What Said Kangana Ranaut About PM For 2019 Election

Kangana Ranaut always highlighted himself through a unique statement. She is a very good actress in Bollywood. On Saturday Kangana Ranaut appreciated the work of PM Modi and said that he deserves to become the Prime Minister in the 2019 election

Nobody can take the Kangana Ranaut statement lightly, because she is National Award Winning actress and the statement will be released by them after analysis of every facts and reality.

Basically, Kangana was available for the screening of short film ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’. The story is based on the PM Narendra Modi early life. 

The film is very good and beautiful. It is showing that how Prime Minister Modi is a sensitive child went through that type circumstances. Kangana shares her thoughts about the film as she feels. 

She told that the character and story do not only belong to PM. This is our film and reflects the view of society. 

She said that this is a very small part of our life and society. Her appearance in screening was very attractive and energetic.

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Modi Life Story In Film 'Chalo Jeete Hain'

Kangana Ranaut About PM For 2019 Election

When asked about the working of PM in the last four year. She said that he is the most deserving candidate for the PM and BJP should again come in power. 

She also said that PM is not holding this post because of his father and mother. He is the right candidate for Indian democracy.

When asked to Kangana Ranaut that, is five years tenure short for the present government. She told that Of course. Why not?. five year is very less to take the nation out of a pit. 

Our country is in the pit, we need to pull it out and for that present government should be elected in 2019.

Co-Director L Rai and M Jain ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’ invited a lot of praise from ministers during the film was screened at the Rashtrapati Bhawan culture center.

Overall the film is getting appreciation from all part of the community. Know more about in Kangana Ranaut Wiki.  

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