Saturday, 8 December 2018

Trailer Of Avengers - Endgame Trending On Social Media

The trailer of Marvel Studios' fourth movie Avengers's fourth sequel has been released. The audience of the film is eagerly waiting. The fourth Sequel of Avengers, released on December 7, is named as "Avengers: EndGame." 

As soon as the trailer is released, the audience has liked it so that it became viral in a few minutes and trending on social media. The trailer is trending on social media.

From the character Chris Evans to Thor, who plays the character of the series, Captain American, in the trailer, all the characters in the trailer are looking very different in the Andes. 

Avenger, Endgame, Trending, Social Media
Trailer Of 'Avengers - Endgame', Trending On Social Media

Looking at the trailer, you are also giving a fans reaction on social media.

Seeing some of the audience's Avengers: Endgame's trailer, viewers are making an estimate of all the superheroes present in the film. 

While watching the trailer, all the characters are interpreted as depressed, some are confusing about their queries on social media but trending continues.

The special thing is that Captain America and Thor's main character in the film is quite different.

The previous Avengers, that means: In the Infinity War, there were big beards of beard and Thor in Captain America's face, while Avengers: Captain America has no bearded look in the endgame, while Thor's hair looks small. 

After watching the movie trailer of the movie, the social media users are giving their feedback on the look of both of them. Also desperate to see the movie.

Explain that the viewers are also excited about the film, how the film's villain Thanos will eliminate these superheroes. In 'Avengers: Infiniti War', Thanos defeats most of the superheroes and has won 'soul stone' from them.

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