Kabali Box Office Collection Crossed Beyond Expectations

Kabali Box Office Collection, Rajnikant New Movie

Superstar Rajinikanth “Kabali” will break all records of Indian picture. Rajinikanth well knows actor of South India. His film does not decide the release date like other films. Every day is Good Day for Rajinikanth films. Fans wait for his upcoming films. 

Kabali Box Office Collection, Rajnikant New Movie

Cinema Ghar book for 1 to 2 week in before releasing of his films. South Indian people worship “Rajinikanth” like a lord.

Kabali Box Office Collection, Rajnikant New Movie
Rajinikanth Kabali Hit

What is the basic story of Kabali?

The film is based on Gangster “Kabali”. Who release from Malaysian jail after 25 years. Policy and administration are under suspicion to release Kabali.

Because incident graph may be may rise. When Kabali comes from jail, he was surprised to see his force work all un-ethical ethically. Kabali fight against another gang, they want to end the power of Rajinikanth.

Every steps and trick hamper themselves use by Gangs against Kabali. He thinks and executes before the occurrence.

Which actor and director have worked together in this film?

Actor And Actress of this film is – Rajinikant (Kabali), Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Dinesh Ravi, Jaun Vijay.

Directed By- Pa Rangith.

Music  - Santosh Narayan.

Box Office Collection In First Day Release.

Rajinikanth “Kabali” Smashes box office collection record. Earned Rs. 250 Crore/- in India on the first day.
This is the starting of this film. $2 million earned from the premiere of US and Canada.

Most important five points about the film.

1. Costing to make this film was approximately Rs. 100 Crore INR. Rites sold by the authority in other countries were Rs. 225 Crore INR. This film is 159th film of Superstar Rajinikanth.

2. Kabali trailer show by viewers on YouTube was more than 2 crore times. The film has been released in India with other countries, like America, France, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. If the fan could not arrange tickets then go to other countries and city to see this film.

3. The number of Chennai based company announced holiday to see this movie in the hall.

4. Air Asia flight and transport vehicle paint its body like Kabali poster. Special meals supplied by Air Asia to its customer like Kabali meals.

5. Chennai cinema hall started his show from Thursday midnight (01 P: M). Mumbai started early morning (5 P: M). Every show was houseful in India and America. Kabali may hit 200 crore box office collection in the very short span of time.

Kabali Review, Movie Rajnikant
Rajinikanth In Action Seen - Kabali
Final Opinion For Movie Review.

The film is totally based on Gangster story as we see in 80 or 90 decades. But action and style are based on present culture. Rajinikanth has put his effort to make the film decent. Rajinikanth Kabali frame effective and impressive in this film.

It may be possible, Rajinikanth bases Kabali will beat the box office collection of Actor Salman film "Sultan".

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