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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How Use Mobile Camera as CCTV to Secure Home By Apps

It is very difficult to everyone to purchase and maintain the CCTV camera for house protection. Actually, this camera is using to protect the house, shop from illegal activity by others. The cost of the operating system is very high and a person will be deputed to maintain data and secure connectivity with backup.

A common man can’t afford this type of expenditure. Here I would like to introduce alternative tools to meet out all facility as avail in CCTV.

To make your security device, you will have an old Smartphone with the camera. Use this device like CCTV to protect your home.

Google play store provides the number of application to convert your Smartphone in the security camera. Here I will suggest you to download “IP Webcam” app in Smartphone.

CCTV  Camera, Secure Home By Apps, Mobile Camera
Convert Mobile Camera As CCTV Or Webcam
Now open this app in Smartphone and go in the Menu option. You will see an option of “Start Server” in the lower section.

When you click this option, the camera will automatically open. Now you can see everything, which will come in front of the phone camera.

After all, you will get a URL address in below part of the camera like – etc. It is mandatory to use this tools, your computer is equipped with Internet facility.

Otherwise above IP Address will not see. When using this app, on internet connection.

The user can see the live picture of the phone on the computer by copy this IP Address and place on the browser. All recorded video will display on the screen instantly.

Your friend can also see the recorded video on his computer by this IP Address. 

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