7 Best Way To Clean House From Dust, Insects And Bacteria

Dust in your house may ill to you. It is very important to save your house from dust, insects, and bacteria. These three affect the health of you and your children. Several instruments and liquids are available to clean your house but you are clever if choose the best and understand the effectiveness.

Remove Dust, Bacteria
7 Decent Tips To House Cleaning
Every house owner uses sense to clean house by hook or by crook. Present environment is very much responsible to produce a large number of dust and bacteria. These are basically again cover your house and provoke to clean. This is the tedious task for everyone.

According to the statement and research of Washington University, you are facing more problem from internal dust instead of outer. These dust hamper your immunity power and may sick longer.

Get tips, how to remove dust and insects from the house.

1. Use Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum cleaner is helpful to clean those places, which are very important but out of reach. A high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuum cleaner cleans the inner part of the sofa, furniture, and fancy crockeries.

Latest version vacuum cleaner help to spread liquid to remove insects from the inner side of your house.

2. Clean Regularly Your Bed Sheet And Carpet - It is very important of cleanness of house fabric furnishing. Internal dust is very harmful to your health. These dust and insects go in deep and do not clean by simple brushing.

So, try to dry-clean all these daily use substances. The best way to protect your bed-sheet from bacteria is to spread bed-sheet in sun ray. Ray will not be born new bacteria.

Sanitizing Bed, Germs Free Bed
Free Bed Sheet By Bacteria and Fungus
3. Clean Decorative Accessories - It is also necessary to clean your artificial flower, lights and other things. These accessories are also contained dust and insects.

You have to clean these by feather duster otherwise use compressed air spray. Compressed air can also use to clean TV, Computer, and Gadgets. Silk flower can also be clean with detergent powder.

4. Use Microfiber Cloth For Dusting - These fabrics can use for cleanness. This cloth help to attract dust and stop to spread. You can understand like this - Use simple shirt and other fabrics to clean dust, dust will come again, but microfiber cloth protects to spread dust.

Wet cloth also good tools to attract dust from places.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Accessories - Several tools are used to clean your house but all these are not the very good friend of your health. Try to adopt an Eco-Friendly product. Use soap, vinegar and baking soda for that.

6. Clean Floor of House - If you are ready to clean the floor of the house from water, without accumulation, then OK. Otherwise, use some drops of lemon or vinegar in water and start to clean the floor. These help to reduce bacteria.

Lemon Use For Floor Cleaning, Add Water and Lemon
Lemon And Water Keep Fresh Your House Floor
7. Clean Fan Of Room - Dina of the fan also contain dust. That dust may directly contaminate your food if it is in running mode. Dust and bacteria are very small and you can not see with your naked eye.

Use the wet cloth to clean fan and blade after eradication of dust by Microfiber cloth.

How to disinfect the fan air, Cleaning Fan Tips
Protect Your Food From Fan Air
These are the best dusting method to clean your house. These 7 points are big tools to eradicate germs and insecticide and protect health.  

Some other important points are flashed here for you.

Try to reduce moisture in the house. This attracts dust and bacteria. So, be careful to control moisture.

Keep a good foot-board at the entrance of the outer door. You have to clean on regular basis and purchase new on damage.

Maximum pillow and mattresses are made of polyurethane foam. These are very helpful to born new bacteria. So, try to take a good company mattress for your bed.

What is the harm of bacteria and dust?

These insects are harmful to human beings. Dust creates Swelling in the Lungs and blocks a thin point of the respiratory system. These points are used to convert carbohydrate into oxygen.

Bacteria stool is going in the human body by food and that helps to increase the possibilities of illness.

So, keep your house clean and stop to born new bacteria by adopting these tips. Share your views on this article and spread among friends and colleagues.

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