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Create Website, Learn HTML, CSS, PHP, Language, Get Job

Website development is different from engineering. It is a passion and skill for the young generation. You can learn it with the degree and start your own professional business for the establishment of the career.

It was very difficult to collect the basic knowledge of website development in past. Nobody was aware of the use and making the process of the website.

Now they know the basic concept of this tools and Google has played a big role to provide the basic and practical knowledge platform for young generations.

How To Crete Website On Free Platform, Make E-commerce Site

Internet use has increased the online transaction and developed the advertisement process. 

That was the main reason to raise the demand for the skilled website developer. 

Previously, everyone says that this is the work of engineers but today it is only a professional course and everybody can learn to improve his candidature.

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Create Website On Free Platform 

Get Employment

Today is the digital era and every company wants to have own website. That will be enhanced the demand for skilled web developers. Companies are using the technique to reduce the time of delivery to compete in the market. 

The website will also help to improve the visibility of company product and services among the people. That is the best tools for advertisement too.

So, this is the opportunity for the professional to fulfill the demand for a skilled web developer and that is possible to learn the technique of web development.

Government organization always create the requirement for the web professional like NIC etc.

Freelancing is the other way to get the job with this skill. You can get the job to develop the website on the demand of the company. 

The number of platforms is available like -,, This platform is very helpful to provide jobs.

Employer thought has been changed today, they give the preference to those candidates, who are professional and technically skilled. Computer knowledge is essential as well as the demand of the private and government industry. So, web development skill will help you to catch the opportunity.

How To Learn This Technique?

First of all, you have to learn some languages related to the internet. The number of techniques is available free for learning.

The main language is HTML. That plays a big role to make the site. CSS is the other important language to help to design the website and JavaScript help to prepare the website as per your demand.

Jquery help in using JavaScript easily. This three language help to make a static website.

If you want to make the website like Flipkart, facebook then you will be made the dynamic website. You will also know about the language of the server. This will be tough for the non-technical person, but you have to learn it.  

Another point is to know about the language and technique on the website linking to the server. The number of languages is available to link your website to the server. 

Which language should be used will be depended on business, technique and economical reason. JavaScript is also in demand with PHP. Companies are choosing the PHP language for the easiest and fast process.

You can not imagine making your site to opt for these languages only. E-commerce website generally uses PHP language. PHP based Wordpress is using a content management framework. 

Basically, WordPress is famous for blogging but now this platform used to make other commercial websites too.

Drupal is another platform for the website. Its language is tough and takes time to learn in depth. This is a good platform for site creation.  

Easy Technique To Learn PHP, CSS Language.

The best way to learn the technique and languages is to use the website making platform. Another way to pay money to any institution and learn online.

The number of courses is available today in universities and engineering colleges. They give basic knowledge regarding this. To get the advance and depth knowledge, you can join professional courses.

Every day, changes are coming in technology, so you have to update yourself according to this.

Get More Knowledge About Website Making On Below Sites

Develop A Free E-commerce Website Site

Free platforms are available to start the E-commerce website. You can make your site to use these platform. Both platform Prestashop & Opencart are developed in PHP, but the working process is different from each other. 

You can be master on it if you try to know about the working process. These platform help to start your own online business.

The other important points are that you have to know about the technique to save your data online and important to know about MYSQL. Online tutorials are available for it.

The free platform to build a website

All details are given above is based on the creation of the website. Now it is very important to know about the learning platform. 

These platforms can be used to build the website - Wix, Weebly, Webs, Webnode, Jimdo, Sprout Builder, Viviti. (Search On Google).

If you want to start to make the website from the blogging platform. Then use & These two platform is the best and easiest to handle. If you are not expert then start with

Important Checking Points To Build A Website

The important point should be necessary to know before starting the website or blog. These are - Page Navigation, SEO, Fast Page Uploading, Image Optimization, Content Writing, Analytic, Meta Description techniques. 

Be careful when opting the template for your blog. Check the loading speed of the template. The minimum (3second) time taking will help to improve the traffic on site.

The best way to read the tutorial and top blogger content to know the basic concept of the above-given technique. 

Generally, people start to make the website or blog and try to rectify the error, but that time they face problem to resolve the issues.

If they take care in the initial phase they will smoothly work on it. This is my personal experience.

Now start your blog or website for your personal and commercial uses.

Share the content if like it. Give your feedback through the comment box to improve the content quality.

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