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18 Free Blog Directories For Traffic And Backlinks Generation

Every blogger wants to improve traffic and backlinks on the blog or website. Today you will get the top free blog directories name with description to generate more effective traffic and backlinks for the site. As you know that quality is good than quantity. 

The best way to generate quality backlinks through directories, quality backlinks improve the traffic on site. The main reason works here that Google Search Engine acknowledges the importance of the website by backlinks. 

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18 Free Directory For URL Submission Of Blog Post

Search Engine ranks your site on the basis of the visit and do-follow backlinks. Therefore it is a very important point to generate ethical traffic on site. So, I would like to say that if your post will be ranked and display on the first page of the search engine, then definitely the percentage of visitors will increase day by day.

Blog post submission in directories is not the easiest task for blogger. You will fill the relevant information of blog post as well as you will be agreed with the terms and condition of directories. 

If you opt paid service then the submission will be processed in 1 to 2 days and free service will take 2 to 3 months. This process of backlinks generation is good as per SEO guidelines and Search Engine gives the weight to high-quality backlinks generation.

Another important point is - try to search those directories, which are good in all respect at the local level. Minimum one directories should be added in the list, which is good for traffic generation in your country.

Every directory is not very helpful for you. You will check the directory rank in search engine and visitors count there. To choose the directory, you will be analyzed the market value, a reputed directory will take the time for the submission of your blog post manually, but the result will be marvelous.

Why Blog Post Submission Is Necessary For Directory?

The blog will get more exposer after submission of the post in the directory. Actually, the blog directories help to add new audience, generate highly targeted traffic and will create the good number of backlinks and you know that traffic and backlinks generation is the key for the success of any blog.

The basic requirement to submit the blog post in the directory are -

1) Post Heading

2) URL Of Post

3) Description

4) Keywords

5) Meta Description

6) Author Name

7) Choose Categories

8) E-mail ID

9) Agree With TOS

These are the basic requirements to complete the submission part.

I would like to suggest you to leave blank the “reciprocal link” option during submission of the post. The manual verification is important and now you can start to submit the blog post in below given “Top Directories”.

Top Directories List For Traffic And Backlinks Generation

These sites have a simple goal to make it easy to search your site worldwide. These are the list of site, which is best for the link and good traffic generation. Only choose the “Regular Link (Free )” option -

1)  (Visitors - approx - 8000 )

2) (Visitors - approx - 14000)

3) (Visitors - approx - 11500)

4) (Visitors - approx - 13800)

5) (Visitors - approx - 19500)

6) (Visitors - approx - 18500)

7) (Visitors - approx - 15300)

8) (Visitors - approx - 17100)

9) (Visitors - approx - 15000)

10) (Visitors - approx - 17000)

11) (Visitors - approx - 13000)

12) (Visitors - approx - 16300)

13) (Visitors - appox - 13600)

14) (Visitors - approx - 17200)

15) (Visitors - approx - 16000)

16) (Visitors - approx - 10000)

17) (Visitors - approx - 15000)

18) (Visitor - approx - 25000)

Use the above given list to uplift the traffic of your site. All these are the Top Directories and very helpful to generate traffic with backlinks.

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