How To Drive Car, Safe Driving Tips, Rule And Regulation

Driving is enhanced joy and happiness in person, who want to go on a long drive. So, many people drive the car as a passion. You can also make the program for the trip by own vehicle. That may be any vehicle. 

Long drive gives you pleasure and reduces the stress from a long and continuous working culture. The best enjoyment you will receive If go with your family members. 

The place should be your choice.

Safety Rules While Driving Car On India Road - Basic Points

You know that every employee and bosses are working in the stress. They rejuvenate himself through driving, swimming, playing.

But they know about the safety measures. They follow the rule and regulations during completing the courses.

Driving is one of the best tools to relax your mind, laziness and reduce stress. Some basic point you will be taken care of driving the car.

The government of India has enforced the rules of the road regulations in July 1989. That is continuing.

What Are The Tips Of Safety To Drive The Car -

These points should follow the driver during driving the vehicle.

1. Keep Left - The driver shall drive the vehicle as close to the left-hand side of the road. 

They should allow all traffic which is proceeding in the opposite direction to pass on his right-hand side.

2. Turning To Left And Right - When the driver is turning to left, the drive may be as close as to the left-hand side of the road from which he is making the turn and of the road, which he is entering. 

When they take the right turn, they may be to the center of the road along which he is traveling.

3. Passing To The Right - The driver of the car should pass to the right of all traffic proceeding in the same direction as himself.

4. Passing To The Left - The driver may pass to the left of a vehicle, the driver of which has indicated an intention to turn to the right has drawn to the center of the road and may pass on either side.

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Safe Driving Tips By Car

Overtaking Prohibited In Certain Case By Driver -

The driver of the car shall not pass a vehicle, traveling in the same direction as himself -

* If his passing is likely to cause inconvenience or danger to other traffic proceedings in any direction.

* If he is near a point, a bend or corner or a bill or other obstruction of any kind that renders the road ahead not clearly visible.

* If he knows that the driver who is following him has begun to overtake him.

* If the driver ahead of him has not signaled that he may be overtaken.

Overtaking not to be obstructed -

Car driver shall not, when being overtaken or being passed by another vehicle, increase speed or do anything in any way to prevent the other vehicle from passing him.

Caution At Road Junction - Driver shall slow down the speed, when approaching a road intersection, junction, corner, they should not be entered in any such intersection to safe the journey.

Ambulance And Fire Service vehicle shall give the preference to allow it free passage by drawing to the side of the road.       

No driver shall take “U” turn, where ‘U’ turn is prohibited. If ‘U’ turn is allowed the driver should show signal by hand. 

They should be used signals, direction indicator. These tips will safe the car driver and common people, who walk on the road for his work.

Proper Parking - This is a great task for the driver. The car should be properly parked and should not be created the obstruction for other vehicle owners. They should be used in the Pre-decided car parking place.

One Way Traffic - Driver should be very careful about the instruction is given or flashed on board from the roadside. If they know from the sideboard that road is declared “One Way”, they should not be moved to that side. 

They also avoid driving the card in a reverse direction into a road designed “One Way’.

Stop Sign On Road Surface - According to the rule, a line mark on the road to understanding to stop the car in an actual place. You should follow the stop sign on the road surface to place the car. 

This will reduce the chances of accident and helpful to policy to control the traffic.

Driving On Channelized Road - Where any road is marked by lanes for movement of traffic smoothly, the driver of the car should be driven within the lane and change of lane only after giving proper signal. 

Yellow line dividing road, the vehicle proceeding in the same direction trying to overtake each other should not be crossed to each other.

Use The Horns And Silence Zones - You should not use the horn in the silence zone. The continuous and needlessly sound is also prohibited. 

They shall not make use of a cut-out by which exhaust gases are released other than through the silencer. Harsh, shrill, loud sound is not allowed in a silence zone.

Follow The Traffic Sign And Police Instructions - Traffic policy knows very well about the rule and regulation. You should be proper care about the instruction as given by them.

If the sign has given for your movement, you should follow the rules. That rule is making for you.

During car driving, you should maintain the distance from other vehicles, which is running in front of your vehicle. The brake should be used as per necessity. The speed of the vehicle should be in your control.

It is necessary for you to keep all the relevant documents in your vehicle. Your driving license, pollution certificate, owner book, insurance copy should be available to see the authority during vehicle checking. 

If the vehicle has purchased from the third party then the vehicle transfer paper is also required.

These are the tips to drive the car with safety measures and follow the rule and regulations. If you like the post, please share with your colleagues and write the comment in comment box.  

Best Of Luck!

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