The Google Search - Page Rank, Algorithm, Indexing

Google Search is not unknown among users. Every internet user knows about the functions and benefits of this search engine. This is the best search engine. Google search engine developed by Google LLC and hold the 92.3% market share until September 2018. Handling more than three billion searches per day.

Free Online Image Resizer - Crop, Compress, Shrink Photo

Image resizer is the tool, which is very useful to crop, compress, shrink the photo or images as per requirement. Image plays an important role to express the thoughts. Basically, the question is, why image resizing is important and useful.

Best Guidelines To The Google Search Console

Today I would like to share some important point on the “Google Search Console”. The content of this post is the knowledge, which I learned during writing the post. This is the search engine optimization tools. Which is very beneficial to make your site valuable in the eye of search engine. 

What Is E-mail Phishing And Spoofing | A Cyber Crime

This topic is very important to you. Very few people know about the e-mail phishing and spoofing cybercrime. This is a different type of cybercrime. As you know that today is the electronic era and every work is demanding to use the technology. 

Phishing Definition And How To Prevent Website

Web phishing means forcefully taking over the control of a website. Basically, that does by the expert web hackers. The basic question is ‘what is the definition of phishing and how to prevent website’ by the attack.

How Use Mobile Camera as CCTV to Secure Home By Apps

It is very difficult for everyone to purchase and maintain the CCTV camera for home security. Actually, this camera is using to protect the house, shop from illegal activity by others. The cost of the operating system is very high and a person will be deputed to maintain data and secure connectivity with backup.

18 Free Blog Directories For Traffic And Backlinks Generation

Every blogger wants to improve traffic and backlinks on the blog or website. Today you will get the top free blog directories name with description to generate more effective traffic and backlinks for the site. As you know that quality is good than quantity. 

Top Nine Important Computer Component

The computer is the most essential tools for you. This is used in every place like office, home, government organization, institution. Today, you can not imagine working fast without the help of a computer.