Samsung Launches Smartphone For Student In Galaxy Version

Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy J2 Pro Smartphone for the student. This phone is functioning similarly as you use your phone. You can send SMS, message & they also provide the camera. 

The company has blocked the facility to use 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi. The main function of this mobile to promote and focus the learning strength of student.

Another facility provided by the company in this Smartphone to learn the foreign language with the help of dictionary application “ Diodic 4”. 

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Galaxy Launches J2 Pro

This will support the number of languages like - Korean, English.

The shape and features are interesting. The stable grip provides a relax mind, the design is attractive and sophisticated. Looks is pretty.

They are providing 8Mp camera facility for back and 5Mp support the front. The supportive flash will give a good feel and unique and attractive picture.

The best supportive tools are attached to this Smartphone are - good quality camera, QHD Super AMOLED display with the large screen, 2600 mAH battery with 1.5 GB RAM as well as 1.4 GHz core processor. 

These tools are very good features to attract buyers.

The company has decided they focus on the student of the age group of 18 to 21. The Galaxy J2 Pro will compensate for the purchase price. This is available in two colors, that are black and gold.

This will be a great deal of Samsung with the new generation and they are very hopeful for the success rate. The main target of this new phone to improve the learning capacity among student. 

Obliviously leaning capacity is going in down-word position. Big numbers of the students are using the internet for entertainment. So, let's see the percentage of acceptance of Galaxy J2 Pro.

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