Best Tips To Use AR Stickers In Google’s Motion Stills App

Google has launched a new app and the name is ‘Motion Still’. The best use of this app is, you can record small video with this tools. You can see the recorded picture in the special form. A user can create GIF with the help of tools, they can make the clips and share with friends and colleagues.

A new update is done by Google to add AR Characters. You can add this features to a photo. These features are working very fine in 5.1 version android.

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AR Sticker Creation & Application

What Are The Best Tips To Use Motion Still Apps?

This is very simple to use this tools. First, download the motion still app and install it on your Smartphone.

Now open the app. You can take the picture by the display screen. The left side will show the AR mode. You will see some animated picture when you tap there.

The app will add one of the AR stickers in your created seen. They will ask again and again for the right place to add the AR Sticker.

A green dinosaur automatically selected by the system, but you can go with other favorite characters.

The character will be automatically adjusted and get the exact shape insistently.

Now if your frame is ready then start the recording by clicking on the shutter button. Recording can be stopped if you again click on the same button. Now save the new video.

How To Edit?

When you will see the left side a gallery option is available. You can edit with the help of this option. Now click the share button, which is given in right side of the screen.

These are the tips to use the Google Motion Stills App to add the sticker to your created video.