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आज मेरी एक दुख भरी कथा सुन लो, '@#%$#@$^&&**&^%^$#@' ये मुझे पता था की मेरा दुख कोई भी नहीं समझ सकता!!


भारतरत्न उन सभी बीवियों को मिलना चाहिए, जो 400 शब्द प्रति मिनट की स्पीड से बोलने के बाद कहती हैं की…“मेरा मुंह मत खुलवाओ, समझे”! 

One thing to tell... Thirty (35) and thirty-seven (37) can never live together ...Because there is a figure of thirty-six (36) among them  


Garmee is kadar pad rahee hai ki yadi…in dinon subah ka bhoola hua shaam ko ghar vaapas aae to use…bhoola nahin bhuna hua kahenge!  

Ghadee ditarjent jaisee ho gaee hai jindagee, log istemaal to karate hain,
par vishvaas nahin karte     

एक दिन एक गिरगिट ने अपनी जुबान से कहा की “मैं लोगो से आजकल रंग बदलने में मुकाबला करने में खुद को सछम महसूस नहीं कर रहा हूं,!!”

हिंदी में एक कहावत है की जल्दी का काम शैतान का होता है..इसलिए तो हम बिस्तर पर  भी लेट से सोते हैं और उठते भी लेट से है!

Hindee mein ek kahaavat hai kee jaldee ka kaam shaitaan ka hota hai..isalie to ham bistar par  bhee let se sote hain aur uthate bhee let se hai!

Beautiful girls do not read much, she knows somebody in the world
the donkey would have become a doctor or engineer for them 

Some people eat as much as they like, they are not fat and some people even see photos of Online Pizza One kilo weight is filled  

महिलाओं के लिए ऑक्सीजन जरुरी नहीं होती है क्योकि वे अपनी जिंदगी को तारीफों के सहारे काट लेती हैं...

Oxygen is not needed for women because they cut their life with praise 


Pajama aur plaajo nasal se sage bhaee hain, phark bas etana hai ki, pajama sarakaaree skool se padha hai,  

Marriage is like a roof of lightning, If you get right then the lights, Otherwise, whole life shocks ...  

शादी बिजली के खम्भे की तरह होती है, सही तरह से जुड़ जाए तो रोशनी, नहीं जुड़े तो सारी जिंदगी के लिए झटके पर झटके

Do not Make Your Life Like Dry Leaf, Otherwise, there are so many people in the world who Gather up and set fire.  

Teacher: Batao 'I Love You' Shabd ka aavishkaar kis desh mein Hua?
Tootoo: cheen mein
Teacher: vo Kaise?
Teetoo: isamen saare chainees gun hain na koee gaarantee, na koee vaarantee, chale to chaand tak, na chale to shaam tak.!

Tum naaraaj ho jaogee to mana loonga,
Tum naaraaj ho jaogee to mana loonga,
Lekin isaka yah matalab nahin ki tum roj
Bandar jaisa munh bana kar baith jao. 

Unique Quotes In English

Dear Radio Stations, do you realize that there are more songs than your selected songs in the world?

The best way to not forget your wife's birthday is to forget her once.

The man should realize the power of the woman at the same time when he goes with a lot of people to take it and that lioness comes alone  

Wife is half-hearted, so give half the information, half of the life's sufferings will be reduced.

The man who is in harmony with the wife, job, business and smartphone in today's time, is also the great man.

Jarooree nahin ki kutta hee vaphaadaar nikale vaqt aane par aapaka vaphaadaar bhee kutta nikal sakata hai.

We are so fond of mummy kids that till we do not speak for morning dawn, we do not even open our eyes.

If you look at my missed call then take a call!

Apart from the status of the work, is there any other work?

Teen hee usool hain meree jindagee ke aavedan,nivedan aur phir na maane to de dana dan 

Now, this is the story of every participant nowadays, Majnu wants Laila, Laila is someone else's addict.

Har ek boy kee dil kee khvaish hotee hai ?, khud kitane bade kamine honge par ladakee shareeph hee chaahie !!

Somehow, there was some difference in the insatiable hiccups, how can I find out which one is missing !!

See Baby Post is my good thinking is my true...but still, I do not like SWEET_HEART you are still a child !!

Shukr he WhatsApp hindee mein nahin hai...varana last seen “Antim Darshan” kahalata !!

Do not look at the eyesight, because the stuttering accident happened.

Regardless of how much dieting is being done, the weight loss will not be reduced !!

Kuchh logo kee selphee dekhakar lagata hain ki unake phon mein phrant kaimare kee jagah pistaul honee chaahie thee.  

There is nothing to do with Attitude; Smile is such a win and wins the hearts of the people.

मैरै वॉट्सएप पर एक ladka इतनी सैड शायरी sent करता है कि अब तो मैं भी उसकी Girlfriend को बहुत मिस करता हूं।

A boyfriend told the girlfriend that he could go to hell for her too. Then both of them got married. Now the boyfriend is in hell!