Windows 10: How To Track PC Activity By Simple Method

This is a good question. It is very necessary to know that how your personal PC track your important data. When you talk about the technology then all your activity track and save. Most of the companies track your activity on PC through various tools. They convince the users through a different method.

Companies official says that these data will be used to improve the service of customers or users. They record your all activity by PC. 

When you open the file, visit the website, work on windows and use applications, everything record by the companies. 

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Windows 10 Track PC

Except for all these things, window prepares the list of program, which uses by you during work.

But it is good for you that can see your past data and delete it as per convenience.

What Is The Role Of Windows 10 In Data Collection?

Actually, personal data collection is the very sensitive issue for users. Any lick-age can create the problem. Companies should be used safety measures.

Windows 10 track your data through browsing history, search history, location data, voice command. If anybody uses Microsoft band then information store in that too. 

Except for all these things, so many other tools are also used to track your record by the companies. That collect data from your PC and other applications. 

Companies opinion is that they use these data to improve the facility, quality and serve content according to the need of users.

How You Can See Your Past Activity On PC?

This is very simple to see your past activity. What you have searched, website searching details, day by day searching activity may know. 

The best way to see the past history of your activity on PC, then go on setting option, after that go with privacy activity history and click on manage my activity info.

When seeing the browser window then log in your account. Now can see the status of data categorically.

How To Delete History Data In Windows 10?

If you think that data should not be collected by the companies. Then you can delete the history of data completely. 

It is upon you, what you want to share with others.

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Clear Browsing Data Option 

First of all go on setting option, now on privacy and then click on activity history. 

A clear button will be there, you have to only click on that. After some time, all data will be deleted from history.

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Do not track option available in a browser 

If you want to block the data collection activity, then turn off the option “Let Windows Collect My Activity”.

Final Conclusion

All tools are available to restrict or share the data with Windows 10. You have to take the decision. 

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