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8 Top Free Blogging Platform To Start Blog Online

Blogging is a platform to express views and idea online. Blogging craze is increased in the world. Big celebrities and simple man is also making own site or creating the blog. They share his content through social media and personal site. Today I am sharing 8 Top Free Blogging Platform To Start Blog Online by the new blogger.

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8 Platform for New Blogger

How to start the blog in free.

The best way will be to start blogging through the free site. You can learn more and more during the making of the blog on a free site.

You have to choose the best platform, which is available in the market. I have shared 8 free blogging site to start the blog. You have to Sign-Up and fill-up the information as required to use the tools of the site. Some sites will be provided the free template to upload.

To start your blog, you have to make an e-mail account to Sign-Up the site. All information will send on your E-mail by Site Company.

I want to share the interesting news that a 54% blogger age is from 21 to 35 years. 92% of companies share new updates through the blog and search for new customer for product selling. That means blogging passion is improving day by day.

How to improve the number of visitors on site.

It is important to add the widget to share content, add followers and subscribers to improve visitor’s number. Set Label to improve visitors visit on site by the search engine. Another important part to add followers, you have to go with the layout option and add a gadget to improve followers. This is the tips from "". 
Below are the details of free blog making site online. is a free site to start blog instantly. This is a Google product and very helpful. You have to sign-up with G-mail account and fill all information like name, e-mail id, site name etc. Choose the free template and start blogging. Tools are very familiar with new users.

Tips Of Blogging, Blog Unique Platform
 Platform To Learn Blogging


Penzu provides the free sign-up option for the new blogger. Very good platform and protect your privacy, entries are totally private by default. It is very familiar with the iOS and Android mobile version. Apps are available to search for content wherever you go. Big size blog is running on this platform.

This blog platform provides magazine-style layouts. Elegant blog template will make your blog compelling. Help to increase your reach to serve content with the unique suite of marketing and tools. Apps and social media sharing tools improve the visibility of site worldwide. 24x7 customer support makes it different.

Tumblr is very old and easy using a blogging platform. New blogger can make the blog to share Stories, photo, GIFs, TV Shows, and video. If you follow a blog on this platform, all of its posts show up on the dashboard. You can Re-blog your own blog. Numbers of tools are available for the blogger like – text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video to make content more interesting and compelling for visitors.

You can start a beautiful blog and online store with the help of this platform. Basically, it is very helpful to make the e-commerce site to sell the product online. Its tools are very easy for implementation on the site page.

Just drag and set slot as per your requirement and start your professional site. Users can build, edit and manage website by the mobile device. Powerful SEO tools help to make the presence in search engine. is very famous among bloggers. You can create a beautiful and powerful website or blog on this platform. You have to start your blog with own domain name and hosting or can use the free domain of this platform “”.

Its tools are tough to use for the new blogger, but best for professional bloggers. Numbers of tools are available to optimize for SEO and help to improve site ranking in search engine.
You can get free 3 GB storage space, sub-domain and basic design customization with free sign-up. is another platform for e-commerce business. Just drag template and start writing in a given format. This is also search engine friendly, optimized on mobile and connect socially by available tools. It also provides an affiliate programme to earn more money.

This platform confirmed that a new blogger can start its blog in just 5 minutes. Your dreams come true by the implementation of 3 steps. Just chose your design, write your story and pick the decent name for the site after sign-up with

These are 8 top free blogging platform to start the blog by the new blogger. is the best learning platform and WordPress is the best worldwide platform to start writing. 

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