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Coffee is a drink. It is very famous in some country and people are taking it for good health and improve the immunity power. It slightly hard from Tea. This is beneficial for health if you take as per the need of the body. 

Advantage And Disadvantage For Health To Drink Coffee

Different type of coffee are available in the market, the number of countries is exporting coffee product to others on surplus production. The land and atmosphere play an important role in good production.  

Type Of Coffee Are Available?

Coffee has been divided into two parts. First made with milk and Second without using milk. Espresso, Cappuccino coffee is very famous. Espresso is a technique. That technique uses to release hot water or milk on coffee bins with excess pressers. That is the reason to create more foam during making the Espresso coffee. Cappuccino, Latte is famous to make it with milk.

Test of coffee is unique. Latte coffee releases a good amount of foam. The restaurant serves this coffee with decoration and uses foam portion for this. Those people who want to make coffee without using milk, they can use Short Black, Long Black, Viana, and Ristretto coffee.

Countries Use Different Way Of Making

Vietnam prepares coffee with egg. They prepare it with hot milk, sugar, egg. Finland serves coffee with chiz. Morocco makes coffee with bins, sesame, and black pepper. The different country uses a different method of preparation.

Benefit To Drink Coffee

If you drink coffee on regular basis then this will protect you from two types of cancer. World health organization has mentioned this line in the expert report. This report has been published in Lancet Oncology. The basic concept is given that coffee work as a Catalyst and reduce the possibilities of cancer, dementia stroke, and Parkinson.

The report also has given consent on excess consumption of coffee. It is mentioned in that, excess coffee improve heartbeat, stomach problems etc. So, you should be taken care of.

As per the report, you can take a maximum of 2 to 3 cup coffee for the whole day. Excess coffee also reduces your hunger and will improve cholesterol level.

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Coffee For Health Benefit

Interesting Points On Coffee

Coffee introduced in India in the 16th century. Indian people say that Baba Budan has introduced this drink. They tested the coffee during the visit to Makka. They carried some seeds and prepared coffee. Served to some people. After that this drink got popularity.

The first invention was done by Ethiopian shepherd.

Coffee is very much popular among Indian and Italian people. This is a very good product to refresh you and energize to move forward. Coffee is the biggest source of Antioxidants in the western diet. This is also helpful to reduce your depression.

Overall, limited consumption will be helpful for health. Share this content if you like and give the opinion in the comment box.

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