Unique Attitude Status For Facebook In Hindi & English 

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Unique Attitude Status For Facebook In Hindi & English

Facebook is the highest approachable tool for people to connect with others. 

This social media platform is number one in the world and the largest searchable tools in search engines. A regular update has added more people in 2019. 

Meanwhile, some restriction has been imposed on Facebook due to issues in data sharing. 

Now the problems have been short out worldwide and Facebook is now more responsible for the previous year.

Facebook is the biggest platform and the study indicates that it has more then 2.17 million active users are there in 2018. 

Every year data is increasing drastically. The company has so many other platforms, but the performance was not up to the mark. 

The WhatsApp connected with approximately 1500 million users and the growth was 15 to 16 percent. 

Instagram added approximately 800 million users and the growth percentage was near about 25 percent.    

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Unique Attitude Status For Facebook In Hindi & English

Unique Attitude Status For Facebook In Hindi & English

Today Internet is playing the biggest role to connect the people successfully with social media and provide the platform to interact with each other to share the feelings of Love, Affection, Attitude, and Pictures instantly through Facebook. 

Another negative impact is generating that people are searching for everything on social media. 

They are not meeting physically to ask the question. They are making one thousand friends on social media platform but they are alone in society. 

They are isolating from society and friction is creating among the family members. The love and affection are decreasing day by day in the people.  

Attitude Status For Facebook 

The maximum time is spending by the children to connect from world activity on the Internet. 

The social media account like Facebook provide a lucrative offer to attract on the platform. 

They are not going to play cricket, football, badminton and other games in the field. 

They use video games to fulfill the requirement of games. This activity hampers the physical fitness of children and other people. 

But the positive part is that you can increase the sale of the business by making the page on Facebook. We recommended making a separate page for the B2B or B2C business.   

unique, attitude, status, facebook
Unique Attitude Status For Facebook In Hindi & English

Faadu Attitude Status | Danger Status in Hindi And English 2019

Xcuse Me I Found Something Under My Shoes. Oh Its Your Attitude

टाइमपास करके किसी से पीछा छुड़ाना आसान है,
पगली लेकिन सच्चाप्यार करके किसी से दूर जाना बहुत मुश्किल है !!

When You Feel Insulted I’m Just Describing You 

It’s So Simple To Be Wise. Just Think Of Something Stupid To Say And then Don’t Say It 

जिन्हें बचपन में उनकी मम्मी घसीटते हुए स्कूल छोड़ के आती थी, वो लड़के भी आजकल व्हाट्सऐप पर "Status” डाल रहे है..I_miss_my_School_Dayzzz… !! 

Not Always Available Try Your Luck Wink Emoticon 

खौफ और खून हमेशा आँखों में रखो, क्योंकि हथियारों से सिर्फ दुश्मन की हड्डिया टूटती हैं, हौसले नहीं | 

खून में “उबाल” आज भी “खानदानी” है, दुनिया हमारे “शौक” की नहीं Attitude की दीवानी है !! 

Legends Don’t Die…I Am Living Example !! 

Don’t Be Happy. I Don’t Really Forgive People, I Just Pretend Like It’s Ok And Waits For My Turn To Destroy Them 

दूसरों के शिकार को चाटने का काम गीदड़ करते हैं, मैं वो शेर हूँ जिसने जंगल में कदम रखा,
तो कोई परिंदा को मारने की हिम्मत नही करता !! 

I Don’t Care What People Think Or Say About Me I Was Not Born On This Earth To Please Everybody 

She was in her waiting and she had painted herself in the same color

The atmosphere that we give is called, the one who gives life to it is called a friend 

Friends, I'm sorry to be a little bit forgotten, this world is full of discerning people 

Just you see my status is crazy, love will happen to you yourself