Winter Season: Food, Diet, Health Care, Body Protection (Tips)

Winter season is a big opportunity to enjoy life without sweltering. You can do the number of works without fatigue. The hours of work continuation will be longer. It is not possible in summer. 

You want to take rest after doing one to two work continuously. Winter season double your happiness. The main point is how to save yourself.

Actually, you wear the woolen cloth to warm up your body and save from cold in winter season. But these clothes provide warmness on the upper part of the body. 

Food To It During Winter To Keep Body Warm Up

It is also important to warm up the internal part of your body too. This can be only done to change your diet and take according to the present season. 

It is very important to take some nutritious food, which maintains the warm-up percentage of your body.

If your body did not receive the extra nutrition on change of season, your body will be affected by fever, fells sickness, runny nose, sore throat etc. 

The body wants extra energy in the winter season. So, you have to add the nutrition, which maintains the warm and improve the immunity power of your body.

To get the instant relief, take the protein and fiber-based food. Don’t compromise to take the fruits and vegetable. 

These are the basic need of requirement to protect your body and take care of your health by the little changes in your food and diet.

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Winter Season In Different Country

4 Tips To Take This Food For Instant Relief In Winter -   

1. Take Dry Fruits - This fruits can eat in every season, but the effect increase drastically in the winter season. Nut, Cashew Nut, Munakka and dry fruits warm up your body internally and save from extra cold effect. 

Dry fruits contain enough nutritious element to provide sufficient energy to our body. 

When you will take some dry fruits in the morning time, that will maintain your body temperature. 

You can take it in a different way too.

2. Take Protein - This plays the vital role to maintain the body temperature in winter. This is also a good player to warm up your body. 

If you are vegetarian then take Peas, Pulse, Rajma, Oats, Beans, Nut, Paneer etc. These are the great resource of protein and helps to maintain your balanced diet. 

A non-vegetarian enjoy the winter without taking extra precaution. 

If they add Chicken, Meat, Egg in the regular diet, this will help to improve the deficiency of protein in the body. 

A local cock egg will give good energy instantly. These eggs have the different color from the general. Actually, the color will be slightly pink.

3. Add Soup In Diet - You have to add soup in your morning breakfast and in dinner. Rich soup gives instant energy and warms up your body. 

A vegetarian can enjoy with vegetable soup. Use Spinach, tomato, garlic to prepare the soup. Similarly, you can prepare a tasty soup to add more vegetable content. 

A non-vegetarian person uses meat, chicken, egg, fish soup in dinner.

4. Use Mole In Winter - Mole is very big resources to warm up your body. The massage of this oil is very much useful for the body, you can use it in to reduce the cold feeling, cough. Start using this oil today and fit all day of winter.

Basically, these tips are very useful to you. You have to adopt the process to use these in your daily diet. 

Some old people fear from cold and do not come out from his house. They cannot sustain himself in cold, so they arrange everything in his house. 

This is the right way to protect himself. But they should become out in sunlight because sunlight is very important for the bone of the body and great resources of vitamin D. 

This vitamin strengthens bone of your body naturally. The best way to wrap up the body from woolen cloth and warm up internally from food

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