve the immunity power of your body.

To get the instant relief, take the protein and fiber based food. Don’t compromise to take the fruits and vegetable. 

These are the basic need of requirement to protect your body and take care of your health by the little changes in your food and diet.

Season, Winter, Food, Diet, health, Care, Body, Protection, Wear
Winter Season In Different Country

4 Tips To Take These Food For Instant Relief In Winter -   

1. Take Dry Fruits - This fruits can eat in every season, but the effect increase drastically in winter season. Nut, Cashew Nut, Munakka and dry fruits warm up your body internally and save from extra cold effect. 

Dry fruits contains enough nutritious element to provide sufficient energy to our body. 

When you will take some dry fruits in morning time, that will maintain your body temperature. 

You can take it in different way too.

2. Take Protein - Protein play vital role to maintain the body temperature in winter. This is also a good player to warm up your body. 

If you are vegetarian then take Peas, Pulse, Rajma, Oats, Beans, Nut, Paneer etc. These are the great resource of protein and helps to maintain your balance diet. 

A non-vegetarian enjoy the winter without taking extra precaution. 

If they add Chicken, Meat, Egg in regular diet, this will help to improve the deficiency of protein in body. 

A local cock egg will give good energy instantly. These egg have different color from general. Actually the color will be slight pink.

3. Add Soup In Diet - You have to add soup in your morning breakfast and in dinner. Rich soup give instant energy and warm up your body. 

A vegetarian can enjoy with vegetable soup. Use Spinach, tomato, garlic to prepare the soup. Similarly you can prepare a testy soup to add more vegetable content. 

A non-vegetarian person use meat, chicken, egg, fish soup in dinner.

4. Use Mole In Winter - Mole is very big resources to warm up your body. The massage of this oil is very much useful for body, you can use it in to reduce the cold feeling, cough. Start using this oil today and fit all day of winter.

Basically these tips are very useful to you. You have to adopt the process to use these in your daily diet. 

Some old people fear from cold and do not come out from his house. They can not sustain himself in cold, so they arrange every thing in his house. 

This is the right way to protect himself. But they should be come out in sunlight, because sunlight is very important for bone of the body and great resources of vitamin D. 

This vitamin strengthen bone of your body naturally. The best way to wrap up body from woolen cloth and warm up internally from food

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6 Most Expensive Office Spaces, Rent, CBRE Report 2017

6 Most Expensive Office Spaces, Rent, CBRE Report 2017
Every one know about the Rent. This is the expanse, which pay to occupy some space for business, for living and other purpose. Rent defined by the owner of the house. Rent expanses are different in every country and depends upon the importance of area. 

If area is populated and person know the commercial value, the rent will decide accordingly.

Global Prime Office Rent Survey Report For Most Expensive Rent

It is very interesting to know about the Global prime office rent report. Which places are the most expansive for office spaces.

1. Honk Kong - Chinese companies demand the work place in Honk Kong. They pay the Hugh amount to occupy the space. The limited space in prime location create the hick in price rate and value of space. 

The availability have pushed up annual prices per desk in Hong Kong by 5.5%. The actual cost per year is $27431.

2. London West End - London is the best place for the business man and professionals. This is also very costly town for you and have to pay big amount, if you want to start your own business. 

The property price high day by day. The cost per desk in west end dropped 19%. Since last year due to the fall in the value of the pound following the EU referendum. 

The cost per desk is $22665.

3. Tokyo - Tokyo is the biggest city of Japan and is established systemically. Japan use latest technology to upgrade the old to new. 

Tokyo is headquarters to some of japan’s best known business, including Mitsubishi, Hitachi and GangHo Online Entertainment. 

The cost per desk is $18111.

4. Fair-field Country - This city is located in Ohio. This is very nice and beautiful city. Several notable deals have closed this year and broker are viewing and hopeful for coming year with optimisms, that year is 1918. 

This is good business hub for big players. The cost per desk is $17414.

Rent, Space, Expense, Office, CBRE, Report, More
Most Expensive Office Spaces, Rent, CBRE Report 2017
5. San Francisco - This city is also a good spot for the business man. Lot of new companies and support system is available in this city. 

Lucrative look and systematic making is very helpful for you to start business here. Uber and Airbnb’s headquarters on the west coast, San Francisco is home to on of the most expensive office rent in the US. 

The cost per desk is $16205.

New York City - Big city of USA. Famous in world for its look. This is very expensive city of United State Of America. Living and Education are very costly in New York. 

The Infrastructure is very good and attractive for business houses. Every communication is available for new business owner. 

You have to expand a good amount to start a new business in this city. 

Diversified economy makes NYC a Hotspot for investors, Several of the trophy building in financial district and Central Midtown in Manhattan found new owners among the big buyers of office space in NYC. 

The cost per desk is $15931.
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