Why Sunglasses Are Important For Eye Protection

The eye is an important part of the human body. Protection of the eye is important for all of us. Today, the scenario has been changed. The environment of the world is very polluted from our activity and anti fresh environment thought. Every people think only about himself and use available natural resources as he wishes.

They do not think, how to preserve, protect and regenerate natural resources for the next generation. That impact on our daily life activity.

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Why Sunglasses Are Important For Eye Protection
Dust, Radiation, Ultra-violate Ray and this type of other substances decrease our immunity and penetrate the security of the body.

Sun-glass protect our Eye from Ultra-violate ray of Sun. This ray is harmful to our eye. If you protect your eye from harmful radiation of sun in summer and winter then you will have to cover your eye from the sun-glass every day.

Sun-glass does not protect only from Sunlight, it works on smoke, dust, invisible insects. If you are not wearing sun-glass then Sunlight may damage the pupil of eyes. Your eye may weak.

What you have to do?

1. Choose a good brand - It is very important to see the quality of the lens of sunglass. If you do not aware about glass quality then purchase branded glass and get details from the shopkeeper. A bad glass hampers your eye, so be careful.

Sun-glass should cover your eye, it should be lightweight as well as scratch free. This quality is important. You do not go with low quality and price at the time of purchasing.

2. Check UV protection Benefit - Ultraviolet ray does not only hamper our skin, but it also harms lens and cornea of the eye. You have to confirm from your side that Sun-glass protect your eye from UVB and UV ray and per lens block should be from 99 to 100 percent.

Be prepare to wear sun-glass every day and also share the benefit with children.

3. Size of Sun-glass - It is important, that your sunglass should be in big size and protect eye completely from ray and dust. Big glass will help to protect the sensitive part of the eye and skin. Take care of feting of glass, that should be comfortable to wear.

4. Which color is perfect - Gray color is fit for Sun-glass. Because every picture will see clear, perfect and without deviation. If you suffer from long distance sight then the grey color lens will be perfect and those who suffer from short distance sight, the brown color lens will be perfect for them.

Green and Yellow Colour are also good but the pink color lens is not suitable for you.

5. Frame selection - Frame should not be very heavy for your glass. Several types of frames are available in the market in plastic and metal mode.

You have to select frame as per your face size and personality. The small face does not look very good with a big size frame as well as a round face will not be perfect with the square frame.

It is up to you to select frame and lens as per your requirement.

uv protection sunglasses, How to Protect your eyes, best uv protection sunglasses brand
Frame Selection Is Important To Feet With Lens
Do and Don't -

Don't use sunglasses for fashion purpose only.

Don't hang with your shirt and head. That will reduce the longevity of sunglass.

Keep your glass in Box except on table and counter.

Protect glass from scratches.

Clean sun-glass by small cotton cloth before use.

Don't wear sun-glass of other people, that may be infected your eyes.

These are the basic reason "Why Sun-glass Is Important For Eye Protection". These tips will help
to protect your eyesight and disease.

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