4 Celebrities With Most Followers On Instagram in 2019. Today I shared the details of top Bollywood stars, who have the most Instagram followers on social media accounts. 

Fan and followers are the tools, which provide accurate data on the popularity of stars. In the past, the magazine and paper were used to analyze the popularity and followers of a star. To know the highest Instagram followers in India (not in the world).

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Top Celebrities With Most Followers On Instagram

But today every Bollywood star opened the account on a social media platform and interact with the followers. This platform provides the latest feedback on stars. The second advantage is that film stars can share every moment of life through the social platform to connect with the most followers on Instagram.

It has seen that Bollywood stars used the platform to promote the upcoming movie by simply tweeting and address millions of followers in a second. know the most followers on Instagram as well as most followers on twitter.

Who Has The Most Followers On Instagram

1) Akshay Kumar - Akshay Kumar is a renowned actor in Bollywood. He is a famous personality of the Film Industry and the highest taxpayer in the country. He has 26.3 million followers on Instagram with an 1175 post. He received around 25,592,093 likes on Facebook account as well as added the followers. Akshay Kumar successfully added the 30.6 million followers on Twitter account too.

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Akshay Kumar

2) Salman Khan - Salman fans following also very inspiring for us. Because he is another very successful hero of Bollywood. He started his carrier in the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ and got recognition from ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’.

He has 22.5 million followers on Instagram account with 680 posts. Salman is famous on Facebook and Twitter too. His Facebook followers are 36,277,115 and 36.9 million on Twitter.  

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Salman Khan

3. Shah Rukh Khan - He is the superstar of the film industry. He started his career from the Hindi movie ‘Deewana’ and given the number of hits film to the industry. He moved forward without any support and make the recognition among the audience.

His fan following is super on social media account. He has 17.1 million followers on Instagram, 29,375,252 on Facebook and 38.1 million on Twitter.

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Shah Rukh Khan

4. Aamir Khan - Aamir Khan is the king of the Bollywood box office. His strategy to sign only one film in a year works to make the film successful in box office. He did not try to advertise his movie nor used any platform to promote the upcoming movie.

He has 2.5 million followers on an Instagram account, 15,451,531 followers on Facebook and 24.7 million followers on Twitter.

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Aamir Khan

Overall you can see that the followers of Amir Khan are very low from other actors. That means Aamir Khan is not very interested to continue to visit on social media account. Share your views on the above content.