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Digitization is the demand for growth. The technical sound country looks at development work and spends less time to end the project with accuracy. The USA is an example of it. The government of India is also working on the digitization and serve a concept of “Make Digital India”.

Open SAP Training & Certification, Admission, Online Course

Digital India means everything connects with technique and provides massive data for final judgment at any point.

If you talk to the present scenario, every field has increased the network. Society and organization are effecting by this network. Employee and customer relationship is changing with time.

Change in the market has given pressure to change management skill. This change has increased the power of employee and customer in the market, they aware of his benefit and that is the main reason to know the actual position of the market.

It is challenging for those students, who are making his carrier in Business Management, they are unable to understand the trend of the market and don’t know ‘how they will perform with positive aspect’ as well as they are unable to decide that how to place the right product to right people.

That situation is giving more challenge to the marketing executive to sell the product to the customer in a good manner and ethics. To sell the product they should know about the leadership quality and excellence of work.

A platform ‘Massive Open Online’ is providing an online course “Open SAP” for the student. This is the two-week course.

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Open SAP, Digitization Course & Network

How This Course Is?

This course designed to know the impact of digitization on our Network, Society, Leadership and Work Culture. You will know how personal intelligence move for group intelligence. You will analyze the culture and will know the impact on society.

This is the two-week course and you can compete with 3 to 4 hours of study. Basically, this course is open for 4 weeks and you can adjust your time to compete for the course as per your convenient.

Learning Course

This course was designed to provide good knowledge in depth of this field in less time. You will read ‘Management Of Unpredictability” in the first week, “Future of Leadership & Work” in the second week. The learning materials provide ‘Next Practice’ to the student.   

Eligibility Points

This course is available for those candidates, who want to make the carrier as a business professional. That will help the student of ‘Human Resource Practitioner’.

Not any criteria are fixed to doing this course.

How To Get Admission?

If you want to do this course. First, open an account in “Open SAP’. This course is free of cost and everyone can take the admission online. You will have to be submitted Video Unit, Self Test, Discussion Forum and Weekly Assignment.

You can participate in the discussion forum with learning. The other plus point is that can compete for the course on your mobile phone too. The app is available on the Google Play Store with the name of ‘Open SAP’.

How To Get Certificate?

You will get the certificate. If get overall 50% marks. Final examination pass marks are 50% too. Record of achievement will be given to you.

If you compete to read 50% parts of the reading material, they can get
confirmation of participation”.    

Read the details carefully.

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