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What Is Cyber Crime Definition? Categories And Law

Today it is a big issue. The world is in a progressive way and the internet is very common and relevant tools for your day to day activity. But it is very difficult to protect the users from cybercrime. 

Awareness and theft protection software is playing an important role to secure data and information. First of all, know about cybercrime.

Explore Facts On Cyber Crime - A Real Definition And Report.

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Cyber Law And Protection
What Is Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is mostly related to technology and hacking of instrument. Most people only know this crime definition as defined in the previous line. But the exact definition differs from that.

Definition Of Cyber Crime. 

Actually, Cyber Crime is not defined in our IT act. The reference to definition came from Oxford Reference. There said that this is the crime related to the online transaction and commit on the internet. 

Cybercrime is an unlawful act, which is related to computer related tools like - the internet etc. The criminal directly targets your computer and hack your data and other information. 

They can use it for his purpose. His physical presence is not there, but they have stolen your secret and personal information from your computer through the hacking process. 

This is called Cyber Crime.

Several movies have been released on this in Bollywood and Hollywood. Hacker not only use your data for the financial transaction, but they can also misuse your information for blackmailing and damage your image in society.

If any student and people use the computer and the internet, they should know about the law of cybercrime. They should know about all unlawful activity. 

Today the government is very strict and updating the law to make it more effective. Sometimes users do not know about the restriction of cyber law and act not according to law. 

They face legal action.

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Cyber Crime On the Internet

You Can Divide It Into Categories -  

1. Activity against Nation - Damage critical information, Cyberterrorism.

2. Activity against Property - If you write E-mail with the intention to cheat someone online. This is called financial crime. Transfer of fund illegally and data theft is also coming under the cybercrime.

3. Activity against Copyright - If you copy the article and trademark online for your personal use, this will be also unlawful activity and can call it, cybercrime.

4. Activity against Personal Harassment - If you unethically or unlawfully harassed someone online, that comes under cybercrime. You can’t do cyberstalking and any pornography activity online.

What Next About Online Activity. 

The government has amended the law in IT industries to stop cybercrime or act according to the law. Today government body provide legal recognition of electronic documents and digital signature. 

The number of documents like the recorded phone call, video, written E-mails is using as a piece of evidence in court. 

In coming future cyber law will be perfectly functional and provide a new way to save money, time and improve the credibility of online tools.

Today, it is very important to secure and keep secret your activity online and cyber security is the need for internet activity.

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