Very few people know that these 4 top actors who died tragically during the film shooting (Durghatna In Hindi). Death is the universal truth and nobody can know the exact time to quit the earth. Nobody thinks over it because if they know the situation and time of death the life will be hell for them. Every moment will be based on fear. The enjoyment of life will be collapsed.

List Of Entertainer Movie Actors Who Died Tragically During Production

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Top 4 Actors Who Died Tragically During Film Shooting (Durghatna)

Actors Who Died Tragically During Filming (Ek Durghatna)

1) Bruce Lee - He was the big star of the Film Industry. His career graph increases drastically and gained the love of the audience in a very short time. He is well trained in Martial Arts and perfects to giving the fighting scene in the film.

Actor Bruce Lee died tragically on 20 July 1973 from painful headaches. His death was happened due to an allergic reaction to Painkillers.  

Top 4 Actors Who Died During Film Shooting, टॉप 4 एक्टर्स हु डेड डूअरिंग फिल्म शूटिंग
Bruce Lee - Who Died Tragically - Ek Durghatna

2) Brandon Lee ‘The Crow’ - He was the big actor who died tragically on 31 March 1993. His death was done during the shooting of the film ‘The Crow’. The accident affected the stomach on set. The film shooting is pending for a few days only and this accident occurred. 

This role was appreciated by the audience and he gains more popularity among followers. Actually, this role has given the way that they killed himself.  

3) Heath Ledger - He was a very good actor and he was 28 years old. He was dead in his apartment. He was taken the overdose of drugs. He was working on the film ‘The Dark Knight’. He gets the reward to act in this film. He left the earth at a very shortage.

Top 4 Actors Who Died During Film Shooting, टॉप 4 एक्टर्स हु डेड डूअरिंग फिल्म शूटिंग
Heath Ledger - Actor Who Died Tragically - Durghatna

4) River Phoenix - He worked in the film ‘Dark Blood’ in 2012. He was a very talented person. He died due to the overdose of drugs on 31 Oct 1993. This incident occurred, when he was on the set of Dark Blood. 

The shooting may be completed in 11 days. He consumes multiple drugs from outside the bar and after some time his colleagues announced the death of River Phoenix.  

These 4 actors who died tragically during filming.

It is very sad to say that they are spending a very short time with us in the world. Please share the content with your friends, if you think this is shareable. 

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