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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Why Aamir Khan May Not Work In Sequel Of "Sarfarosh"

Bollywood star Aamir Khan is in limelight. He is given numbers of good film to industry, viewers, and followers. People of India and abroad love with his acting and dialogue delivery. "Sarfarosh" is one of the best pictures. At the time of release, the expectation was very high but Aamir has done the tremendous job in that film.

Sarfarosh Film, Jhon
Aamir Khan In Ad
Why Aamir Khan May Not Work In Sequel Of "Sarfarosh" 

Director John Mathew will start on the sequel of Sarfarosh. But maybe they cast another actor instead of Aamir.

This news is coming from print media resource. It is very difficult for the viewers to go with another star.

Nasiruddin Shah, Aamir Khan
Aamir With Nasir
Makers are interested to cast the new actor. Is it possible to fulfill the place of Aamir Khan?

Sometime before Aamir said that 'he is ready to continue in Sarfarosh Sequel'. But maybe his wish will end today.
Stunning Picture Sarfarosh
Aamir And Nasir In Sarfarosh
The producer is not thinking over the name of Aamir Khan. But director John told that he is not ready with the script of Sarfarosh. He did not share more on it. Only told that sequel of Sarfarosh has the different story and zeorin an area.

Film, Aamir Khan Unique Picture
Aamir Khan With Colleagues
Let's see what happen in future.

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