What Said PM Modi In Kota Public Meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Rajasthan's political battle after Madhya Pradesh. In Rajasthan today, Modi has made rapid rallies to overcome Vasundhara Raje. After Bhilwara and Baneshwar Dham, he addressed the public meeting in Kota.

In Kota, he said that one of your votes has worked to stop the 90 thousand crore rupees which were stolen in India every year. Explaining this theft, he gave an example of the tenure of the Congress government. 

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What Said PM Modi In Kota Public Meeting

The Prime Minister, while targeting the Sonia Gandhi and the UPA government, said, "When Madam was running the government in Delhi with remote control, the daughter who was not born, the daughter would become widowed in government papers and she would go to the pension from the government treasury. 

The family which was not even existed, ration came out and was stolen. PM Modi said that we have worked to prevent this theft.

Apart from this, PM Modi also commented on the Congress candidate's face. He said that Congress has named the name of its candidate behind the scenes, as it does not trust the people of Rajasthan. 

Modi said that what party cannot tell you the name of the CM candidate, what will you trust him?

What Did Modi Say In Baneshwar?

Earlier addressing a rally at Baneshwar Dham, PM Modi said that I will return your love with interest. He said that till the time Atal Ji did not become the Prime Minister of the country, Congress never remembered the tribals. 

When Atal Ji became the Prime Minister after many years of independence, Atalji made the separate tribal ministry for the first time. 

Baneshwar, PM, Modi, Meeting, Atal Ji
What Said PM Modi In Kota Public Meeting

The tribal minister made Created a separate budget for the tribals and since then the story of the development of tribals started. Making promises before the election and then forgetting it is the job of Congress.

The PM said that our opinion is that there should be complete management of children's education in the country, earning youth, irrigation to the farmer, medicines to the elderly and public hearing. 

On the occasion of Independence, that is, by 2022, I have taken the resolution that every citizen of the country will have his own house till then. This house will be complete, i.e. the tap in the house, the water in the tap, the electricity, the gas connection will be everything. 

The keys of seven lakh houses in Rajasthan have been given to the people.

Modi Attacked On Rahul Gandhi In Public Meeting

Without the name of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the PM said that the knowledge of this Namdhar is very little. They come to Kailash Mansarovar, but they do not know anything about there. 

Modi said that there were only four mobile factories in the country under Congress rule, whereas today it is 125. Modi said that those who do not know the difference between moong and gram, they talk about the farmer.

PM Modi said that the Congress has shrunk so much that he has just been left nominated. The Congress has the right to say that the first names, family, the family court and then the vote bank contractor, then the casteism, then they remember someone in the country. There is a big country for us.

What Did Modi Say In Bhilwara?

Earlier, the PM held a rally in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. In the rally, he said that here again the BJP government will be formed. Referring to the Mumbai attack, PM Modi said that today is 26th November. 

When the show Secrets of Madam in Delhi, was run by remote control, when the Congress government in Maharashtra, then the 26/11 attack by terrorists in Mumbai, the people of our country, young people had been gunned down. 

Congress used to teach devotional lessons at that time. The same Congress later questioned the surgical strike. He said that the days in Congress government were the bombshell.

Modi Targeted On Congress Leaders

PM Modi also targeted the statements given by Congress leaders on themselves. Modi said that after the name of my parents, the names of the Congress also question my caste. 

PM said that 60-65 years of independence has passed. Four years of tea is four years old on Congressional Congress. 

He said that Modi was not born with a spoon of gold. He saw the poor mother cooked on a wooden stove. So he came and brought the gas stove to 90% of the country's land.

Counting the work of his government, PM Modi said that the facility of the toilet was not even 40 percent in the village before our arrival. In 4 years, Modi has made it 40 percent to 95 percent. This is called work. 

40% in 65 years and 95% in 4 years The PM said that if Congress has done the job then it will have to be accounted for.

It is believed that people in the state are not happy with Vasundhara Raje, but now the state BJP has the support of PM Modi. 

In the last few days, the slogans were also heard: 'Vasundhara Teri Khair Nahi, Modi Tujhse Bair Nahi' means that now in Rajasthan, BJP wants to propagate its forthcoming election on the face of PM Modi.

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