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6 Best Website Hosting Service Plan, Review, Advice

Hosting is a space, which you purchase and pay rent to host your site. Without hosting your site will not be seen by anyone. When your site park on server, the service provider company assign a unique DNS. 

This will be the address of your site to see worldwide. Specific address required to see the website or blog by the people and hosting provider company given to your site.

Which is the best Hosting And Free Tools Provider 2017

The basic concept of hosting is just like your computer hardware. If you want to save your file in the computer, that means file save in hard disc and asses-able only, if open the same computer

Here hosting service provider given space on a worldwide searchable hard disk as per your demand and save data online, but this will be asses-able from anywhere.  

The number of companies provides space in the package. The space increase according to receive traffic on site.  

It is very important to choose the best hosting company. If opt anyone and service are not up to the mark, then your time and effort will be gone in vain.

Web Hosting For Small Business, Lowest Hosting Package, Hosting Taken Precaution
Best Hosting Providing Company Worldwide
What happens If Choose Wrong Hosting Company?

I would like to share my personal experiences with the wrong choosing a hosting company. I started my site earlier and select domain name too. 

Now I purchased hosting from a reputed company. I was not aware of the negative and positive points of hosting services. 

The person, who analysis my website traffic and suggested a hosting package. I agreed with his statement and paid the money.

Now my site was working fine. I started to write the post and share on social media, obviously, my traffic increased day by day. After 10 ten days suddenly I checked my site, the message was reflecting that “ Cross the limit, Contact Service Provider”, I am not able to remember exact message, but that was just like this. 

I contacted my service provider and said that I have opted unlimited space offer and my site is closed due to insufficient space. Why? 

They said that don’t worry, we resolve this issue. After 2 to 3 hr. Again my site has been up. But this issue comes again and again and affected by site traffic and time.

This type of problems hamper your creativity and spend the maximum time to resolve these technical issues. So, be careful before opting hosting company for your site.

Points To Be Remember Before Choosing The Hosting Company Are -

1.  No hidden cost (clearly mention, what they will be given)

2.  Provide free domain

3.  Clarify unlimited space package

4.  Money back guarantee

5.  24 hr. Online support.

6.  Assure about site protection, if use multiple servers

7.  Assume about 99% up-time

8.  Inform about the latest features and knowledge support.

9.  Provide cPanel or Plesk with the password.

10. Scalability - for customization of the site

11. Malware and Spam protect with site certification.

These are the points, which help to choose the best hosting company.

Best hosting company for the site -   

1. Godaddy - This is a good and supportive hosting company. Reputation is very good worldwide. They provide 24X7 support system to entertain your issue instantly. 

They assure to provide 99.9% uptime with superior performance in load time.

Plan start with 99 Rs./month and given 30 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth. It is up to you to judge, is it sufficient for your site traffic.

2. Hostgator -  This is another well known hosting service provider company. Starting to given unmetered bandwidth in approximately $3.95/month. Good support and install in one click. Amazing!

3. Bluehost - This is a renowned hosting company. Founder of the company is Matt Heaton. Started in 2003. Its sister companies are iPage, HostMonster, FastDomain. 

You can get hosting in only Rs. 209/month. They will provide unlimited space, bandwidth, domain and email accounts.   

4. SiteGround - Company started in 2004 and more than 5 lakh domain is hosting till date. They are providing shared and cloud hosting. 

Great support provided to WordPress and Joomla based site. Basic plan starts with $3.95/month with providing 10 GB space, suitable for 10000 visits monthly.

5. - You can be started to host your site at a very low cost. They providing 20 GB storage capacity with 50000 monthly visitors and 5 email account in Rs. 59/month. 

A support system is best. I use the service of BigRock for my other site. I am happy with the support system. They help you with proper description and details.

6. FatCow - They are a good service provider. The rate list is very clear and added more features for customers. They are providing unlimited disc space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited mailboxes. 

Perfect hosting and domain provider for the small business website. Plan price is $38/year, set up free, domain free, money back guarantee for 30 days.

The service provider has given unlimited disc space, bandwidth, domain, and e-mail account for the site. 24X7 support on phone and chat. This unique and appreciable hosting company.

What is Final Conclusion -

Several hosting provider companies are available online. It is very difficult to choose one of them. I use Godaddy & BigRock for my site and both are the best supportive.

Here I would like to quote that I have given the price and other details of hosting provider product as given on the site. The plan price and other details may be changed. Please visit on site for latest update

The basic points of discussion are how to choose best. First, you have to decide the need for your site and what is the maximum traffic strength as well as data transfer capacity. What data is consuming during image uploading? 

The analysis will be helpful to take the decision, which company is providing the best offer to you.

Search some knowledge blog, which defines the function and working process of hosting tools like SQL database, CGI directory, Multi GB connection, FTP access, cPanel details etc. 

These are the tools, which work. If the site owner knows about the basic concept and function. That will help to understand the benefit provided by the service provider. 

They can counter if something wrong will be going on.

These are the best details of hosting provided service is given to you. Share your ideas and view, if it.

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