6 Most Expensive Office Spaces, Rent, CBRE Report 2017

Everyone knows about Rent. This is the expanse, which pays to occupy some space for business, for the living and another purpose. Rent defined by the owner of the house. Rent expenses are different in every country and depend upon the importance of the area. 

If an area is populated and the person knows the commercial value, the rent will decide accordingly.

Global Prime Office Rent Survey Report For Most Expensive Rent

It is very interesting to know about the Global prime office rent report. Which places are the most expansive for office spaces?

1. Honk Kong - Chinese companies demand the workplace in Hong Kong. They pay the Hugh amount to occupy the space. The limited space in prime location creates the hick in price rate and value of space. 

The availability has pushed up annual prices per desk in Hong Kong by 5.5%. The actual cost per year is $27431.

2. London West End - London is the best place for the businessman and professionals. This is also the very costly town for you and has to pay a big amount if you want to start your own business. 

The property price high day by day. The cost per desk in the west end dropped 19%. Since last year due to the fall in the value of the pound following the EU referendum. 

The cost per desk is $22665.

3. Tokyo - Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan and is established systemically. Japan uses the latest technology to upgrade the old to new. 

Tokyo is headquarters to some of Japan's best-known business, including Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and GangHo Online Entertainment. 

The cost per desk is $18111.

4. Fair-field Country - This city is located in Ohio. This is a very nice and beautiful city. Several notable deals have closed this year and broker are viewing and hopeful for the coming year with optimism, that year is 1918. 

This is the good business hub for big players. The cost per desk is $17414.

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Most Expensive Office Spaces, Rent, CBRE Report 2017
5. San Francisco - This city is also a good spot for the businessman. A lot of new companies and support system is available in this city. 

Lucrative look and systematic making are very helpful for you to start a business here. Uber and Airbnb’s headquarters on the west coast, San Francisco is home to one of the most expensive office rent in the US. 

The cost per desk is $16205.

New York City - the Big city of USA. Famous in the world for its look. This is the very expensive city of United State Of America. Living and Education are very costly in New York. 

Infrastructure is very good and attractive for business houses. Every communication is available for the new business owner. 

You have to expand a good amount to start a new business in this city. 

Diversified economy makes NYC a Hotspot for investors, Several of the trophy building in the financial district and Central Midtown in Manhattan found new owners among the big buyers of office space in NYC. 

The cost per desk is $15931.
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