Bollywood blockbuster film ‘Sholay’ is the landmark of the Indian cinema. In 1975, Sholay is the film which was and will always Bollywood’s most popular and most loved film. This film was written by famous writer Salim and Javed. Sholay has produced by the G. P. Sippy and directed by Ramesh Sippy.

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Facts About The Evergreen Blockbuster ‘Sholay’ Film

Ramesh Sippy's Film Sholay, Some Lesser Known Facts & Cast, Songs, Movie HD Fee Download Details

The film story was based on the policy and ruthless dacoit Gabbar Singh. The story of this film is very interesting and connected the audience from start to end.

This film got the ranked first in the British Film Institute and this was the ‘Top 10’ Indian films since long. Every character of this film was unique and love by the people. Sholay was given the big income from the box office. The place chooses for the shooting was ‘Ramanagara’. 

This film gets the immense fan following. Every part of the Indian people knows about the success of film Sholay. Every character (cast) of this film played a very good role like - Jaya Bachchan, Amitabh, Amzad Khan. This film was the landmark for Amitabh Bachchan filmi career and changed his biography

sholay, film, blockbuster, evergreen, amitabh
Evergreen Blockbuster ‘Sholay’ Film

Facts About The Evergreen Blockbuster ‘Sholay’ Film

1) Nobody moved to the cinema hall when the film was released. After some time film popularity spread among the people and movement started for the cinema hall. After that film continued run consecutively 5 years in the cinema hall without interference.

2) The role of Gabbar Singh was offered to Bollywood star ‘Danny Denzongpa’, but they denied to work in this film due to his busy schedule. So, Amjad Khan has finalized for this role. That time nobody knows about the Amjad Khan.

3) Dharmendra was not playing the role of ‘Veer’. He wants to play the role of ‘Thakur’ in this film. But Hema Malini was not very comfortable with Sanjeev Kumar, So Dharmendra agreed for this role.

sholay, gabbar, amzad khan, amitabh
Facts About ‘Sholay’ Film

4) This is shocking news that the original bullets were used in the shoot of climax seen and Amitabh Bachchan escaped from a bullet.

5) Every actor has taken the money against his work in this film but you will be surprised to know that Actor Sachin received a ‘Fridge’ against his fee. 

These are the facts about the evergreen blockbuster film ‘Sholay’ that you know today. This film is available on the Internet with a free HD downloading option.