5 Reason And Remedy For Your Foot Pain

Foot pain is a general problem. You can know the reason and precautionary steps to reduce the pain. As you know that walk is the best exercise. It is observed from an American report that 80% of women are suffering from foot pain. This is generalized in man too.

There are so many other reasons for foot pain except Gout & Osteoporosis.

Let's start to know about the Reson & Remedy.

Single Shoes Used For Different Purpose - It may be the cause of foot pain that you are using single shoes for fitness and general work. 

The shoes make to focus on the purpose. Fitness shoes prepare according to the exercise. You can not move run with leather shoes, but sports shoes are given full comfort. Similarly, you will be not comfortable to wear sports shoes in the wedding ceremony.

If you are using single shoes for all-purpose, then stop it today. This will help to reduce the pain.

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Reason & Remedy for Foot Pain

Use Wrong Footwear - If you are wearing single footwear from last one year, this is not the right way. The length of foot increase with your age. 

So, it is necessary to take the actual size of the foot. The most important thing is that, if you want to go to the market to purchase the shoes, prefer to go in the evening instead of midday. Because your foot may be swelled by midday.

Weight Gain -  If a person is conscious of his health and take rich and healthy food, the health improves as well as weight increase drastically. They cannot be imaging that increased weight will be the cause of foot pain.

It is very important to continue to exercise and control weight.

Preference Give To Fashion Instead of Rest - Rest is the best remedy to reduce pain. This will rejuvenate your body and make perfect to increase sustainability. For example, people give the preference to wear high heel shoes, sandals. 

This should be used as per requirement. Long use of high heel shoes or sandals gives the extra pressure on your leg finger. This may be create swelling, knot.

The best remedy to fill your feet comfortable

1. Take the small ball and keep it below your foot and move backward and forward.

2. Keep your foot in the slightly warmed water.

3. Don’t compromise on quality and size during purchasing the shoes.

4. Meet doctor, if your foot pain is out of control.

5. Use ice for baking the foot

These are the remedy to reduce foot pain. If your pain is increasing then consult the doctor. Always conscious of your health

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