Best Tips To Use AR Stickers In Google’s Motion Stills App

Google has launched a new app and the name is ‘Motion Still’. The best use of this app is, you can record small video with this tools. You can see the recorded picture in the special form. A user can create GIF with the help of tools, they can make the clips and share with friends and colleagues.

Hate Story 4 Collection, Review, Bold Scene, Budget, Story

Film ‘Hate Story 4” introduced two new faces on silver screen. The songs, story, acting and dialogue delivery is worst in this film. The only work was done by the director ‘Vishal Pandya’ in this film is to served the bold scene.

How To Know Who Tracks Your Mail

It is very simple to track anything with the help of the technical instrument. You should be aware that, is your mail save from other. Use technical tools to find the exact details of hacker and intruder.

7 Best Tips To Eradicate Chemical Colour From Skin (Safely)

Man and woman always take precaution to protect skin from chemical color. It is not very easy because several chemical colors are available in the market, which is very dangerous for human skin.