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Diwali Festival: History, Story, Significance, Quotes, SMS

People light lamps when site come back to Ayodhya with Rama after a long time. The people of Ayodhya celebrate this occasion as Diwali. They enlighten and clean the house. This is the biggest festival of the Hindu religion.  

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival of Indian people and everyone celebrates this occasion with happiness. Now share the history, story, and significance of this celebration. SMS and Quotes are also very famous among people.

Indians celebrate this festival in the month of Kartik (Night). That day is Amavasya. Hindu family clean his house and decorate their home with flowers and lights. They prepare Laxmi and Ganesh Puja in the evening after enlightening house from Diya.

The puja starts in Pradosh Kaal. Celebrate this by exchanges of gift, fireworks and dry fruits. They purchase new clothes for his family and illuminated houses with diya lights and electric Jhalar bulb. Send the message to friends, colleagues and family members. 

They contain Diwali Quotes, SMS and Greetings Cards. Text messages are also shared with each other.

Diwali, Story, Quotes, SMS
Happy Diwali Quotes & SMS

Why We Celebrate Dipawli?

The basic History Of Diwali celebration is interesting and motivational. Ram was the seventh avatar of Vishnu and defeated king Ravana. 

People believe that Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. This is the main factor of the celebration of Dipawali. 

Another belief of people that goddess Lakshmi comes in the house and bless for happiness.

To start Laxmi Puja, You will be kept a red cloth on the right side. Keep the idols of Ganesh & Laxmi. Just wrap-up the murti with the cloth. Now start puja.

The basic meaning of Deepawali is “a row or cluster of lights of clay lamps or diya”. 

Indian people celebrate this occasion with crackers like Rocket, Chakri, Fuljhari, Anar, etc. Indians, who reside in other countries also celebrate this festival with Indian culture. 

They do not lose this opportunity at any cost. Recently American President ‘Trump” has also arranged Dipawali in the white house and invited Indians.

Todayfirstevent Share Collection Of SMS On Dipawali 

SMS For Dipawali (In Hindi)

Jalenge Sunder Deep, Mitega Paap Timir

Dharti Naach Uthegi, Batega Sitare Nilambar
Deepo ki ladi to dekho, Jhilmil karti fuljhari to dekho

Phatne ki kadi to dekho, Lakshmi ji ke aane ki ghadi to dekho.
Deepawli manana hai , Lakhmi ji ko bulana hai

Ghar ki safayi  karne me koi karsar nahi chodna hai

Pradushan se bachne ki liye trick naya apnana hai

Dhuwe wale patakho se dur hame rah jana hai
Mitti ke tum diye jalao, Apne ghar ko roshan banaw

Man ke andhiyare ko hataw, Nai soch ko diye dikhaw.

Quotes For Dipawali

‘Wishing you all a very happy Diwali !’

‘Heartiest Diwali greetings to your entire family’

‘Wishing your life enlighten with happiness and prosperity by Goodes Ganesh and Lakshmi’ 

‘On the auspicious occasion of Dipawali, I wish u my heartiest greetings and good wishes to your entire family member. Happy Diwali’

‘May the joy cheer, mirth and merriment of this divine festival surround you forever, may the happiness’

‘That this festival season brings brighten your life and hope the year brings you luck and fulfills all your dearest dreams’

‘May this festival ahead be lit with happiness and success for you’

‘May your Dipawali be a celebration of beautiful colors, lights and many sparkles’

‘Brings lots of Good luck and Success to you! Happy Diwali’

Share these quotes, story, history, SMS with your family member and friends. Purchase "Mitti Ke Diya" from Kumhar and lighten your house with lots of happiness and wishes.

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