WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love

WhatsApp, Download, Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love
WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love 2019

WhatsApp is the instrument, which is using by mobile users frequently. 

This App is available on Google Play Store and mobile users can download instantly to use to send the message, picture, quote and other sharing details to friends, colleagues. 

WhatsApp has millions of users and this app manages million of massage per day. The maximum use of WhatsApp during the festival time. 

People share quotes and wish to friends. This is the biggest massaging instrument, which is using in worldwide. 

download, whatsapp, attitude, funny, sad, love
WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love 2019

WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love 2019

The CEO of WhatsApp, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is very much eager to make this message sending the device more responsible and they change the features from time to time. 

You can imagine how this app was valuable because the selling price of this messaging app reached on 19000 Million dollars and Mark Zuckerberg has purchased the company.

After purchasing the WhatsApp group, Mark Zuckerberg has added some special features to the users. That was Emojis, GIF and other special styles. 

The best part was from Zuckerberg that they got millions of users in free, which were already connected with the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love 2019

A large number of people added to this group after the addition of lucrative tools. That helped the people to send the message and fillings with special effects. 

The receiver was also very eager to see the images, which are attached to the message because they want to know the exact feelings of the sender. 

WhatsApp is very popular from other social media platforms like - Instagram, Snapchat.

download, whatsapp, status, funny, sad, love
WhatsApp Status Download: Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love 2019

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For Everything That I Dream, But Can’t Achieve I Must Blame Myself

To Live In The World, It Is Good To Have Two Places, In Someone's Heart Or In Someone's Dua. Our Heart Is Not Ours, But Remember Only In Prayer!

Some People Are Alive Only Because It’s Illegal To Kill Them

Temporary Happiness Isn’t Worth Long-Term Pain

To Be Successful, You Have To Believe In Hard Work, Luck Is Tried In Gambling!

Sleep All Your Troubles Away

I Wish Not To Have Feelings

Try To Create A Difficulty It Helps In A Good And Tension Free Life

That Feeling When You’re Not Necessarily Sad, But You Just Feel Really Empty

I'm Not Bossy I Just Want To Do

Forgive Me For My Mistakes, I’m Still A Kid Learning The Responsibility Of Being An Adult

I Never Try To Influence Or Influence You. I Am Just Trying To Provide Proper Guidance

 Loving Him Is Not A Mistake, But Thinking That He Loved Me Was

Never Affects That, What Kind Of Mistakes Done By Us It Is All About, What Are We Going To Improve? All These Things Are Defining Our Identity

If You See A Friend Without A Smile, Give Him One Of Yours

For Achieving Goals In Life, It Can Be Possible If You Are Coming First In Case You Come Last

I Hate When I Am Laying In Bed Looking Out My Window For The Moon And Stars, But I Can’t Find The Moon

It's Not How We Make Mistakes

I Am Not Worthy Of Being In Love

I Want You Nothing Else Just You

Uski Mohabbat Ka Silsila Bhi Kya Ajeeb Thaa… Apna Bhi Na Banaya Aur Kissi Aur Ka Hone Bhi Na Diya

Nahi Mila Koi Tum Jaisa Aaj Tak, Par Ye Sitam Alag Hai Ki Mile Tum Bhi Nahi

You Are Really Special To Me, You Are My True Friend

Wo Log Kiyu Milte Hi Utar Jate Hain Dil Me, Jin Logo Se Kismat Ke Sitare Nahi Milte !!

Life Hurts A Lot, More Than Death

Jindagi Ek Jung Hai To Tumhara Bhai Bhi Dabangg Hai

I Am Cool But Summer Made Me Hot