Priyanka Chopra Shared Charming Photo With Quantico Cast

Priyanka Chopra has its impression internationally. She has done a tremendous job in the film industry. American co-stars cannot overlook her presence among them. International film star Blair add Priyanka as the star of the show.

Bollywood In USA, Priyanka Chopra, Priyanka Roal In Quantico
Bollywood Actress In US
Quantico smiles with Priyanka Chopra on the success of TV series in the west and appreciates the effort of Priyanka.

Bajirao Mastani stars shared the charming photo on Twitter with the all-star cast of drama.

Russel Tovey said in the statement that "Priyanka is good and organizing things carefully. Russel and other member welcome to Priyanka in the nest. They told that she is very watchable and engaging in acting. They appreciate the effort of Bollywood to start success in the US of America.

Quantico Plan In Motion, Bollywood Actress In US, Priyanka Chopra
Quantico Plan In Motion
Blair comment on Priyanka is unique that was "She downplays that she is the star of the show. They watch the show with her eyes. She is about her business and getting it done. I respect that. She, of course, has this huge Bollywood background. I always tell her she is so emotionally and set the tone every day".

All Co-Star Of Quantico, Quantico Plan In Motion, Bollywood Actress In US
All Co-Star Of Quantico
Now Priyanka and co-stars start with the second season of the show. Her role is of Alex Parrish, who is an agent of the CIA.

Dashing Picture Of Priyanka Chopra With Co-Star, Bollywood in USA
Dashing Picture Of Priyanka Chopra With Co-Star 
Overall cast member entertains with Bollywood actress Priyanka with her zeal and appealing approach.

Cast Member Of Quantico, Priyanka Friends Of Hollywood Film Industry
Cast Member Of Quantico
Quantico cast member shared the picture with Priyanka. Its true appreciation approach by all member to Bollywood actress.

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