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4 Best Blogging Platform - Compare To Select

Do you want to start your blog to write and share view and ideas? If you are the new user and do not know about the blogging, first spent the time to learn about the post of top blogger. They will be given tips to know about the basic facts about the popular, personal, professional and E-commerce supportive blogging platform. 

They will be given his own choosing method. 

Popular Personal, Professional, E-commerce Blogging Platforms

The best blog worldwide are,,

Blogging is the best way to write a post with good content and thoughts. Every platform has some decent features for users. It is upon you to choose one of the best as per your requirement.

So, many free Blogging Platforms are available to start the blog online. They provide support to the new user to understand the process. 

The article link provides them to learn about the process and share knowledge to proceed for the next step with details.

No technical knowledge required to make a blog or site. Blogging platform will provide step by step guide to help you. All setup are ready, you have to add, your concept and features on the site.

The big question is how people will know about your site. A big platform for social media is available online for you. 

Start to promote content and services on own social media platform. That will improve traffic on site. The traffic on the site will increase when visitors will comment and share your blog post.

Site making is the easiest process. The very important part is that you have to make the site SEO friendly. Your site should be score 80% in SEO (search engine optimization) test. That help to generate organic traffic.

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Select Your Best Platform For Blogging
Organic traffic means, your site receives visitors from Google Search Engine. That traffic will be the best traffic for a blog or site. 

The organic traffic is the base, because visitors come from the search engine is needy and search his content. 

It is your responsibility to support him through serving the content in depth as well as visitor got the solution by your content.

Before starting your blog or site, first, make the concept of use and what you want to serve. The site should be according to your need. You can start with the blog, site, e-commerce site, fashion site etc.

The blog can be used to write the content, the site can be used to display the heading and content in a limited way, the e-commerce site can be used to display the selling product with price, cart, details on the first page. 

So, first think about your need and choose the platform according to that.

Let's start to know about the Blogging Platform -

1. - This is a 100% free platform. All facility provide to you by for free. This is the best platform for the new blogger. 

The concept is very clear and simple to use it. You can learn to blog on this.

To use this free platform, you have to make a g-mail account. Start to enter in by the “Create Your Blog” option and use G-mail account to log in it. 

They will provide guidelines to opt for the name of the blog, uploading the template step by step. Give the correct information according to the demand and publish your site in the air.

Take care to choose the name of the blog. If you opt the keyword (famous in Google search) that will be beneficial for organic traffic. 

Rest information can be as per your choice.

2. Wordpress.Com - This platform is tough for the new blogger to be familiar. This is a very famous platform for bloggers. 

Actually, this platform provides some advanced tools for blogger support. Some decent tools like the plugin, Tagging are very good to compete with the SEO criteria. 

If you are a professional blogger or want to be a professional, this platform will help to support your dream.

The basic difference between & is, the blogger gets support from Google and provides the free service for users on the personal domain (.com, .in etc), but if you use WordPress platform, you will have to arrange personal domain as well as server to support it.

The number of Top Blogger shifted his blog from to Wordpress due to minimum tools facilities.

The same process will be adopted to create the blog as given above. Just open site and press “Get Started”. Click on “Start With A Blog” and give site name in search box. 

You can opt the given name option with domain. Now move forward to start the blog. 

This platform also provides the option to start the E-commerce website. Blogger platform does not provide this type of option.

3.  Tumblr - Tumblr is the third best platform for you. No additional cost will be bared to use this. Just start to write content and choose the topic, now press button to air the content. Everything is available with social media sharing tools to boost the blog content.

Tumblr is so easy to use but hard to explain to you. Its features are amazing and very supportive. 

The unique features they added it to “Reblog it to your own Blog” option with your commentary. They provide to use ‘Text’, ‘Photo’, ‘Quote’, ‘Link’, ‘Chat’, ‘Audio’, ‘Video’.

The two option is available to enter. ‘Login and Get Started’, if you already have your account then go to log in and if new then opt ‘Get Started’. This platform is free for you.

4. Webs - Basically this platform support to make the website. They will provide a free template and tutorial to run the website smoothly. 

To start the website make your account in G-mail and enter mail id, select site name, opt site type - business, group, online store as you want, now select theme from given option and press the button “Create My Site”. They will process your request at the minute.

The company will give you the option for up-gradation to look at a professional site. It is upon you to choose the premium account or not.

This platform has been used by me to create a blog. So, I have shared my own experience with you. Now it is upon you to adopt the best services.

 So, smile and start your professional or personal blog today. Share this content with colleague and friends.

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