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How To Make Career In Homeopathy, Ayurveda And Naturopathy.

Biological student first dream to start the career with medical science. They want to be a doctor to serve his service to people and got name and fame. They want to take admission in top notch colleges.

Basically the way of learning and career already pre-defined of the medical student. The student can make the career in Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy. 

These three fields are also equivalent to allopathic.

Salary In Homeopathy, Package In Ayurveda, Natural Treatment, Naturopathy Vs Homeopathy
Homeopathy, Ayurveda And Naturopathy Treatment

Homeopathy, Ayurveda, And Naturopathy Scope, Opportunities, Education Points.

In the present scenario, allopathic is more popular than above three. Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy treatment system are old and authentic. 

But it will take time to rejuvenate your health and body. In some cases, allopathic is relevant and relief the patient instantly. So, the importance of allopathic medicine is the demand of the present situation.

Above given three medicine does not leave any side effect on the body. I have taken Homeopathy and Ayurveda medicine and filled no changes come in my life and relief in the body is improving day by day. 

Today, you can not underestimate the value of these three medical treatment system. Proper diagnosis and knowledge of symptom help to provide the medical assistance to the patient. 

They will defiantly get the relief.

Homeopathy Treatment - This treatment system is very good. It will take time but eradicate your ailment from the root. 

Today company makes medicine with proper composition and that is very effective for the patient. In past doctor prepare medicine with separate content.

Qualification And Course For Homeopathy Doctor -  (BHMS)

Bachelor Of Homeopathy Medicine And Surgery - The basic education is required for the student is to pass 12th standard with Biology stream. The admission only possible to the student to pass the All India Common Entrance Test” as well as the state also arrange entrance test for the student.

Duration of Course - The exact duration of BHMS is five and half year. The student will also participate in an internship during course completion.  

Employment opportunity - They can start his career as a homeopathy doctor in private and government hospitals. Private practice is another way of earning. NGO, Research In Organization and Health center is the best way to provide service and you can earn money from these organization is 25 to 30 thousand per month. 

The opportunity of earning is not limited to this course. If you earn the trust of the patient. That will increase you earning more than the above given slab. 

After getting the experience in this field, you can open pharmacy too.

Get Job in Pharmaceutical Industry And Teaching - Company which makes the medicine of this filed may hire you on the high package. They always open door to that student, who are talented. 

Teaching professional is also required in industry and organization.  The number of colleges wants to recruit those people, who have completed this course.

5 Best Institution For BHMS Course -

These field is improving very fast and peoples are attracting due to high cost in allopathic treatment.

Ayurveda Treatment - This is very old treatment process. Every medicinal treatment related to this system. This treatment system is very much authentic and foolproof system to stop the ailment and anti-aging. 

The opportunity has increased in this field from last year. Ayurveda treatment system is the best way to improve the immune system of your body naturally without any adverse side effect.

Qualification And Course For Ayurveda Treatment - (BAMS Degree)

You can start your career in Ayurveda after completion of BAMS ( Bachelor Of Ayurveda Medicine And Surgery ) degree course. 

Several colleges are available to provide the education and degree in this course. 

You will have to pass the entrance exam to get the admission and minimum qualification required is - 50 % marks in physics, chemistry, and biology in 12th class. Duration of this course will be five or five and half year including internship.

You can also do specialize course in this field. That is PG Diploma in Ayurveda. Bachelor degree is needed to get the admission in PG Diploma course. 

Duration will be 2 years for this course as well as a student can do MD in Ayurveda and duration will be 3 years.
Very large scoops are available in this file for 12th pass student.

Allopathy Treatment, Medicine Cost In Ayurveda Treatment, Hospital Bill
Natural Treatment Of Patient
Employment Opportunity -  As explained above in Homeopathy section. The similar opportunity will be available after completion of course. 

The student can start his own clinic and can engage with the private and nursing hospital in high package and salary. 

Several governments and private college and organization offer the post of faculty and research. 

The very good demand of BAMS student in medicine making company. They offer lucrative package and facility to BAMS pass out student.

Due to less possibility of side effect, it is the best process worldwide for treatment of ailment and that is the main reason of demand of Ayurveda professional.

Best Institution For Ayurveda -    

Naturopathy  Treatment - This treatment process is based on natural resources. This is very easiest and effective. The treatment process is famous worldwide and knows by everyone. 

Naturopathy expert demand is increased in the world. So, this is the right time to do the course and start carrier with Naturopathy treatment.

Duration Of Course of Treatment Attendant Training Course - 1 Year. (Available In Pune based National Institute of Naturopathy.

Employment Opportunity -

You can start your career like homeopathy and Ayurveda. Open your clinic to earn money. You should be trained and will be hiring trained staff for your clinic.

If you passed the BNYES course, you will get the good opportunity in this field. This course duration is five and half year.  

Best Institute For Naturopathy Course -

If your base is strong and knowledge is perfect, go with these opportunities and start your career with these three courses and increase your income rapidly. 

In starting, income may be low, but day by day it will increase with your knowledge and experiences. 

So, don’t wait. Share your views on below-given comment box to improve writing and content.

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What Is Lease Finance And Lease Agreement (Define)

Here is the simple definition of the lease finance and meaning of lease. The number of people does not know the basic function and definition of the lease. The lease agreement is a legal document and format of lease agreement make according to the rule and regulation of countries law.

Rental Agreement, Lease, One Page Lease Definition, Lease Important Points
Lease Agreement
Point Out Lease Agreement, Definition, And Basic Knowledge.

Meaning of Lease - property transfer act defines lease as A lease of immovable property is a transfer of a right to enjoy such property, made for certain time, express or implied, or in perpetuity in consideration of a price paid or promised, money, share, service value to be rendered periodically on specified occasions to the transferor by the transferee, who accept the transfer on such terms”.

Actually, a valid lease means there must be a transfer of the right to enjoyment of the immovable property.

What is Lease Financing -

This is the process of the contract of financing or money lending against the cost of the asset. This conditional contract will be done between the lessor and the lessee. 

The particular assets required by lessees, which purchased by the lessor from a manufacturer of such asset opted by the lessee.

Essential part of Lease Financing -

As discuss above lease financing between lessor and lessee. This the contract between two people. 

The lease financing is based on the asset, equipment, and property. During tenure, ownership continues with lessor but the use of equipment allowed to the lessee.

 Term vary from case to case and fixation of the period of lease is mandatory. Lessee pay to the lessor is the lease rental. 

Termination will depend on the mutual agreements between them. Otherwise, termination is impossible. 

It may be possible that termination becomes conditional like mentioned the period, sells to third part etc…

Basic Agreement, Lease Agreement, Rental Agreement.
Classification Of Leases -

There is two type of lease count. First finance lease and second is an operating lease. The finance lease is the very long-term lease on fixed assets. 

All rewards forwarded to asset owner till transfer and operating lease is not a finance lease.

Lease Agreement -  

The lease agreement is the agreement, which is completed between lease and lessee. The terms and other details will be in written and mention the period of lease, amount and other details. 

Both people will sign the documents and follow the mentioned terms and condition. The proper agreement will be ready on stamp paper of prescribed value.

Here I have taken reference from the authentic book because the definition cannot be changed and modification will deform the exact meaning of Lease Agreement.

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6 Best Free Emails Account For Users Log In

Every person knows about the mail and its function. Simply you can say that e-mail is the product and medium to communicate and provide messages to other people by simply and smartly. This is the very cheapest method and time-saving tools. 

The distance between places does not matter. The only capacity of attached file sending is important. Every mail company provide a certain capacity of mail access and add more features in free for users.

Best Free Email Service Provider Company 2017 Onward.

When you select a mail and sign up to access the features of the account, confirm that e-mail company provide features according to your need or not. 

Otherwise, your account will be open but your purpose will not be solved. You should always aware of that, the mail company will save your data and protect from theft of your personal information. 

This is very important for a user because of today cybercrime and hacking of data, personal information theft is a pick. 

E-mail spoofing is another way of cybercrime. Spoofing is the way to send mail to another person in such way that appears that someone was sent to you. 

This activity used to know about the system password and other information. The concerned person continuously sent mail to you to convince that he knows you very well and for a long time. 

They use subject line very unique and attract you. This all activity do to know your confidential information.

The Balance E-Mail, Free E-mail, Email Sign Up Free, Login In, Outlook Mail
Free E-mail Account

What Is E-Mail Fraud -

Next point is for you that E-mail fraud. Today e-mail fraud is very common and everybody knows that this fraud is a pre-planned play and tries to trap your all relevant information for you to misuse against e-mail users. 

The hacker gives lucrative offer to share money with you on small demand for money. This type of fraud may happen in financial, banking or social sector. 

This type of commitment to email is called Email fraud. So, you should not respond this type mail as well as should not share any personal or banking information to the unknown person. 

In every advertisement Banking official request to the customer to do not share PIN Code of ATM and other information on mail. 

To save the information and hacking of mail, you should change your password time to time and should choose a difficult password for your email account.

In face large percentage of adults do not know that malware can operate in a discreet fashion, making it hard to know if a computer has been compromised and one third is not very clear that their computer is clean from all viruses. 

They do not know ‘how a virus can hamper computer and can share data with the third person’. 

According to the law, it is crime to hack any computer to stole data without taking consent of the owner and this is the punishable offense and may be gone for imprisonment for a term, depends upon the country law. 

So, you should always update the software if demand by your computer and make sure about the genuine mail, before opening mail.

How to Safe Mail From Cyber Crime -

You should keep your computer and electronic device (like - mobile etc) safe and protect from fake software by reputed virus protection software. 

Update your computer that means upgrade software for protection of unwanted intervention of the third person. Safe from security software - like firewalls etc to control and communicate information online instantly. 

The password should be strong and the combination of @, #, *, ? with number and alphabet.

If any unknown person asks about your personal information, should not respond or click on given suspicious URL. 

Several times mail serve with lucrative advertisement and offer with free download software. 

You should confirm from your side about the genuinely of mail. Otherwise, these tools hamper your computer and can be sent all important information to the third person.

If you use mail from the mobile phone, should be also careful from viruses and phone should be updated as per requirement and on company instruction. 

These tips will be helpful to protect mail from the outsider. 

Best Free Mail Account Availability -   

G-Mail - This is the best free mail for you. Great features and facility provided by Google for users. Maximum user likes this mailing platform. 

The best part is that this mail run from Google and this name is already famous worldwide. One G-mail account provides number of access in single user id & password.

If you sign-up your account, that will give you the authority to start your blog with free blogging platform of Google, access Adsense account, Google drive storage and manage all your Google activity by single user id.

Google assures to save your data and information.They divide coming mail in section, first - primary, second - social and third - promotions. 

Your incoming mail automatically gets separation categorically. Chatting facility is also available in the mail and reflects presence of your friends, colleagues online.

Its display density is cozy, comfortable and compact. You can change mail theme according to your choice. The very unique feature in this mail platform is its ‘undo send’, you can send cancellation request in next 10 second. 

The free storage capacity is 15 GB for you. You will be paid for extra storage capacity. The next capacity is available in 100 GB and 1 TB to 30 TB.

Outlook Mail - Actually outlook is using in office and business in large scale. Because it is very easier to handle for users. 

You can create the folder and save mail separately with the name of other taglines. Four categories are available like home, folder, view, and account in official outlook mail. 

This mail belongs to Microsoft’s free E-mail service for users. Outlook mail provides several options to arrange your mail on the desktop. 

According to my knowledge, you can arrange mail in 4 categories. First will be folder (inbox) column, second for message or conversion, third use to reflect the content of your mail and the fourth option can use to show calendar and other details. 

Modification in mail and addition of previous mail is very easy to add with the new one. That helps the user to explain the details with past exercise.

New E-Mail Account In Outlook, Function of Outlook, Login Outlook, Feature Yahoo,Outlook & Gmail, Rediffmail
Free Outlook Details.
Rediffmail - This is the oldest and reliable resource to send mail. The number of users is registered with this mail platform. 

This is also very simple and unique e-mail platform. You will get the option to mention your Signature with mail content, Auto Save Id, Themes as well as up-gradation option. 

The user can manage mail with auto response option and block, unblock senders mail according to his choice. 

They are providing apps for mobile to access mail, activate it easily in 3 easy steps.

Finally, relevant reliable for users.

Yahoo Mail - This is one of the best Free Email for users. You can avail 1 TB storage capacity. Every feature areas like as G-mail. 

The unique features added by them for users to attach the file directly from Dropbox. Several unique and decent themes are available for users. 

You can avail the facility of its interface to manage all your mail.   
Yandex Mail - This is Russia based Email platform. I used this mail and its features are similar like other. 

The capacity of storage is 10GB with cloud service. It is very easy to use and create the account. They create whether theme for the user with uniqueness.    

iCloud Mail - This mail platform is from the support of Apple and this company is providing storage capacity to users. 

This mail will be accessible through IMAP. Cloud storage facility for this platform, provides 5GB free storage and user can easily upgrade plan till 2TB. 

Actually, cloud storage facility is easily accessible from anywhere and your content, information will be always safe.

All e-mail message in your cloud mail account are kept in iCloud and nobody can get, share your information without your support. 

Apple gives full security to safe privacy of users photo, messages, information, contact details etc. The new account can be created using iOS (iPhone, iPad) and OS X. 

Other features are that your Mail Inbox will be cleaned and will archive in the folder by the simple button.

This platform is tricky with multiple tags. It is not easily assailable but you will have to learn about the benefit and advantage of cloud storage based device and process to get some better results and will improve mailing capacity. 

The main point is that Apple protect the cloud platform and that is the guarantee of safety.

According to the cyber law expert, the prevention will always be your best line of defense against cybercriminals, because, like any other criminal activity, those most vulnerable tend to be the first targeted (the line taken from the book). Apple security provides expert prevention.

If your file is very large, you can use rich formatting and send big file attached by Mail Drop option. iCloud is faster e-mail platform but not very easiest to access for you. Know more about Cloud Computing.

Here I am discussing with you about the security and safety of your information but if you go sometime back, a Hollywood actress photo was leaked from Apple Mobile set and that was the big loophole came in-front of us. 

So, everyone confirms the security but loopholes give big lose. After this incident, Apple took action and resolve the issue, then launched new iPhone. 

This new iPhone sell did not see any downfall in phone selling. That was the faith of customer and assured himself that loopholes have been ended and company will not repeat again in future.

Final Review Of Free Email Account -      

All these free mail platforms keep safe your data and information. They protect your mail from hacking and other suspicious activity. 

I have used all these mail since long and did not receive any problem of hacking and data lick-age. So, I preferred to use one of the above. 

Share your views and idea in a below-given box.

Monday, 7 August 2017

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Distance Education:Best University Provide Certificate Courses

Distance education is a facility for that student, who leaves his study due to any reason, like - lake of money or other difficulties. The government started this education system to get the higher education from home. 

6 Best University Provide Certificate, Diploma, Master Degree To Students

They opened study center and provide assistance to the student to submit his consignment and get study material from the single window system. 

The number of children benefited by this education revolution and successfully run with other educated people. 

So, many people think that this distance education system is easy from Regular Courses. 

This is his wrong thought. Distance education course material is more difficult then regular course and those students pass this course, his capacity and knowledge level are as good as a general student.

Delhi University, IGNOU, Manipal Distance Education, Online Learning, Internet Learning
Distance Education
After passing the 12th class, some student is not able to take admission in Regular courses. In that case, Distance Education is good option to complete the desired courses. 

The employed person can also take admission to complete his education with continuing his service.

Every year number of student take admission due to non-restriction of age.

What Is Distance Education -     

As described above, here want to add more things. Those students, who unable to continue education through regular courses, will take admission in distance education. 

They attend classes in evening or morning and do other work rest of the day. The basic concept of distance education is that a student can make his schedule as per his choice. 

The number of places in India is vacant from a university. The student belongs to that place benefit from distance education. 

Courses payment method is easy and low from other universities. That help to poor student to continue his education.

Distance Education Nature Is Changing -     

Distance learning is changing with present scenario. Technical equipment is adding to a learning module. 

They provide the visual classroom for learning, video conferencing, interactive online learning etc. These tools attract student and make everything easier for them. 

They asked the question online to expert teacher. Internet and CD are also playing the vital role to support them. They get the recorded module of a subject and get knowledge intently. 

They are using online chatting facility and ask a question directly to concern person and share views online to each other. So, many students are using mobile and teleconferencing technology to learn his subject.

Free Distance Education, Sikkim Manipal University, BCA, BA, B.Com
Distance Education For Professional Course

Admission In Regular Courses -      

That student, who could not be taken admission in Regular Courses in BCA, BA, B.Com, go with distance learning program. The student who did not get good results in 12th may apply in DE for any restriction. 

Distance education system provides professional degree with working experience, that is the great advantage for the student. 

This education system facilitates provide an option to the student to take admission in two courses in same time. 

That helps to save money and time of student. Overall these are the very helpful to all student of the remote area too.

6 Best University For Distance Education - 

1. IGNOU.AC.IN - This very renowned and good open university.

Overall these are the best way to get the education online or offline from anywhere.

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What Is Cloud Computing? Benefits, Avail Free Google Cloud

Everyday Internet tools are upgrading. Cloud computing is one of them. As you know that every computer or user has server to save data and information. They hire the server or set-up personally. 

These tools are very costly in terms of personal uses. But if you want to keep your information for future need, you will be spending money to purchase this equipment.

Move Your Business To Cloud Platform In Free With Security.

Cloud Computing will save your money and time. Reduce expenses of your organization and save data at low cost.

Best Cloud Computing Platform, Free Cloud, Top Cloud Platform, Best Cloud Hosting
Cloud Platform For Users

What Is Cloud Computing?       

Cloud computing is a virtual shared server and provides hosting to users. This computing system only charges those places, which has reacquired by you to save your data. 

The number of companies provides support for infrastructure, software, and platform to his users. 

The access of this system does not require prior knowledge to handle the software or platform.

In past, it is very difficult for companies to save data, they were prepared to establish data center, run software on daily basis, pay money for the update. 

Now Cloud Computing is the platform to provide all services at low cost. Third party administrator provides space as per your need and charges money accordingly. 

Users will not be arranged separate device for data storage.

Different Type Of Cloud Storage Available -  

1. Hybrid Cloud - Combination of two clouds like - Public, Private, Community.

2. Private Cloud - Use by the specific organization with the prescribed limit.

3. Public Cloud - Use by any Internet users.

4. Community Cloud -Use by two or more organization.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing -  

The number of benefits is available to use Cloud Computing.

1. Reduce your cost of expenditure and save money.

2. Save your office space to the establishment of equipment.

3. You can use and track your data from anywhere. No dependency on location.

4. Full concentration on your business to compete in the market.

5. A well advance knowledge IT team manage your data safety.

6. You will not be purchased additional equipment for the update. 

What Next?

Google cloud platform is unique and beneficial for users. You can move your business on Google Cloud Platform

They are giving Future Proof Infrastructure, Powerful data analytics, Server-less fully managed to compute, Customer Friendly Pricing, Innovation, and Security. 

They are providing Free Trail for users satisfaction. Contact Sales for the free trial.

Cloud computing is a great tool to help government and e-governance. Online availability helps to uplift your business faster.

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Create And Add GIF With Facebook Post, Comments

Facebook is updating features and recently added GIF creation by users. Social media has instantly flashed this feature. GIF is important for Social Media. Twitter has already added GIF features to your tweet. You can opt. It is as per your content relevancy. 

This is very effective to attract people to your content and get more comments and likes by GIF images.

Facebook GIF button, Giphy Facebook, Upload GIF, GIF Picture Profile
GIF Button In Facebook Comment Section.
How To Post, Create Animated GIF In Facebook Comment Section

GIF images create humor, emotions, increase the value of content. Facebook has not added this features. 

Now they know that GIF is also important as images. Both are very important language to express the views of users and senders.

Previously users express his views to write the content and create statement only, now they add the clip of GIF to approach more effectively. 

Presently these features are available on iOS only as well as provided some people. Extended for all in coming future.

When users swipe to open camera in right side then they can see this new GIF features. You can also use frame and effects. 

When you make GIF images, you can save in your device, post on profile and facebook story.

GIF creation is the best way of expression. You will make your own GIF and improve creativity. This is the good start of facebook for users.

One thing is missing that if you want to make your GIF then which platform will be suitable. Go with 

This is the creation of and you can start to make your own GIF easily.


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What Is Cyber Crime Definition? Categories And Law

Today it is a big issue. The world is in progressive way and internet is very common and relevant tools for your day to day activity. But it is very difficult to protect the users from cybercrime. Awareness and theft protection software is playing an important role to secure data and information. First of all, know about cybercrime.

Explore Facts On Cyber Crime - A Real Definition And Report.

Real Trends In Cyber Crime, Internet, Global Security,Cyber Crime Law, Protect From Cyber Crime
Cyber Law And Protection
What Is Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is mostly related to technology and hacking of instrument. Most people only know this crime definition as defined in the previous line. But the exact definition differs from that.

Definition Of Cyber Crime. 

Actually, Cyber Crime is not defined in our IT act. The reference to definition came from Oxford Reference. There said that this is the crime related to the online transaction and commit on the internet. 

Cybercrime is an unlawful act, which is related to computer related tools like - internet etc. The criminal directly targets your computer and hack your data and other information. 

They can use it for his purpose. His physical presence is not there, but they have stolen your secret and personal information from your computer by the hacking process. 

This is called Cyber Crime.

Several movies have been released on this in Bollywood and Hollywood. Hacker not only use your data for the financial transaction, they can misuse your information for blackmailing and damage your image in society.

If any student and people use computer and internet, they should know about the law of cybercrime. They should know about the all unlawful activity. 

Today government is very strict and updating the law to make it more effective. Sometimes users do not know about the restriction of cyber law and act not according to law. 

They face the legal action.

Prevent Cyber Crime Tools, Type Of Cyber Crime, Law, Computer Target, Password Theft.
Cyber Crime On Internet

You Can Divide It Into Categories -  

1. Activity against Nation - Damage critical information, Cyberterrorism.

2. Activity against Property - If you write E-mail with the intention to cheat someone online. This is called financial crime. Transfer of fund illegally and data theft is also coming under the cybercrime.

3. Activity against Copyright - If you copy the article and trademark online for your personal use, this will be also unlawful activity and can call it, cybercrime.

4. Activity against Personal Harassment - If you unethically or unlawfully harassed someone online, that comes under cyber crime. You can’t do cyberstalking and any pornography activity online.

What Next About Online Activity. 

The government has amended the law in IT industries to stop cybercrime or act according to the law. Today government body provide legal recognition of electronic documents and digital signature. 

The number of documents like the recorded phone call, video, written E-mails is using as an evidence in court. 

In coming future cyber law will be perfectly functional and provide a new way to save money, time and improve the credibility of online tools.

Today, it is very important to secure and keep secret your activity online and cyber security is need of internet activity.