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How To Find iPhone, Without Find My Phone

iPhone is a costly device and if you have purchased a new device then you will be careful about that. It will be a bad day when you lost it. The number of instruments is available to search the lost iPhone, but you have to know about that.

If you have lost your iPhone and want to come back from this situation. You have to opt for the below-given tricks to find the phone. Your problem will be resolved with these tips.

How To Track Lost iPhone Online, Take Help Of iCloud, Apps

You have to set the ‘Find My iPhone’ app option. Then your device broadcast its presence through the internet. In that situation, you have to go to ‘’ from other IOS device.

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Search Your Device

How To Find Phone On IOS device?

First of all, go on the ‘Find My Phone’ option through other IOS device. Now open the app and put your Apple ID and Password. You will see a compass and there will be written ‘Locating On The Display, Is The iPhone Tracks The Location Of Your Device’. Now you can search the device location when Tap on the map.

You have to put your iPhone in ‘lost mode’ by iPhone model and IOS version. You can erase it too. That process will save your data.

How To Find iPhone Through “iCloud”?

Now go on ‘” through your PC or MAC and give your Apple ID and Password. Now click on find phone option. You have to wait till find the location of your iPhone device.

When you received the location details, then a green point will be reflected.

Now zoom in and see the location. Again you will get the new option, which will be helped you to find the phone, that is sound play. That will help to know, in which place you have left the phone in your home.

These tips are good to locate the actual place. Some preparation should be in advance, that means when your device is with you. User ID and Password should be checked and keep it in searchable location.

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