Best Tips To Use AR Stickers In Google’s Motion Stills App

Google has launched a new app and the name is ‘Motion Still’. The best use of this app is, you can record small video with this tools. You can see the recorded picture in the special form. A user can create GIF with the help of tools, they can make the clips and share with friends and colleagues.
A new update is done by Google to add AR Characters. You can add this features to a photo. These features are working very fine in 5.1 version android.

What Are The Best Tips To Use Motion Still Apps?
This is very simple to use this tools. First, download the motion still app and install it on your Smartphone.
Now open the app. You can take the picture by the display screen. The left side will show the AR mode. You will see some animated picture when you tap there.
The app will add one of the AR stickers in your created seen. They will ask again and again for the right place to add the AR Sticker.
A green dinosaur automatically selected by the system, but you can go with other favorite character…

Hate Story 4 Collection, Review, Bold Scene, Budget, Story

Film ‘Hate Story 4” introduced two new faces on silver screen. The songs, story, acting and dialogue delivery is worst in this film. The only work was done by the director ‘Vishal Pandya’ in this film is to served the bold scene.
The heroin Urvashi Rautela did her job very well and the bold scene will be helpful to insist the viewers see the films till the end.
The poster of this film is very simple, but sensor board may give them double ‘A’ certificate. A review of this film is important to know about the mood of the viewers. 
That will come after first-day box office collection of this film. 
This film is the story of ‘Tasha’ (Urvashi Rautela). She wants to become a big heroine of the film industry. She meat Rajveer Khurana in London. Rajveer is a professional photographer and belief in romance. 
He impresses with the beauty of ‘Tasha’ and meets with brother ‘Aryan Khurana’ and ‘Risma’. They are searching a new face for the cosmetic brand. 
They are also want to close with ‘Tasha’. The m…

How To Know Who Tracks Your Mail

It is very simple to track anything with the help of the technical instrument. You should be aware that, is your mail save from other. Use technical tools to find the exact details of hacker and intruder.
Today it is very easy to track the mail delivery status and other activity. E-mail tracking is very helpful to know that mail has been delivered to right address or not.
Now, lets start to know who is tracking your E-mail and how to disable it intently.

What Is Tracking?
There are two types of E-mail tracking. First tracking software attaches an invisible image and that can be tracked. The second user receives a link to e-mail content and that reflect if they click on this link.
To know the information about e-mail, you will be connected the tracking software with the server. But link will automatically start the work.
How To Know That?
Search The Outside Image - Most of the e-mail service provider does not show the outside image like Google, Yahoo, G-mail, outlook. 
Your mail provider r…

7 Best Tips To Eradicate Chemical Colour From Skin (Safely)

Man and woman always take precaution to protect skin from chemical color. It is not very easy because several chemical colors are available in the market, which is very dangerous for human skin.

That color enters your body through your skin cells and mixes with blood.

The chemical color contains mercury and other substances in large scale and produces cancer and other diseases. A large number of people are affected.

Basically, Indian people play color on holi and use chemical based color. That color is not completely herbal. Indian market produces the large quantity of chemical based color to fulfill the market needs.

These colors attract people, the lowest price rate is also playing the great role to attract people. If anybody uses these colors, they face problem to eradicate these colors from face and body skin.

You can protect your skin by below-given tips. When you want to use colors, just interpolate olive oil or coconut oil on body skin.

That will help to eradicate chemical col…

Raj Thakray MNS Advised Pakistani Film Artist To Leave India

MNS leader Amey Khophar advised the Pakistani Actor and Actress, who reside in Mumbai and signed a film, to leave the Mumbai in 48 hours. This is the deadline set by MNS chief. This announcement is flashed due to URI attack from Pakistan. Deadline issued on Friday.

MNS worker announced that they will not be released the upcoming film of Pakistani actor and actress. The film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and SRK ‘Raees’ release will be affected because Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are worked with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan respectively.
MNS worker clearly told that “Pakistan actor and actress will be beaten by them with producer and director of the film too after ending of 48 hours ultimatum.
They were very annoyed on the attack in URI in Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, state government confirmed the safety of all of them from MNS.
This is the first time; MNS worker targeted the Pakistani film artist by using party platform. Party worker has also opposed the release of Mahira Khan st…

Non Stop Calls, Unlimited Data, 100 % Cashback On Recharge

The best services are providing the telecom companies for the customer. They served better option for there existing and new customer. Idea and Jio are working on the preferences to given the offer of non-stop call, unlimited data and 100% cashback on the voucher. These plans are available today.
Idea offer non-stop calls in the scheme. They are providing 5% free talk time in your prepaid mobile account. This facility is available if you use ‘my idea app’ or idea website to recharge.
They also offer Rs. 3300 cashback by ‘Magic’ scheme. This scheme offers non-stop call, 1 GB internet data use the facility as well as 100 SMS/Day offer for national and roaming connectivity. 70 days validity available in Rs. 398/- scheme.

Recharge Online
Jio has launched “Jio Football Offer”. They are providing a 4G mobile phone with Rs. 2200/- cashback offer. This scheme is giving the cashback voucher. 
You have to log in the My Jio app and tap on recharge button from the quick link. Now move to select the …

Redmi Phone: Specification, Price, Overview, Point Of Sale

The mobile phone is the necessity of younger generation. They observe the market and wait for the new launching of mobile. They compare the technology and purchase or change his mobile from the new one. The basic concept is working behind that they want to update himself with new technology. 
Redmi Y1: Review, Accessories, Tools, Camera Details And More!

Sometimes, so many youngsters search on marketing site like OLX etc, to purchase the advanced technology based mobile from other users.
The Redmi Y1 Overview And Specification-
This is one of the best mobile set available in the market. This mobile is inbuilt with a 16-megapixel camera. You can take selfie smartly. The picture quality is good and appreciable. 

Sharper and vibrant picture will attract you. The quality of the picture will not compromise in low light. The fingerprint sensor is working to protect your phone and date. 

Your fingerprint will be required to operate this set. Micro SD card and 435 octa-core processor are the uniqu…