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Morgan Stanley headquarter is situated in New York City. It the largest financial institution and provides investment and banking services worldwide. Presently it is running with offices in 42 countries. It assessment report is important and valuable for countries.

Morgan, Moody Expected India May Be Third Largest Economy Of World

This organization is running in three important and valuable business segment,
That segments are - Investment, Wealth and Security. 

All these three play the important role of any running business house and institutions.

After Magnetization in India, the economic condition was in the doldrums. Somebody says that the market will not sustain in the future and others say that it is good for the growth of the country. 

India’s financial institution Niti Aayog assured about the positive growth of the Indian economy in the future.

Now recently the world famous financial institution Morgan Stanley said that commodities import improvement is reflecting the amendment of economic growth in the next quarter (2013 To 2014).

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Morgan & Moody's Investor Service Office
The second feedback came from the largest financial institution, Moody. They also recognize and expect that uni-formation in the Telcom sector will increase competition among them in the next 12 to 18 month. 

That will be directly benefited the Indian customer.

This assessment has been proved by the recent free trial of Reliance Jio Scheme. Every Telcom company has reduced their price and improved the quality of service.

Morgan Stanley report is very positive for the Indian Economy. That report increases the positive energy in Indian people and they will assure himself that the future will be bright. 

The report also assured that the export section will be strong and will get positive support. They said that the consumption of the product has improved that is the good sign.

According to the report, the export percentage (from 25.67% to 28.61% Arab Dollar) has improved. Import section has also recorded quality improvement in percentage (from 18.09% To 37.6%).

What Is Niti AAyog Opinion?

Magnetization impacted the economics of India, but Niti Aayog was sure that the effect will be reduced and set a new landmark of growth. They assessed that the GDP growth should be 7.5 in 2018.

They said that government support should be given to appreciate the growth of the economy. Extra expenses should only be used to improve productivity.

Overall news is very good for the people of India. This economic improvement will stand India as the third largest economy in the coming 10 years.

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