Marvel Movie is an American film studio. This is a subsidiary of ‘Walt Disney Studios’. This was founded on 7 December 1993. So many films have been made in this studio. The full name of this is Marvel Cinematic Universe films. They make films on superhero characters. That comes from the comics of this publication house.

Marvel, Movie, avengers, endgame
Marvel Movies In Order After The Avengers Endgame

Know The Upcoming Marvel Phase Films In 2020, Order Of Story After Avengers Age Movie

This studio came in function to produce the film in 2007 and they released 22 films. All films appreciated by the audience and that was the hit on the box office. The income on the box office crossed $21.2 billion. It is a big question for you that what order do you watch marvel movies, upcoming marvel movie list given below.

Marvel Phase 4 Movies After The Avengers Endgame (Marvel Movie List)

1) Black Window - This is the upcoming movie of 2020. The year has been announced and came in news. So many people are excited to see this movie. It is seeing in the starting phase that this movie will be another hit like Avengers: Endgame. The confirmed release date will be announced shortly by the production house.   

marvel movie, black window, avengers, endgame
Black Widow -Marvel Movie

2) Spider-Man: Far From Home - This is an upcoming American superhero film. The character has taken from the Marvel comic. The co-producer is Columbia Pictures.

Peter Parker and his friends make the summer trip and go to Europe. Meanwhile, a mystery has created due to natural disasters and destructed the existing creatures of the continent. Peter Parker decided to help ‘Nick Fury’ without taking the rest.  

marvel, movie, spider man, avengers, endgame
Spider-Man: Far From Home

3) The Eternals - This film may come on the floor in 2020. It is under development. This is another creative film for the audience. In September 2018, The Hollywood announced about the Chinese director ‘Chloe Zhao’ that film will be run under the supervision of him. So wait for the next year to see the movie in the cinema hall.   

marvel, movie, the eternals, avengers, endgame
The Eternals

4) Black Panther-2 - Part one of this film has already released in 2018 and was very successful in the box office. That great success has motivated to make part 2 of Black Panther. The maker has quickly decided to work on the second part because they know that people are waiting for next and it will be very easy to attract to cinema hall after the release of this film.

black panther2, avengers, endgame, marvel, movie
Black Panther2

These 4 movies will be the landmark in the coming year. Imagine which will be a great hit after release. If it is not possible then share the content with your friends to get the opinion.

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