Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games Update

Summer Olympic is well known as “Games of the XXXI Olympiad. All the world wait for this Game to win more medals from the past. 2016 Olympics is being held in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Games started on 5 August and will continue till 21 August. Near about 11000 athletes is participating in Olympic 2016.

Where finalized the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Event.

This game is associated with the owner of the counties and every sports person takes it seriously. They work very hard to make him perfect in all respect before qualifying at the National level. Participating candidate represents the country. His good performance creates name and fame in the state too. 

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Rio 2016
These Summer Olympic Games run under the supervision of IOC president of Thomas Bach. Rio is the first South American city to host these Games. Next Olympic will be held in Pyeongchang in 2018 and 2020 in Tokyo.

The interesting part is that 206 nations are participating in the Olympics 2016 with the number of sports person in several sections. Increases the number of participating countries is reflecting the interest and respect in Games. This is a good sign for the world and sports person.

Opening Ceremony – Rio Olympic 2016

Acting president Michel Temer has opened games officially at Maracana Stadium. This is the first time; the venue of the Olympics has changed from an athletics stadium.

The ceremony started with the countdown, welcoming speech, hosting flag and events of the actor. Approximately 79000 spectators were present in the stadium to enjoy this event.

Huge crowd motivates sportsperson to perform his best and win medals for his country. 2004 Athens Olympic winner Lima enlighten the Olympic.

The main theme was to protect our earth from Global Warming and an official told in his speech that “We have to save this world from global warming and today it is the right time to resolve the issue completely”.

Indian sportsperson was wearing Sari (female) and Blazer (male). Samba dance was the decent dance in Opening Ceremony. Screens are available in the stadium to provide the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games Updated figure.

Who is the first to win Gold in Olympic 2016?

American young shooter Virginia Thresher has won first Gold. Chinese shooter has given excellent performance and tough competition to American shooter.

The first world record was broken by Kim Vojin of South Korea in the shooting. He got 700 points out of 720 in shooting section and break the record in Olympic 2016.

Which new games introduced in Olympic 2016?

It is very important to know which games were not introduced in the past Olympic. Golf and Rugby Sevens introduce in the Olympics by the higher decision authority for 2016.

These games were not in past Olympic. The international sailing federation announced in May 2012 that windsurfing will replace in 2016 Olympic by Kitesurfing. But lastly, the decision was reversed.

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Started Winning Medals In Olympic 2016
Official Mascot and Logo for Olympic 2016

The Olympic mascot Vinicius named on the musician. That is representing the “Joy of Brazilian” with the motto for a new world.

The mascot of Olympic decided by the public vote. Official Logo was decided by Brazilian agency Tatil. The logo has three colors in the ring, that is yellow, green and blue. That represents Brazilian culture and energy.

How a sports lover enjoys the game details.

Google has introduced a link to get all update of Rio Olympic 2016 Summer Games. This link will provide the current update of sports like the overview, Sports event, Watch on TV Live, Schedule, Athletics, Medals and Countries.    

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games
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You can purchase the ticket online by Visa Credit Card or by cash. If you are from outside of Brazil then can purchase from Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR). Check all the details before purchasing the ticket. Every data should be corrected in all respect.  

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