7 Interesting Facts About Rajesh Khanna of his life. In Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna used to call Rajesh Khanna in the name of 'Kaka'. He has given so many hits in his film career in Bollywood. 

Rajesh Khanna, who made an impression as an artist, people remember him even today. Every one remembers Rajesh Khanna hit song, as well as some songs, were famous with quotes Rajesh Khanna ke gane.

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7 Interesting Facts About Rajesh Khanna

He died on July 18, 2012, in Mumbai. Rajesh Khanna gave a series of hits film. Everyone wants to work with him in the film industry. The very interesting information shared with you about Rajesh Khanna biography, record, son, children, wife, family.

Interesting Facts About Rajesh Khanna Movie

1) He was nominated four times by the Bengal Film Journalists Association for the Best Actor Award for Hindi films. Rajesh Khanna's popularity became his identity, and all the producers and directors were ready to take him to his film, that too on his terms.

2) Rajesh Khanna once said that on Amitabh Bachchan's punctuality, and his reaction was that the clerk comes on time, the artist goes on his own time, he is an artist, so no time boundary.

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Rajesh Khanna

3) The way Shah Rukh Khan is called the king of romance in today's era and millions of girls die on him, similarly, heroines were crazy for Rajesh Khanna at that time. He had a tremendous fan following. 

After releasing the film video song of Rajesh Khanna film make crazy the listener at that time too. A song of Rajesh Khanna 'Zindagi Ke Safar Mein' was the superhit song and so many people still downloading it today in MP3 form. Another one was of Rajesh Khanna 'Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai'

4) Rajesh Khanna was not only romantic in films, but real life was also very romantic. His affair lasted for years with the heroine Anju Mehendru. 

Their affair lasted for seven years but both of them broke up suddenly and then for years, they did not talk to each other. After this, Dimple Kapadia came into his life.

rajesh khanna, film, bollywood, facts
Rajesh Khanna On Stage - Interesting Facts About Rajesh Khanna

5) Rajesh Khanna believed that there was a difference between Salim-Javed and him. They told me that there was a desire to sign for 'Deewar'. But they had no choice

6) He gave 15 solo hit films in the year 1969-71.

7) Rajesh Khanna used to be late on the sets of 'Anand', due to which the director was very upset with him, Rajesh Khanna took his first step in the film world with the film 'Aakhri Khat'.