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Sales And Marketing Management Difference, Definition

The Industrial Revolution generated specialized activities in the area of business and the production no longer remained the twin action of marketing. You Should know about the difference and definition of Sales and Marketing. The number of peoples does not know about this.

What Is The Difference Between Sales And Marketing Management

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Sales And Marketing Definition Of Difference
Difference Between Sales And Marketing.

1. Meaning of Sales Management - This management is solely concerned with the direction and control of the sales force. Sales management refers to the management of sales personnel.

It covers advertising, distribution, pricing and product designing. All element of marketing management. This definition can not be changed, this is the universal truth.

So, you will get it in every book and documents.

An American Marketing Association has set the definition of Sales that it is the well-defined management of planning, direction, and control of personal selling.

Every company prepares his own sales force to sell the product and they equipped sales personal with all marketing tools by proper tanning, equipment, motivating and paying.

This is called sales force management. They know about the marketing selling activity by training and get success. The management has the number of responsibilities.

 Provide proper guidance and controlling the Sales Force is one of the important activities of Management.

Sales management is basically related to company sales management department. This is the very important organizational unit to the growth of the company and creates finance through sales skilled.

An appropriate distribution network communication effectively with other departments and planned well for execution of strategy.

2. Meaning of Marketing Management - This management is totally different from Sales Management. By this business activities, ownership of products is transferred from producer to consumers.

There may be some problem in marketing but you have been carefully analyzed, described and interpreted, so that producers and consumers alike may be benefited to the maximum time or extent.

In this management, the producer wants to book maximum profit and consumers want to pay the lowest price. That pressure minimizes the cost of production. Marketing is different from Sales but it is a part of sales and function importantly.

Marketing Management work several activities of marketing, like - Pricing, Promotion, Physical distribution, product and sales personnel management.

Sales management basically concerned with SPM (sales personnel management). Do you know that Sales Manager of a company is a subordinate of marketing manager?

He can advise the marketing manager in the areas of sales force management in particular and on the other marketing functions.

The new concept of sales management revolves around the development of human resources.

These are the point that differentiates the Sales and Marketing Management.
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