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Apple New iPhone Features, Price, Comparison, Shop Address

Apple iPhone is a very renowned and strong Smartphone worldwide. This is the largest selling phone. People always eager to know about the latest version of Apple Smartphone. They ready to get the new version of Smartphone at any cost, that means they can stay long in the queue to purchase the newly launched phone. 

This show big faith and credibility of the market for Apple product.

iPhone X Specification And 6 Unique Tools Details

I read somewhere that a person was in queue whole night to book the new product of Apple iPhone. This is called craziness for the product. iPhone is basically a status symbol for people. 

The quality and features are unique, which pressurize people to stay and wait for new product launching.

At the time of launching of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus, people were very eager to pre-order the product and same reflected during Apple iPhone X too.

iPhone Release Date, iPhone Price, iPhone Release Date, iPhone Specification
iPhone X Look
The craziness to book the first set was started in 2007 at the time of launch of first iPhone. CEO of the company was Steve Jobs. Several ups and down faced by the company in the leadership of Steve Jobs. 

The number of changes has been done in last 10 years of the company. Steve Jobs have given valuable direction and right path for the development of the company. 

The complete name of Steve was ‘Steven Paul Jobs. He was the great entrepreneur, businessman, and inventor of his field.

The famous quotes of Steve Jobs are -

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

I want to put a ding in the universe.

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.

When This iPhone will be Available in India?     

Apple iPhone launched but still, Indian people will wait until October.

Unique Design iPhone, Service Center, Launch Date
iPhone 8 & X
What Unique Feature Added In New Apple iPhone X -

This phone system is equipped with very advanced technology and price will be approximately 66 thousand INR. 

If you want to purchase the phone with 256 GB internal memory, then you will have to pay near about 1 Lakh 2 Thousand INR. 

It's 2 Tone display changes colors according to the person. The company has used Super Retina Screen technology to fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

Number of Smartphones are available in the market but it’s display screen provide unique fill to the purchaser. 

This is the first phone with 5.8-inch display, which launched without brazzale. Another feature can compare with iPhone 8, this set to run with LCD Display but iPhone X is the first Smartphone, which will be launched with the OLED Display system. 

This system is very strong and unique.

The company has given smooth curve in corner of the phone with innovative technology. That enhances the attraction in looks.

Vertical Dual Lens And Camera - Lens and camera are most attractive parts of the Smartphone. People want to know about the front and rear camera quality of the product. 

They know that best camera quality given quality results in photography. Pixels strength of camera always judges by the customer during purchase on new Mobile Phone

Duel lens of iPhone X is very powerful in comparison to iPhone 7. You can use portrait features to select the number of unique styles and can set according to you. 

They used the 12-megapixel sensor with OIS for large and faster photo.  

Face ID - A unique features added by the company is Face ID that means your phone will be unlocked when recognizing your face. 

This is completely unique as features given in Samsung Smartphone Set. Now you think that if you are having the beard on your face, then how they recognize. 

No issue this is using very smart and unique technology to recognize the face of users. That means your face is your password to unlock the iPhone X.

Gestures Features - Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Now, this phone does not have any home button.

A single swipe takes you home from anywhere. The company has added a bar in beneath part of the phone, that will use to go at home screen. 

You have to swipe the control panel in downward position and swipe from lower to upper section to get the home screen.

Wireless Charging - They added unique features to charge the phone without the support of wire. They already provided similar technology with iPhone 8 in past.

RAM - This phone contains 3 GB RAM. Other products provide more than that, like Note 8 etc. Picture quality is amazing due to high quality (12 Mega Pixel) camera. 

Professional can use the inbuilt camera for photography and other uses.

Some Unique And Decent Features - You can use Neno SIM card. The scratch resistance glass protects the looks of iPhone. 

Your iPhone will be charged 50% in near about 30 minutes. This iPhone is not very heavy, the weight is only 174 gm. So, this is light and very comfortable for you to keep in the pocket.

Final Conclusion -

Apple always served quality. That is the main reason the market is generating customers for this. Every customer, who pay the hard earn money, want to purchase the good quality product online or offline. 

Apple assures and customer faith and belief in the product quality, unique features, So they pay money for this. This is the truth.  

The best marketing tips to sell the product is that to make the product with latest technology and features and add people with that. 

The satisfaction of purchaser increases the number of sells. You will be not given any additional effort for sell.

Where you can purchase iPhone product -

A link has given below, go with that and search your nearest location to Purchase the Apple Product, Service & Support, Training & Certification. 

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6 Best Website Hosting Service Plan, Review, Advice

Hosting is a space, which you purchase and pay rent to host your site. Without hosting your site will not be seen by anyone. When your site park on server, the service provider company assign a unique DNS. 

This will be the address of your site to see worldwide. Specific address required to see the website or blog by the people and hosting provider company given to your site.

Which is the best Hosting And Free Tools Provider 2017

The basic concept of hosting is just like your computer hardware. If you want to save your file in the computer, that means file save in hard disc and asses-able only, if open the same computer. 

Here hosting service provider given space on a worldwide searchable hard disk as per your demand and save data online, but this will be asses-able from anywhere.  

The number of companies provides space in the package. The space increase according to receive traffic on site.  

It is very important to choose the best hosting company. If opt anyone and service are not up to the mark, then your time and effort will be gone in vain.

Web Hosting For Small Business, Lowest Hosting Package, Hosting Taken Precaution
Best Hosting Providing Company Worldwide
What happens If Choose Wrong Hosting Company?

I would like to share my personal experiences with the wrong choosing hosting company. I started my site earlier and select domain name too. 

Now I purchased hosting from a reputed company. I was not aware of the negative and positive points of hosting services. 

The person, who analysis my website traffic and suggested a hosting package. I agreed with his statement and paid the money.

Now my site was working fine. I started to write the post and share on social media, obviously, my traffic increased day by day. After 10 ten days suddenly I checked my site, the message was reflecting that “ Cross the limit, Contact Service Provider”, I am not able to remember exact message, but that was just like this. 

I contacted my service provider and said that I have opted unlimited space offer and my site is closed due to insufficient space. Why? 

They said that don’t worry, we resolve this issue. After 2 to 3 hr. Again my site has been up. But this issue comes again and again and affected by site traffic and time.

This type of problems hamper your creativity and spend the maximum time to resolve these technical issues. So, be careful before opting hosting company for your site.

Points To Be Remember Before Choosing The Hosting Company Are -

1.  No hidden cost (clearly mention, what they will be given)

2.  Provide free domain

3.  Clarify unlimited space package

4.  Money back guarantee

5.  24 hr. Online support.

6.  Assure about site protection, if use multiple servers

7.  Assume about 99% up-time

8.  Inform about the latest features and knowledge support.

9.  Provide cPanel or Plesk with the password.

10. Scalability - for customization of site

11. Malware and Spam protect with site certification.

These are the points, which help to choose the best hosting company.

Best hosting company for site -   

1. Godaddy - This is good and supportive hosting company. Reputation is very good worldwide. They provide 24X7 support system entertain your issue instantly. 

They assure to provide 99.9% uptime with superior performance in load time.

Plan start with 99 Rs./month and given 30 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth. It is up to you to judge, is it sufficient for your site traffic.

2. Hostgator -  This is another well known hosting service provider company. Starting to given unmetered bandwidth in approximately $3.95/month. Good support and install in one click. Amazing!

3. Bluehost - This is a renowned hosting company. Founder of the company is Matt Heaton. Started in 2003. Its sister companies are iPage, HostMonster, FastDomain. 

You can get hosting in only Rs. 209/month. They will provide unlimited space, bandwidth, domain and email accounts.   

4. SiteGround - Company started in 2004 and more than 5 lakh domain is hosting till date. They are providing shared and cloud hosting. 

Great support provided to WordPress and Joomla based site. Basic plan starts with $3.95/month with providing 10 GB space, suitable for 10000 visits monthly.

5. - You can be started to host your site at very low cost. They providing 20 GB storage capacity with 50000 monthly visitors and 5 email account in Rs. 59/month. 

A support system is best. I use service of BigRock for my other site. I am happy with the support system. They help you with proper description and details.

6. FatCow - They are a good service provider. The rate list is very clear and added more features for customers. They are providing unlimited disc space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited mailboxes. 

Perfect hosting and domain provider for the small business website. Plan price is $38/year, set up free, domain free, money back guarantee for 30 days.

The service provider has given unlimited disc space, bandwidth, domain, and e-mail account for the site. 24X7 support on phone and chat. This unique and appreciable hosting company.

What is Final Conclusion -

Several hosting provider companies are available online. It is very difficult to choose one of them. I use Godaddy & BigRock for my site and both are the best supportive.

Here I would like to quote that I have given the price and other details of hosting provider product as given on the site. The plan price and other details may be changed. Please visit on site for latest update

The basic points of discussion are that how to choose best. First, you have to decide the need for your site and what is the maximum traffic strength as well as data transfer capacity. What data is consuming during image uploading? 

The analysis will be helpful to take the decision, which company is providing best offer to you.

Search some knowledge blog, which defines the function and working process of hosting tools like SQL database, CGI directory, Multi GB connection, FTP access, cPanel details etc. 

These are the tools, which work. If site owner knows about the basic concept and function. That will help to understand the benefit provided by service provider. 

They can counter if something wrong will be going on.

These are the best details of hosting provided service is given to you. Share your ideas and view, if it.

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How to Monetize A Website : Earn Money By Affiliate Program

Monetizing of the blog is an art and journey for the blogger to facilitate the number of peoples. The basic concept of monetizing is to provide important and real information to visitors. If blog shares a content how to start a blog online the visitors will visit on the blog and read the content now they want the assistance or help to know about the depth knowledge of the product. 

And if blog owner provides information and short-out the problem online then visitors will be visiting again and again on site for service, this is the right way to monetize the blog.

Best Proven Way To Monetize Blog And Tools Used.

It is not necessary to display Ads and banners on site for monetization. Your support to visitors will help to promote the blog. Benefits with support attract more and more people on site. 

The next example I would like to given that if you will help to visitors to purchase the product online or offline with realistic Product Review or suggestion. 

The customer will take your help, again and again, that means he believes in your judgment.

Make money by blog, Blogger Earning By Affiliate Link, Tips Of Earning Online
Make Money Online By Affiliate Link
Now if you want to sell any product in future on your blog then definitely sell that, because visitors believe on you. This is another monetizing technique for blogger.

The number of ways is available to Make Money Online”. Basically, two of them are the famous and effective way.

First is ‘Making Money From Affiliate Marketing’ and Second is “Sell Self Made Product”.

How To Monetize A Blog With Affiliate Link Program And Earn Money.

It is not tough to take affiliate link approval from some renowned product selling the company like Amazon, Flipkart, Commission Junction etc. 

They will provide the unique link for every product sell. You have to promote the product and highlighted the word of sentenced by hyperlink with the special code.

This should be functioned, if any visitor knows about the product and click on the link then they should be gone on the product page. 

If your analysis and product review will be effective then conversion rate will be high and customer definite purchase the product. This is the technique to monetize the blog.

The another best way to monetize blog by getting the affiliate link from Commission Junction. This platform will provide commission on sells.

This is the way to earn money with the help of Affiliate Link Program. The best platform to sell the product online by blog. 

You can track the traffic through Google Analytics and can analyze that which product selling is high.

The most important thing is here that your site should be Superstar in SEO. Best organic traffic will drop on your site if SEO is good.

If you want to sell a self-made product online, you will have to make a site and add images of product, payment system tools etc. That will work same as other companies site.

Promote Those Product, Which You Have Used.   

This is very important tips for you. Only try to sell those products, which you have used earlier and know about the negative and positive points. Share and take an opinion of your loyal readers. 

Don’t write the product benefit only. These points will establish faith among in visitors.

Provide Comparison Data To Customer  

Comparison of the product is very important part of selling. Share the benefits and other details through comparison chart. This should not be in a negative way. Flash the product details, benefits, price comparison etc. 

These tools established your credibility and faith in visitors. They will think that you are not only selling the product, you deal with quality as well as convey the right messages to people and alert about the minus and plus points. 

This will help the growth of your business online.

Add Special Link To Product With Your Content Unique Words.

When you write the post to publish, add affiliate special link with relevant words of post content by hyperlink option. For example - affiliate code is and word in your content in ‘Free Domain”, now you have to highlight word ‘free domain’ by link. That means if visitor interested in the product and click on the link, they could directly go to a product page.

Make Money Through Social Media

Social media is very powerful tools to sell the product online. Today every user have social media account. Now you have to write content on your account page and add the special link to some relevant words. The conversion rate will be high on a social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, and other tools are very easy to operate.

The benefit part is that when using social media for product promotion and sells, you will not be very careful about SEO, Backlinks technique etc as like the site. All are set, just place content and share with colleague and friend with the special link.

Promote Through Interview.

The other tools can be used to sell the product by promoting through an interview, podcast technique, review of products, and other dozens of way. These are the right way to make money promoting the product online.

How To Monetize Blog Through E-mail Technique.

This is very unique and good technique to monetize the blog. The basic technique will use to prepare the list of visitors, who are given E-mail Address and utilize to send fresh content with benefit gifts.

It is up to you, how to attract people to read the blog content. Visitors interested in learning should be maintained and for that, you will be serving quality stuff among readers.  

If a reader is a blogger and he wants some help, provide him assistance to resolve the issue.

The number of tools is available online, which assist to keep the e-mail list of visitors. One of them is Aweber.   

Final Conclusion On Monetization Of Blog.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize the blog. The content of the blog should be written in the niche. As you see that the caption part of affiliate product uses niche words. So, you can take hints from that about the keyword, which have to use in blog content for Faster selling the product.

Confirm! You will be benefited by above-given tips and tricks that How to monetize the blog to earn money online.

Best of Luck -

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Top Emerging Bloggers - How Earn Money By Blogging

Blogging is an art and space for creativity. A person can work on different things and can share with dearest followers by blogging. You start to write the blog and can share your daily attractive activities among followers. 

Your content and number of followers may help you to earn money online by blogging. 

Blogger Earning Analysis By Received Traffic

The basic concept is that number of Ads agencies are available in the world and try to search the website, which followers are increasing day by day and then they share his interest with site content. 

They provide assistance to optimize the site with ads. Now you have to choose, which ad agency is best for your site content. 

These ads agency gives money to his publisher by CPC, CPM, PPC etc.  

The number of top bloggers is working worldwide. His earning is marvelous and energetic for the new blogger. 

I have searched several sites and collected the details of blogger, that sites are attracting people and share valuable and good content among them. 

These bloggers inspired me to start blogging online and write unique and valuable content for our followers.

Top Traffic Generator Blog, Blogger, Make Money Online
How to earn money online
I am not very sure but the earning of these bloggers will be awesome. Searched the traffic of his site and get decent results. 

This traffic will generate decent money by Adsense and other Ad Agency Ads.

Here I only share the daily traffic report of the below-given site. You have to assume about the income of these sites owner. Now, look Top 11 Bloggers From World.

1. Gothamist - Owner of this site is Jake Dobkin. This site receives traffic from US, UK, Canada, Germany and other countries.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 141000.

2. Life Hacker - The owner of the site is Gina Trapani. The traffic of site comes from Europe-ion Countries.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 443000.

3. Techcrunch - Owner of the site is Mr. Michael Arrington. Similarly, traffic comes from Europe-ion Countries. 44% traffic comes from the USA.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 449300

4. SmartPassiveIncome - Site owner is PatFlynn and earning based on Affiliate commission. The site content is not very vast and pathetic for readers. 

They increase the motivation to go to other pages. 41% traffic comes from the USA and 12% from India.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 39115

5. Problogger - This site owner is Darren Rowse and his earning is very good. The content of the blog is written in simple English and everybody can understand the meaning. 

Major traffic comes from USA - 32%.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 48644

6. Steve Pavlina - The site owner name is Steve Pavlina. The maximum interaction of visitors is from the USA. That is 43%.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 14700

Top Indian Emerging Blogger And Site Traffic.

7. ShoutMeloud - Harsh Agarwal is the owner of the site. The earning based on affiliate marketing and other resources. His traffic strength is unique and motivational.   

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 208300

8. - Arun Prabhudesai is the owner of the site. He updates the site with new and unique content. All post is well equipped with depth knowledge and investigation. They gain 89% traffic from India.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 37800

9 SaveDelete - Owner name is Jaspal Singh. Blog share information of technology and mobile update. This site receives 33% traffic from India. Very good information has shared about technology.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 18498

10. DevilsWorkshop - Rahul Bansal is the owner of the site. Content-based on internet and technology. He started to write the blog in 2006. Maximum traffic comes from India.

Daily Visitors Traffic is - 2600

11. Tips2secure - Owner is Suresh Kumar. Content is good and capable to attract traffic internationally. Maximum traffic comes from India.

 Daily Visitors Traffic is - 9800

These are the list of emerging blogger and his blog traffic. Traffic details may vary, so do not take it finally, this is approximate visitors traffic report for you.

How You Can Make Money From Blogging -

Blogging is part of passion. If you are creative and want to start to express your views with people of the world. Blogging is the right platform for you. Share your new ideas and concept and get recognition worldwide.

When people take interest in your content or blog. Traffic will be increased day by day. The number of methods is available to earn money online by blogging. 

The best is affiliate marketing. You can easily track the effective keyword for your promotional product. The visitor quantity and quality is unique in this marketing.

You can start to get affiliate code of those products, which are most demanding and relevant for your blog content. Like - get a tech affiliate special code for a technology blog.

CPM Advertising - This is the best technique to earn money online. If your blog receives good traffic then this advertisement technique generate money through impression and clicks on ads. 

The very simple method to start working on this is to get Adsense code from Google and paste the code in right place. Ads will run directly after getting the approval from the company.

Advertisement Through Banner - Number of reputed sites are available for the publisher to book the space of the blog if the blog complete the minimum traffic criteria then they approve the site and book the space for that particular company ads.

PPC - This is the option available with those Ad agencies, which provide ads for the site and help to generate money if any visitors click on the ads. This way are generally use Google Adsense Ads

You will have to get approval from Adsense and follow up his TOS, otherwise, they can terminate your ads approval with immediate effect.

The number of others Ads agency also provide Pay Per Click option to generate revenue online. This is up to you, which ad agency is beneficial and serve the ads as per your site content.

The most important thing should not be avoided. If you sell the product on your blog and you are reviewing the product, first use it then write your comment on that. 

The other important points are that your site fulfills all SEO criteria. This will help to crawl site frequently and indexing blog post fast in the search engine.

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9 Tips To Load Your Website Page Faster And Score 90 Plus

Friends, as you know that a website Page Load Speed is very important to beat your competitor and improve crawling of site content by the search engine. The minimum time is taken to upload your page enhance the authenticity of your blog and help to improve ranking in Google Search Engine. 

Basically, it is a part of SEO process. The number of searching tools is available to update about the current status of website ranking as well as speed analysis of your site.

What Is Page Speed and Google Recommended Page Load Time, SEO

I would like to share my personal experience about my site analysis. I did not care about SEO process, just write the content and post on my blog Todayfirstevent

But day by day number of page viewers decreased. I could not understand the basic problem of the site.

After written 67 plus blog post, I thought to learn about the process of SEO and faster page load technique. So, first of all, search the best platform to judge about the actual position of site score and status of the page.

The best site, I found was and When I searched my site on gtmetix analyze section, I was surprised that my score was very poor and that was ‘D’ in page speed and ‘E’ in Yslow. 

The number of errors was reflecting. These errors are helping to reduce score and create the obstacle to uplift my site ranking in Google search and crawling autonomic.

Here I would like to clarify that if your site is not optimized according to Google optimization technique. It is very difficult to crawl properly.

So, a site owner should properly analyze the navigation of the site and should amend according to Search Engine Optimization techniques. 

When you completely make your site with SEO technique, that will help to increase organic traffic on your site. 

It has been found that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To start optimization of blog or site, check your site score by SEO tools. The best way to use given tools for best results.

(A) - This site is very helpful for me to analyze my present status of site health and provided all point details of correction on my site. So, question and solution, both are available here. Your error correction guideline is given on this site. You can check site health by 

The site will provide Server, Page, Resources complete details category wise. Now it is upon you for utilizing these techniques smoothly.

(B) - Another very helpful site to analyze your site. You will get here the details of the error and can correct it smoothly with available tools. 

When I checked my site score on, that was ‘D’ and ‘E’, after correction in the inputs, the score improved from ‘D’ to ‘B’ and ‘E’ to ‘B’. 

Load time of my site was near about 28.1 seconds and now it is 1.9-second average. 

This could be only possible due to correction of error and follow up the recommendation of Gtmetrix.

ideal page load time, google page speed ranking, SEO Score 90 Plus
Gtmetrix Score Of Todayfirstevent

(C) - This is the very good site to check the speed of the page. The recommendation of the amendment is given below of your site score. 

Go with this and correct it according to given information. You will defiantly get good results to speed up page loading. 

Time will be reduced also. In starting time my page score was 60 to 65 and page load time was very high in Pingdom, Now performance grade is ‘B’ with score 85, load time is 1.37s and faster than 82% of the tested site. 

This is not best but good in all respect.

pagespeed pingdom, SEO score 90 Plus, Site PageSpee A
Pingdom Score Of Todayfirstevent
What are the Tips to reduce page load time -     

After the complete analysis, I would like to recommend the below-given correction.

1. Fix your site 400 and 404 error.

2. Minimize redirect pages count.

3. Minify all Javascript and CSS file.

4. Minify HTML, if required.

5. Enable Gzip compression.

6. Optimize images. (use JPG file for image and optimize size by the optimizer, the image size should not be more than 10KB if the image is perfect. Otherwise, you can choose as per your convenient. But you should avoid the large size of an image file).

7. Merge the number of JS and CSS links.

8. Prefer to modify the Synchronize link to Asynchronize link for faster load.

9. Avoid framed image for the site.

These points correction helps to reduce load time. Now I share some important site here to help to correct the above give points.

Use ‘’ to compress Javascript, CSS and HTML files on one click, ‘tools.dynamicdrive.comfor image optimizer, ‘’ for the merger of JS file.

I have used these sites to end the error points.

Know about your Site SEO error points.

Basically, I do not know about the SEO, its utilization, and benefits for the website. I used a site to know about the score. The results were very poor and that was demanding more correction and rectification on site. 

Page speed is necessary but SEO correction is also important to get organic traffic from search engine. So, I started to work on it. The basic points, which are important to get the high score is given below. 

This improvement drastically changes your site visibility in search engine and Google Analytic will give good results of page viewers.

(A) Meta Title should be placed correctly with the keyword.

(B) The meta description should be given with keyword.

(C) Keyword placement on the page.

(D) H1 and H2 heading is necessary.

(E)  Robot.txt file and Sitemap should be placed properly.

(F)  No broken links

(G) Image Property should be filed with alt attribute text and add the caption.

(H) Google analytic, favicon and social media attachment will improve the score.

(I)  The site should be Mobile friendly for users. The number of visitors uses Smartphone to search the site. Every site owner should know that a mobile optimization is important.

Speed Optimization Conclusion

Other important points are necessary is ‘Speed Optimization’. Google always prefer the page load speed, the first byte is very important, Crawling of full pages depends upon the page spend time. 

Google already provide tools for indexing by ‘Fetch And Render’ option in webmaster. But I think that this help to avoid crawling. 

The best way is that search engine automatically goes to website content and crawl the content and index that.

Here I explained all thinks, which I faced during the correction of error and make my site user and SEO friendly with high-speed loading. 

Here I would like to suggest that use the tools which are available in Google Search to short out the error part.

I think this article help to reduce page load time and will get the high score in SEO.